Ford Unveils the 2015 Mustang

Get your first look at the 50th anniversary edition of the iconic car.
3:00 | 12/05/13

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Transcript for Ford Unveils the 2015 Mustang
It's great to be out here. It's great to watch robin fan girl right now. It's terrific stuff. We've been tracking it all morning long through the streets of new york city. We're about to reveal for the first time anywhere, the highly-anticipated 2015 ford mustang. This, the 50th anniversary. A half-century of america's iconic car. But first, what do you say we race down memory lane to find out more about -- the pony car. Meet mustang. The ford mustang. Reporter: It was 1964. And everything america thought about cars was about to change. A completely new breed of car. Reporter: Sure, it could be a family car. The car the shelby mustang g.T. Reporter: Just when it seems the mustang couldn't get any cooler, carol shelby worked his magic on it. And the ford mustang g.T.350 became a hollywood star. WITH steve McQueen at its wheel in "bullet." On the racetrack, mustang has taken the checkers more than 2,000 times. ♪ Bought you a brand-new mustang ♪ Reporter: And wilson picket gave the car its place in rock 'n' roll history. Five decades of mustang. 50 years of history. She was gorgeous then. She's go now. Joined by alan mulally, president and ceo of ford motor company, and maker of the mustang. Great to have you here. Great to be with both of you. Great things. Great things for america. Sales on the rise across the board in the industry. And really more sales to come here. Absolutely. Our november sales were the highest we've ever had in november since 2004. And I think through this year, we'll be up nearly 12%, based on the strength of the product, starting with the mustang. Starting with and perhaps ending with. Robin, are you ready? Can I do the vanna white? Is it time for the big reveal? Robin. The 2015 mustang, come on out. Come on. The mustang is out of the corral. Wow. This is out of the corral. It's out of the corral. Thank you. It's gorgeous. Look at her. We were all talking about it. An american icon. What do you think, alan? Why the enduring popularity for this car? Well, clearly, the mustang. We introduced the car. 50 years ago. And it changed the world because it's the first time that everybody could get access to a really neat sports car that was useful and was affordable, which was his team to open up the highways to all mankind. And it's important to note, again, and the great city of detroit, wxyz watching there in detroit, born and bred. This is an american icon and a global passion. I love the lines. I love the lines. The lights on the back. Completely independent rear suspension. The trunk that's useful. I love that. And aviation-inspired cockpit. Look at the cockpit. Robin, knee-jerk review. What do you think? Off the charts, baby. This has to be, even as new products come off the line, this has to be especially exciting. What is really neat is this is the heart and soul of ford motor company. When you walk into a ford dealership, you can get the best cars and trucks of the world. There's the heart and soul of the ford motor company. She's beautiful. Candy apple red. What do we think? I think we have a winner. Congratulations. Great having you here. Thanks a lot. You can logon, goodmorningamerica.Com. Coming up here, jonah hill,

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Get your first look at the 50th anniversary edition of the iconic car.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21108463","title":"Ford Unveils the 2015 Mustang","url":"/GMA/video/ford-unveils-2015-mustang-21108463"}