Forest Whitaker on Hiring Butler Coach for Iconic Role

Star of "The Butler" discusses preparing for the "intimidating" role of a White House butler.
4:16 | 08/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Forest Whitaker on Hiring Butler Coach for Iconic Role
And what a pleasure it is a welcome Forrest Whitaker back to GMA great to have you here you Oscar winner has an all star cast -- -- Daniels the bottler it opens this Friday. And here he is playing Cecil gains on his first day of work as a White House Butler. This would put into things. For the other two were can -- Six games we were it was years -- these kids do. This. And Forest -- joins us now thank you for coming and I -- that -- that scene captures so much in there at the White House is abolished -- couldn't see nothing hear nothing say nothing. Yes sort of philosophy that he has to follow noted -- to really sort of the presence and be there and and offer offers service without intrusion. You at all and end you know this is based on a -- true story the story Eugene Allen served eight presidents he and I rented at first when they first came to you. You are actually intimidated by the -- take control why. Since it's it's a lot because he can he because he certainly presidency goes it was such a long critic time. So -- -- there was an application my -- into -- ninety's -- mean and a can also be able to take this history that was going on all things that happen with presidents in the world and affected my family and carry that weight. So that the audience will be able to feel. All the -- exactly I think he's so brilliant about the film tells the story. The civil rights really revolution from Eisenhower all the way to the election he. A President Obama through the prism. This man -- you really feel. That the personal and the political and historic all coming together. Yes I think that's wouldn't believe Daniel really did amazing job I think that we directive Beano with a to -- like there's a big issue between me and my son incident. Very much a father son story and a lot away mark -- anyway in many ways -- My son who gets involved the civil rights movement because he wants to create a better life -- try to create a better life form. And I I think I think -- -- -- was able to to show you -- what this does to our family. Why -- and then there's a wonderful scene as well actually -- the united and then seeing where your son is when Martin Luther King Cheri and Martin Luther King explains that. People who were -- -- like seasonal gains. May have -- subservient but they were actually subversive yes -- -- really serving the people just by the presence by by their dignity by the the dedication to their work. -- the they were able to move things forward and I think. You get to see to like where he approaches like character even in his -- in the -- wall you're talking about. He goes in and starts to try to push for -- asking for race for the other -- trying to find equality. In his way he's trying to most of -- and -- and having these intimate moments each one with with each of the president's. As they face he struggles yeah over over civil rights and he had some great chemistry with that. James Morrison is playing JFK his creative movie and I think. He citizen because you watch him change his decision about the civil rights movement about what's happening on the streets from his -- influence. And nieces. How Thomas these kids who are fighting in the cause have affected his heart and your sign in the moving one of the kids are doing that he also has some real chemistry and got a should this surprise you first of joining us this -- work with Oprah. She estimates she's creating new movie and she's so movie -- -- -- surprise people too because. Because our life because -- -- so much to cause a lot of problems -- -- -- -- to do with alcohol and some of players and different things like that -- see you see your life. But ultimately that the love we have -- a family together and it is a great family story in any any great stories -- set about the civil rights movement. I read somewhere that you may be playing. Martin Luther King come I don't I don't think that they spoke to me about it. But it's not anything that set of community -- that -- yet hope that that story gets told them that's true that. Who believe that I think would be great -- someone to believe let us explore that experience now. When you totally great man again and you've told an amazing story here in the parlor powerful performance thanks for coming in this -- thanks thanks for having. Lee Daniels about -- opens all across the country on Friday.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"Star of \"The Butler\" discusses preparing for the \"intimidating\" role of a White House butler.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19957652","title":"Forest Whitaker on Hiring Butler Coach for Iconic Role","url":"/GMA/video/forest-whitaker-hiring-butler-coach-iconic-role-19957652"}