George Zimmerman Civil Suit Could Be Next

Pierre Thomas looks ahead to what may happen next with the criminal case over.
2:51 | 07/14/13

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Transcript for George Zimmerman Civil Suit Could Be Next
After 23 days actually twelve days of testimony and 56 witnesses we have a verdict. In the criminal case but the dust may not have fully settled here already question is being asked what is next with a B a civil suit both federal prosecutors now get involved. Let's -- at ABC's senior Justice Department correspondent Pierre Thomas -- here first and foremost the NAACP calling. The Department of Justice to get involved. The Justice Department has been investigating for quite some time. No final decision has been made -- is George said a few minutes ago it very very high for a case like this but. Believing the civil rights community is going to push hard for something to be done this case. -- done a lot of excellent reporting in the African American community about their response to this case -- Martin really become a symbol. You talk a little bit about that. It's personal for many African Americans. Martin became the son of man. I think of an interview we did it for world news tonight -- Diane Sawyer with two African American women. Highly educated. Two parent households talking about how every day. They teach their -- that they must act differently in public than their white counterparts no hands in the pockets when the going to -- was. Never -- that he so that was a conversation that they're having every day not plus one and tucked in terms of symbolism. We can just it's hard to forget the way to Miami Heat treated -- story. So that we saw recently at the BET awards and Jamie Foxx this is really something that is this issue was certainly not going away anytime soon. The emotions are intense and people keep coming back to. The court of public opinion obviously race could not be dealt with in a meaningful way in the -- But they're talking about -- race was the backdrop how that young man was walking home. Doing nothing men in -- -- I have to ask you question Martin Luther King junior's daughter doctor Bernice King. I sent a message to Benjamin Crump who of course is that -- about Martin's family attorney and it said quote today is a defining moment for the status of my father's dream. What ever -- government verdict is this was sent before the verdict what is your reaction to that. What Doctor King talked about being looked at for the content of your character as opposed to the color of your skin. One of the things that's not disputed is that. Trailer on Martin was profiled on whether race was the primary reason we don't know we can't get inside and tourism in this month. But people are asking the question why -- the young man. When no crime had been committed at that particular time in my we're not talking about 2 AM but not talking about midnight -- talking about between seven and 8 PM. Why did that young man -- such attempts. And on stand your ground. Is there any chance you think we could see any change on this very controversial law it's hard to say is such a politically divisive and he did something. Here Thomas Everett ahead anyway and -- that -- we appreciate it.

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{"id":19661130,"title":"George Zimmerman Civil Suit Could Be Next","duration":"2:51","description":"Pierre Thomas looks ahead to what may happen next with the criminal case over.","url":"/GMA/video/george-zimmerman-civil-suit-19661130","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}