Fourth Ping Brings Hope to the Search for Flight 370

The ping consistent with an aircraft black box could help locate the plane.
3:13 | 04/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fourth Ping Brings Hope to the Search for Flight 370
Breaking overnight, the most dramatic evidence, yet, that the jumbo jet's black boxes have been located. Two, new manmade signals now. The ultimate race to pinpoint the wreckage. Oscar Pistorius back on the stand, facing brutal cross-examination by the most ferocious prosecutor in the country, nicknamed the bull terrier, on the moment he shot his girlfriend. I couldn't pick reeva up. I was struggling to pick her up. And new video, just shown, on the shooting range. Riots at Iowa state. Students pushing lampposts to the ground and flipping over cars. Why did the crowd get so out of control so fast? And the royal crawl. Prince George in his first official play date. And, baby, he's ahead. This girl started crying. And he just wanted to hold her hand. And good morning, America. My guess, that is not the last heart that prince George is going to break. No chance. No chance. There's the gal who has his heart forever. Trying to eat his mom's hair. Very natural. These pictures are making headlines all around the world, as the prince has a royal play date in New Zealand. We have two major stories developing overnight. Oscar Pistorius in the middle of a savage cross-examination right now. And the hunt for the black boxes. The searchers are tracking pingings. And they have to find the black boxes before they die. David Kerley this morning. Reporter: Good morning, George. Optimism high this morning. The two last pings, three and four, were seen to the south of the search area. That was just hours ago. These other two pings were heard on Saturday. But searchers want more detections. And here's why. They want to get down to a couple of grid squares before they start that critical underwater search. Less than 24 hours ago, a ping. The fourth, heard by this ship, consistent with an aircraft black box. I'm optimistic that we will find the aircraft or what is left of the aircraft, in the not-too-distant future.

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{"id":23252570,"title":"Fourth Ping Brings Hope to the Search for Flight 370","duration":"3:13","description":"The ping consistent with an aircraft black box could help locate the plane.","url":"/GMA/video/flight-370-ping-consistent-aircraft-black-box-brings-23252570","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}