Ford Motor Co.'s Bill Ford on the Demise of His First Mustang

Carmaker celebrates 50th anniversary of American icon.
2:47 | 04/24/14

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Transcript for Ford Motor Co.'s Bill Ford on the Demise of His First Mustang
So tell me -- your first car understood it was a monster. My first car was the most thing in 1975 mustang electric green -- -- it was awesome looking. That is sort of unfortunate ending however. It because it was -- show -- it was never meant to be in extreme temperatures. I -- -- up to northern Michigan to go skiing woke up the next morning in the hope every. Bit of -- was standing straight up look I came very close to cry so what is it about Boston's. That resonates with so many people across America is cards have been around fifty years we have what I think it's personal it's just a blast to drive -- -- you cannot. Help yourself and have fun and -- -- Secondly it looks good sounds good. And finally it's affordable meaning you don't have to spend a fortune to get some super car. He had -- much fun or more and a -- and I think that really all that. Combined really appeals to people -- -- for so many people it's the one sports car that everybody feels they can have they can't have that everybody knows -- think if they -- you have it again have a blast and I mean it's it's a really fun car to drive. I've got mustang all the way back to the sixties I've got. Probably to many most things. And I got a number of serial number one's. And I haven't stashed all over the place in my life doesn't really know how many actually have. But and I'll always have -- things because to me. Perhaps a parent shouldn't have a favorite child. But I do a lot smaller cars and trucks -- my parents must. I understand you're selling the mustang overseas directly oversee the first time to -- here -- and when I was amazed to learn his. There mustang clubs and over a 150 different countries. What is mustang represented to. -- the international markets. So yes they want it even though it's not sold directly there until now it was really interesting I introduce mustang and Barcelona at in the last year. Europeans have never had mustangs and -- -- reveal of the mustang. We had a number of these owners clubs from Eastern Europe and -- Central Europe and -- have lost things and yet they have mustang clubs. You know I think -- today's digital media. Access to information globally is very easy and people understand around the world that. Mustang really is Americana and they like that -- want to have a piece of that so. We had an amazing reception to mustang in Barcelona was very -- thing you explain to me. How in the world did you get a mustang on the top of the oppressed that -- Well look. In 1964 I was only seven -- remember this -- Apparently they cut one into three pieces and put it up there. So we just decided well for our fiftieth anniversary let's recreate that this only cut into five pieces. Took it -- put it together it was very cool.

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{"id":23459387,"title":"Ford Motor Co.'s Bill Ford on the Demise of His First Mustang","duration":"2:47","description":"Carmaker celebrates 50th anniversary of American icon.","url":"/GMA/video/ford-motor-cos-bill-ford-demise-mustang-23459387","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}