'Frasier' Cast Gets Back Together

Entertainment Weekly reunites the cast of the popular spinoff.
5:04 | 10/21/13

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Transcript for 'Frasier' Cast Gets Back Together
new week. Now, the "gma" reunion week. We're teaming up with "entertainment weekly" two bring you the stars of your favorite tv shows and movies. I love you, too. This morning, it's the hit "frasier." Chris connelly sat with the cast. You're listening to dr. Frasier crane. ♪ Hey baby I hear the blues are calling ♪ how often to you get to hear your son on the radio? I'm on the radio every day! Reporter: Made this psychiatrist into a sitcom shrink-nado. Hello, I'm listening. Reporter: The victory lap for the reunion issue. Lady ifs l.A. Gents in chicago. What were your feelings about reprising frasier? My initial thoughts were he should die with "cheers." I have groan comfortable with this part op myself. It's the magic that is me. I said, he's not married and he doesn't really see his child. And I forgot to mention I didn't want any animals onnen the show. Dad, dad, I can't read my paper, eddie's staring at me. Good morning, niles. Reporter: The show unleashed niles crane. I watched a lot of "cheers" preparing to do it. I know with my own family, the things that make people feel like family is the have physical mannerisms. I have a flashback. You're climbing in my crib and jumping on me. You stole my mommy! Reporter: Cast as their father, martin, was film and stage star, john mahoney. The script was so brilliant. I would be an idiot to turn it down. To work with kelsey was huge. Reporter: A yet to be phoebe was signed to be roz. But a couple of days in, peri gilpin was recast as roz. A real three-dengs nal person. The person with the smart-ass comments. Reporter: As martin's aide, daphne, jane leeves was to first to see her character could have a romance with niles. Are you in love with daphne. In the first photo shoot, she said, I thought it would be nice if daphne had a thing for niles. Why did you do that? Something about niles and david that is adorable. A lot of times. Oh, for god's sake, dr. Crane. Perhaps we should leave these two alone. I sense a real battle of wits shaping up here. Reporter: Frasier made audiences happy by never being afraid of farce -- farcical fun. As long as she thinks it's real, no one can get hurt. What the hell was that? My favorite moment was getting up on the kitchen counter. I found the secret is bribe him with sweets. Oh, my goodness! When kelsey would go into one of his -- a rug where a rug shouldn't be. We could put a rug over it. A rug? Where a rug doesn't belong. I'm sorry, sir, no dogs allowed. What? Oh, I'm sorry. Reporter: And let's not forget the scene-stealing eddie. Eddie! He only attacked me twice. People think we were best friends. We weren't. He was a dog. We're not going to stay together forever. That's not what life is about. I don't think I'm more proud of anything I have done in my life than "frasier." It transform all of our lives. It was a pretty perfect show. Reporter: With the perfect theme song. ♪ Hey baby I hear the blues are calling tossed salad and scrambled eggs ♪ Reporter: Why was that the perfect end. Snt scrambled eggs all over my face ♪ frasier has left the building. Do you know eddie's real name? Moose. Moose. Really? You know a lot about that show. She was calling shots on that show. I love that show.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"Entertainment Weekly reunites the cast of the popular spinoff.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20632819","title":"'Frasier' Cast Gets Back Together","url":"/GMA/video/frasier-reunion-spinoff-cast-back-20632819"}