Youth Football Coach Arrested for Allegedly Hitting Kid

Police say the coach's collision with an opposing team's player was a deliberate hit.
3:00 | 11/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Youth Football Coach Arrested for Allegedly Hitting Kid
Now to a ferocious tape caught on tape at a youth football game. A coach collided with a player. Police said it was a deliberate hit, charged him with assault. But the tape shows a different story. Reporter: It's an eight-split shove dividing a utah community. This is a routine football player, going off the field that turned into a nightmare. Watch again as the coach may have pushed the football player DURING A GAME OCTOBER 6th. Here it is slowed down. You can see harris make contact with the 13-year-old as he's running down the sideline, knocking him down. The seventh grade player whose name has not been released appeared to get up quickly, but he reportedly suffered a season-ending concussion. His mother later spoke off camera to a local tv station. He actually stepped in, folded his arms and just hit it. It was the most terrible thing to witness. Reporter: When this grainy video began circulating, he was also arrested, booked on secon degree felony child abuse. At no point was any harm meant to be done. It's affected my business, my reputation. Reporter: In an exclusive interview, harris and his attorney now say the new video shot from a different angle backs up their claims. Look at the difference in the tw videos played side by side. I think the video speaks for yourself. You're going to defend yourself, you see a football helmet coming at you 20 miles an hour, you're not going to let it hit you in the chin. Reporter: Prosecutors decided to drop the charges citing a lack of evidence. And the father of the six said even the lesser charges are unfair, but this morning, he also says he understands how the players apparents feel especially since his own sons were on the field. I took the hit, if might have been a different story if i jumped out of the way and my son had been hit in the head and been hurt. All right, since the incident. Harris has sidelined as a coach and he said his business has suffered and he's expecting to lose clients. He's expected to make a court appearance. George? Why didn't he help the kid up? Good point. I think a lot of people would have felt better if he instantly reached out.

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{"id":17696827,"title":"Youth Football Coach Arrested for Allegedly Hitting Kid","duration":"3:00","description":"Police say the coach's collision with an opposing team's player was a deliberate hit.","url":"/GMA/video/football-coach-arrested-hitting-player-allegedly-youth-football-17696827","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}