Florida Woman Accused of Hiring a Hitman to Kill Her Husband Speaks Out

Dalia Dippolito speaks exclusively to ABC News while under house arrest awaiting her new trial in May.
4:38 | 12/04/15

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Transcript for Florida Woman Accused of Hiring a Hitman to Kill Her Husband Speaks Out
In the meantime, an ABC news exclusive with the Florida woman accused of trying to hire a hit man to murder her husband. Dalia Dippolito is speaking out for the first time in six years. She's opening up about her conviction and what she says really happened. It's the alleged murder for hire plot that went viral. Is there there were shots fired. Reporter: Cameras rolling as south Florida police tell Dalia Dippolito a big, bold lie. Is your husband Michael? I'm sorry to tell you, ma'am, he's been killed. Reporter: Investigators say her reaction. Is a lie, too. Because days earlier, Dalia was caught on camera allegedly hiring an undercover cop to kill Mike, her husband of just six months. You know, he get twos in the head. I'm positive. Like 5,000% sure. Reporter: In an exclusive, the video's star is speaking out. Did you want your husband dead. No, absolutely not. Reporter: Did you hire a hitman to kill your husband? No. Reporter: Anxiously awaiting a new trial, he's under house arrest. When people hear the name Dalia dippoli Dippolito, what comes to mind? Everything negative. It's not me. Reporter: Her now ex-husband is speaking out too. I was surprised. It wasn't like kill him nicely. Reporter: According to Dalia, she and Mike became obsessed with reality TV. If they can do it, no reason we can't do it. Reporter: At her trial, arguing Mike wasn't the victim of anything. Instead, an accomplice to launch them into stardom. It was a stunt, a hoax, to capture the attention of someone in reality TV. Reporter: Dalia says, she and Mike worked together. Oh, what a cute little girl. I'm not. I'm 5,000 percent sure. It was a tape. That was the purpose. Reporter: You were acting in those tapes. Yes. Reporter: But you're telling the truth now? Yes. Reporter: Why should we believe you? It's what happened. That's such a -- that's my reaction. I'm laughing. I'm 5,000% sure she tried to kill me. Reporter: Six years after those videos made her a posterwoman for how not to hire a hitman, she's misunderstood. Who is Dalia Dippolito? Understanding, compassionate. Reporter: Mike has his own choice of words. Liar, liar, liar. Reporter: Joining us is Dalia's attorney, Brian Claypool. Thank you for being with us. Thank you very manager me. People are watching the tapes saying Dalia was caught red handed. What is your defense? The taps were manufactured by the Boynton beach police department. They were more concerned with carrying on a casting call for this cops TV show and they broke all the rules that they were supposed to follow to make sure that they got Dalia as their lead actress. We want to mention, the police chief, Jeffrey Katz released this statement in part which says we have confidence in the quality of the case presented tapped ability of our state attorney to successfully prosecute miss Dippolito a second time. Did Dalia know she was being taped? Was she acting for the cameras? How is that possible if police were doing the taping? Dalia was collaborating with this informant named Mohammed. They were preparing a youtube video they were going to uplift in hope of getting aen acting role. That's what led Mohammed to contact the police to put together this tape. In response to chief of police Katz I find it ironic. I took his deposition. His testimony under oath will show that his police department broke several of their own rules in order to entrap Dalia to do these tapes. You said if you go to trial. She was convicted in the first trial. Is there a scenario where she would take plea deal? No. We plan to get the charges dismissed. We have filed a motion to dismiss because of egregious misconduct of the police department. If this case goes to trial, Dalia will testify and will tell her story. All right, Brian Claypool, thank you for being with us this morning. Thank you, Amy. You can see much more on "20/20" tonight. A new report showing a surge

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"Dalia Dippolito speaks exclusively to ABC News while under house arrest awaiting her new trial in May.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35575415","title":"Florida Woman Accused of Hiring a Hitman to Kill Her Husband Speaks Out ","url":"/GMA/video/florida-woman-accused-hiring-hitman-kill-husband-speaks-35575415"}