Real Life 'Friends' Recreate Iconic Show Opener

A group of senior friends at Elon University's last hurrah is a tribute the 90's sitcom.
2:07 | 05/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Real Life 'Friends' Recreate Iconic Show Opener
There are some iconic TV shows that stand the test -- time like friends and when most memorable aspect and that's just in its opening theme song with a catchy. This song from the Rembrandts has your palm tree can't play for you -- Because money. That's -- there. Good idea I tell me about -- you can -- that. Well there currently is Monica she noticed joked that it -- tight little group of friends settlers friend. -- Yeah but always do it. So how I mean how Long Will we -- are we talking one night was as real time. Next Tuesday -- -- and little time does that fifteen hours now Florida as a cheap. And -- who played Joey and Chandler and Ross how to break down. I -- and I but -- I think judge -- parent to be in luck -- the -- turtleneck. Yeah this February at any kind of white -- and that's -- his name -- I'm a -- according to issue -- is that the actual singing fountain. That well we shouted ends -- -- -- unstated its fountain -- all the students want to jump. So we have to weigh whether we're gonna go behind the university back into it -- whether we should ask them and information and sending them into. The vice president and who has stood. So on the Sunday -- -- usually what happens when it finally city. Memory memorializing commemorate your time you -- -- what what's next for you walk anybody and anything is not a director -- program. Let things fly dollars. There in the village just awesome that is -- unit director. I was the lighting -- it nice when you want to do in the film industry. Boatloads -- -- cinematographer I love that diarrhea and -- -- I. -- -- I'm actually probably also -- really want to thank you for some money reason thank you for but -- that because I was really I think free to share some congratulations everybody. -- -- -- --

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{"id":19280136,"title":"Real Life 'Friends' Recreate Iconic Show Opener","duration":"2:07","description":"A group of senior friends at Elon University's last hurrah is a tribute the 90's sitcom.","url":"/GMA/video/friends-intro-elon-university-edition-friends-theme-song-19280136","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}