Flight attendants say they fear being attacked

Some flight attendants say they feel passengers are being more "defiant" in the wake of an infamous April incident that saw a bloodied passenger, Dr. David Dao, dragged off a United flight.
3:33 | 10/12/17

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Transcript for Flight attendants say they fear being attacked
We are back with our flight attendant confidential. This unforgettable incident on a flight is now having major repercussions across the airline industry that could put your safety at risk. ABC's David Kerley joins us from Reagan national with more on this. Good morning, David. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Have you flown recently? Have you noticed anything different? Ever since that passenger was dragged off an aircraft they say the atmosphere has changed and it's not good for you, the passenger, or the crew. This one incident. Oh, my god. Reporter: Sent shudders through the airline industry. Oh, my god. Look at what you did to him. Reporter: Dr. David Dao refusing to give up his seat dragged bloodied down the aisle. He settled with united airlines but airline cabins are now unsettled. The minute something else happens, I believe it'll escalate higher than it was with Dau. Reporter: Three flight attendants from three different airlines asked that we not show their faces or use their names. The Dau incident brought a lot of attention to us in not a way we would like. That one incident made that big of a difference. Yes. Some passengers feel now that they could be more defiant and that has us on edge. Reporter: Now when these flight attendants ask a customer to do something they see cameras recording their every move. The fear is not that you'll be on social media but the airline might take action against you. Yes. Reporter: There have been plenty of other incidents, passengers fighting. Confronting flight attendants. The rising tensions. Don't touch me. Reporter: According to these flight attendants is leaving each of them to be more lax about enforcing some of the rules to avoid confrontation. Everything from seat belt buckling, cell phone use, laptops, the verbal okay about helping in the exit row. Now if you don't acknowledge me I just kind of shrug and go my way. I will tell you once, maybe tell you twice, I'm not going to get into a major argument with you. You are afraid of escalation. Definitely, definitely. Reporter: They call it inform, not enforce. Is this affecting safety inside the aircraft. I think it's a huge safety issue. If you have one person that doesn't follow the rules, they can affect the whole airplane. The FAA says it has not seen a wavering of crew commitment to safety. But these flight attendants remain worried. What's your greatest fear on board? My greatest fear now is just being attacked. Physically attacked. Physically attacked. Even the airline industry acknowledges the new tension saying it's reforming to allow crews to better manage situations but adds it hopes everyone understands the importance of listening to and working with each other. Will it be less tense someday in the future in the aircraft? I personally think that, no, idon't think it'll be as good as it was. Reporter: Now these flight attendants tell us they came forward because they are concerned about safety in the aircraft. If there is any good news, robin and George, it's that as time passes between the Dau incident they say there's been a slight improvement in the cabins but it's still a tense atmosphere, they say. I bet it is. Just so thankful and they really brought up excellent points the that we have to keep in mind. Yeah, thank you. Need a little more golden rule on the flights. Uh-huh. That would help.

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{"id":50432726,"title":"Flight attendants say they fear being attacked","duration":"3:33","description":"Some flight attendants say they feel passengers are being more \"defiant\" in the wake of an infamous April incident that saw a bloodied passenger, Dr. David Dao, dragged off a United flight.","url":"/GMA/video/flight-attendants-fear-attacked-50432726","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}