'GMA' Anchors Compete in the Frankenfood Showdown

Executive chef Josh Capon stops by to award the Franken-Freaky Trophy to the best food mash-up.
4:23 | 07/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Anchors Compete in the Frankenfood Showdown
We have all heard of those crazy food mash-ups like the cronut. Now "Frankenfood" and delighted to welcome josh capon here to judge our "Gma" frankenfood showdown. You have great restaurants in New York and Miami as well and this new show "Frankenfood." Tell us about it. "Frankenfood" is a lot of fun. An actual "Frankenfood" is a combination of unusual ingredients that come to life like Frankenstein himself and putting the fun back in food. We have a couple here. The Dubin and starts with a name. It is a love child of a doughnut and a Ruben sandwich. Who doesn't love a Ruben sandwich and a doughnut and this is one of the classic ones chicken lollipop and it's a re reinterpretation. You'll judge. We'll make these crazy combinations. Now if you want to pay me off now and I will choose you as the winner. We'll make frankenfood then you'll judge. You guys are behind the show. All right. I think you guys had like 45 seconds, right? Okay. I didn't know. We already started. I'll get started here. Are we starting with. George is making the tweet potato fries and adding candied walnut and fluff. A lot of fluff there. Almost like a Thanksgiving day staple. Wow. This is -- I need to heat this up a little bit. This will go in the oven. A lot of candied walnuts. I might let you win. I'll put this on top. What is Lara making. Sweet -- My bring it on fry pie. This is apples chopped up with honey and cinnamon and put them into a pie -- We have to move on. 0 seconds. Fondue. Fondue. You better bring it. Vanilla ice cream and more maple syrup over that and th then -- What did you use? I thought it was whatever you had in your refrigerator you bring. You might have -- You're from Michigan. It is an unusual combination of ingredients. Time is up. We need to taste taste. All right. How about this? George -- Would you like us to taste your dish? Go for it. Everybody loves candied walnuts. Sweet potatoes flies, marshmallow fluff and candied walnuts. Like a Thanksgiving staple. Okay. We need some more sweet potatoes but good. But good. This is my bring it on fry pie. Bring it on. Would you like to feed me? This is -- I don't have a fork. I'll use this. We can use the same fork. Here. Let's see if Lara brought it. What's in it? This is apples. Honey, cinnamon, into ray pie crust and cheese fondue all over the top. I love the cheddar cross. That would be better with a marshmallow topping. Can I just say that. I have to go with the cheddar cheese salt. Salty and sweet. French toast, eye cream, bacon and maple syrup. It's messy but it's worth it. I like sweet with salty and I love bacon. Ah. You're a woman after my own heart. Mm-mm. Bacon maple syrup, French toast. Diner staple. Amy, well done. I'm sorry you have to end here. It's pork. No. Spinach. A lot of people don't know that ginger is a wonderful cook. By the way. Don't take this as the example of me being a wonderful cook but give you a little crunch. We need -- which one wins? I think -- I think -- Right. Do we have a winner?

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{"id":24676035,"title":"'GMA' Anchors Compete in the Frankenfood Showdown","duration":"4:23","description":"Executive chef Josh Capon stops by to award the Franken-Freaky Trophy to the best food mash-up.","url":"/GMA/video/frankenfood-showdown-chef-josh-capon-judges-gma-anchors-24676035","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}