Gena Rowlands Shines in 'Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks'

The actress, 84, talks about her legendary career on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers.'
12:08 | 12/23/14

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Transcript for Gena Rowlands Shines in 'Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks'
Here's your lesson. It's not gonna start with the symbols then to your right. And then tear them down just click on the birth control to chop chop all about them they were gonna start the second half back report today. Back on it right. Four days. Balance. Curious watching me so I'm when he knowing you're doing. And it'll. And out. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there is a movie now called six dance lessons in six weeks. But if the star of this movie general ones who makes it extraordinary. I'm a critic so I'm usually not coming out saying I'm an unabashed fan but for ms. Rowland now this is somebody who's. Gotten a life achievement award is getting another one and he just keeps working doing it making it. I loved it doing that I like it let's just pound so general welcome welcome to thank. I'm thrilled to have it back what was it about six dance lessons that made you say. I'm doing and it's. One thing I liked about it was it it lets hope fund. Has Kim like soundly and I seldom get a chance. Complete them you're saying you do serious roles I don't know what you're talking I death because it. A bad and they pick. I hope I'm just her thing and. The head listeners who lives. And talk and let Hugh wouldn't think it is because. An old woman and a young guy. Who's who's openly gay. And he loses his his through. And I have been married for many years who seven preacher who doesn't believe in anything fun. Has he dies so it's a suspect it companies. There's a lot of it. Back Dan. She just his sides and he's not going to. Be like everybody else who has the tension in their life she wants to have I'm. Hugh really learn is through his debts. Since she goods to land in hires. A dead six who've refused to be here and there. They couldn't sleep content to atlas less a life. I am more of these young and he's got a may have read Kemper Oakland. Have us. And that's when the stairs turning into company. And that dancing that can't imagine what kind of dancer you. On the lot better than when I started this movie. Read Newton. What's your dance now what's the one. If we decide to dance later while what is it you're going to him. Has hit captain. And eat it needs work but. It could still happen but. Who knows anything can write that we didn't. But when you have this kind of career that's being celebrated. Now ward. It's six decades. I don't know I'm 84. He had and it is well I'm trying to think high costs that we you're acting onstage before that. Right yes those that 1950s. Yes two of the 5050s were all that is happening. Didn't do a lot of looking back. Do you watch the movies that you've done before. We and. Well. You know if something happens to come on. If it that's but I really know the ending. So. I'd dance have to watch them. There's a scene in a woman under the influence that. I'd been though your character is. Having a break. She's waiting for her kids to come home school bus. And she's trying to get somebody in the street too timid to time. At its solaris and it's if you're just still pissed off that everybody that won't give you the time. I might feel. The funny thing to have to be funny YouTube and that. Who both friends and I do a good way and that gave it had. When you and Jon Tester Brady's wore making I think he did. Seven movies together as actress and director but you also acted with him and I think three other movies in which he wasn't the director. But you didn't just meet those movies with him this guy you happen to be married to you live if you are. It's let's this was your life for another shot at my house. I think and you wanna get up some days you get at. It made me and my accent. On occasion. But it really. It was like the first reality show I mean does cash for sportswear Adler they had it and the intensity of what's happening. Is there and he would go on for months at a time. Always wanted to know because we I've always heard that a lot of those movies or in prop. But no John's first moon who panicked and he was. But not the rest at his table. But within the framework of malignant brain work who would always. If there was an opportunity. It will take. Why I find so remarkable not only about those films that you did and look at the mean you would nominated for an Oscar for woman under the influence and for glory. You won two Golden Globe awards you have like four and means you've played. Everybody I remember hysterical blindness being it's something I love them and make Betty Ford. Sue you and John just didn't always just worked together you had an out this whole of the courier costs you both had that taste of Hollywood career. John in dirty dozen. And those Marines baby which skilled. People are look at. You did a movie with Frank Sinatra. Let's hope Tony Rome colonial. I bet he tracked him. Not didn't even sing to you. Hum the little. How he got was a not believing any of this election that yeah. There's another scene I love it would announce the influence where. There's three children and basically you're saying in I don't know what I did but I may view a year and yet that the only good thing I have. And now it's your family your three children they're all in this business. They act. Yet and witty don't run out or wrong. Notebook is late at one of those movies. Came out maybe 2005. That people watch every time they want to have a romantic movie does that. That's next Sunday via de directed that. Your daughter's. The same way. Yet our oldest diner exam did an in depth documentary. It was about the Z cam. And Zoe who attack Yan in broken English. I mean it. That was great. When you have. EI generations come and they discover what you've done and what John has done and then you make a movie like the notebook with your son. And eat a whole generation discovers it. Did they see you when you're out having dinner or something to people come up and say I saw you in that what is it that they recognize most. The notebook. It's a very interesting picture because it with not to be a chick flick. What the woman inside her and they went right home and they got there has been simpler and and they think you places picked. And supplies. That I remember this and they came up to. Tip fix Erica. And he says it consists of place where actors. My husband said yes it. And general was hit. He could with. Lotion and notebook. That this is a curry. Make camp guy can lift the car and picked it if it. Tough to all over it. And these. I never cried so hard and I live fish net. He hit my wife made illegal listing it mag knew that. Any day. So excited because his claiming he and so it can happen to me. Quite well. You just got that life achievement award and Savannah right. Yeah and this one coming up then in Los Angeles what do you think when they say. Jana we're gonna give you this award for life achievement but he feel when here. I wonder if they're trying to tell me that my life is a match. Wonder how and but you don't do any of that a lot of people that get those there now they've retired they're not doing any more there is there resting on their laurels. And you're out there doing it. Like we started the show Sen. So there's something there's some joy that you get from the doing this dale. They have been doing. Act. Is they can get to be hundreds of people in your life in that just that with yourself. And it's like reading you've very good book. You know. Who all in all I think he had a man and a half hour and Budapest. Of that well. I always in the show with every guest in song. What are you gonna tell you that analogy. But I'm sure that there's some look at that look at Nash and attended the moment appeared. It's not now. Now. I know you've sung on screen. Favorite of mine. Movie viewers Terence Davies did call medium. You send my romance. It's it did can you give me a little bit of that in my real man says to me de Castro. Bag thing in Spain they meth. Or dance. With constantly surprising. Refrain bumped. Wider way. And tad bigger dreams. Through. My room it's doesn't mean. Anything. The man who. See my life is made. Ted thank you so that it's not what's Roman empire. I bet they're not gonna ask you to do that the next place you I hope.

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