The 'Friends from College' cast opens up about the new series

Cobie Smulders, Keegan Michael Key and Fred Savage appear live on "GMA" to discuss the new Netflix original series.
5:21 | 07/13/17

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Transcript for The 'Friends from College' cast opens up about the new series
When did the TV start? What's that red light? Okay. When that goes off we're off. The light is on. We're off. Okay. Opposite. Opposite. We have to introduce you. I'll say your names. Keegan-michael key, cobie smulders from "How I met your mother" and Fred savage from "The wonder years." They're starring in a new Netflix comedy, I know that's a shock after what you discuss saw, "Friends from college." In this scene they're at a wine tasting. Take a look. Oh, my god. What happened to my mouth. Guy, is it isn't that bad. Smells like perfume but then it tastes like perfume. Oh. I'm getting a hint of a robitussin. With a patina pop rocks. Documentary. Yes. I'm getting -- water hose. Water hose water. How much of this is ad-libbed and how much scripted. We rewrote the show, it's all improvised. We should get all the credit. A lot of improv. But I also see -- I love when people ask that question. I think it's a great credit to the writers, you know, also the ensemble like they wrote a really great script and got all our voices and so it was a great combination of just really great writing. Phenomenal performances. And then -- then some ad-libbing. Now what are some of your favorite college memories? Any embarrassing ones. I was in a band. You were? I was in a cover band -- What did you play. I played this thing. I played this -- Vocalist. I did the box. Can we hear something. Well, I don't know if I can sing anything because it's all like -- it was a cover band. Everything was -- Copyrighted. Like with the writers of the show. Like the writers of the show I was stealing from all the other people's work. Recurrent theme in your life. That's what I do. Steal other people's things. Yeah, so I was in a band and wore like holy Jean, '90s, flannel shirts. Grunge. Super grungy like lots of like hot chili peppers and nirvana stuff. A cappella group. I wish. That was big this college. For only four years in your life that was the coolest thing. All the girls -- You guys love the a cappella stuff. If you laid down the base line for Rio, girls loved you in college. ??? I love that guy. ??? Her name is ??? Then you got all the lady, yeah. A lot of people have been comparing this show to like the new version of the '90s very famous sitcom "Friends." Ho you is this different? It's -- this is just friends with nudity. That's all. That was our working title. A long time. Oh. I didn't realize there was such an audience. Okay. Those two guy, I'm going to watch it right now. Can you get a word in edgewise. No and I love it. I love it. Now how did this compare to "How I met your mother". Oh, it was different. We only shot eight episodes and worked together for two months and had them all written beforehand and knew where it was going and there was nudity and it's a bit darker than you can play on a CBS comedy. All right. So it's not all comedy. There are serious overtones. You're the kick of comedy. You're in the royal family. Thank you, Sara. I got your back. What was it like making that shift to a more serious tone. It was a very -- it was something I was really looking forward to. I'm a dramatically trained actor so that's my background so I was quite -- I was quite excited about it and it's comfortable in its uncomfortability. If it's feeling real or feeling a sense of sadness you're doing something right and getting the right kind of energy from your cast mates. It was a lot of fun in that way. If you know what I'm saying so nice to get back to that and makes the piece feel fuller that it has all these different dimensions to it. Kevin, I love bringing up "The wonder years." You did that when you were a small little wee one. Yes. But you also did "The princess bride" which I think is a favorite. Inconceivable. ??? As you wish ??? We have our favorite scenes. Do you guys have -- I know you've all seen it. You were in it. Do you have a favorite scene you remember? I mean -- You were tucked in bed. I was in bed most of the time the bed part. As far as my contribution to the film, it was mostly the bed work, you know. Felt like I was lying down really. And I think I brought a lot of truth to that. Yeah, you did. I really believed you. Yeah. Totally. You killed my father. Yeah, yeah. We're huge fans this. Is a fantastic eight episode, right? We hope there will be more. Yes, we do. We do. All right. And all eight episodes of "Friends from college" will be available on Netflix tomorrow so make that appointment in your book in yes, we'll be right

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"Cobie Smulders, Keegan Michael Key and Fred Savage appear live on \"GMA\" to discuss the new Netflix original series. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48604314","title":"The 'Friends from College' cast opens up about the new series","url":"/GMA/video/friends-college-cast-opens-series-48604314"}