George Zimmerman Verdict Sparks Strong Reactions

Some demonstrators smashed windows, vandalized cars in response to the verdict.
4:22 | 07/14/13

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Transcript for George Zimmerman Verdict Sparks Strong Reactions
There was -- and impassioned response this verdict from coast to coast protest stretching from the courthouse in Sanford Florida all the way to the streets of Oakland California. Where some demonstrators smashed windows and vandalized cars our coverage continues now but ABC's -- and he says who's in Sanford -- good morning to you. -- And good morning to you we are here at a memorial for -- -- -- it was built. By some of the residents here and shows exactly how passionate people are about this case here. -- We're night the drama that started here at the County -- Following George Simmons acquittal has sparked growing tension across the country. And in California hundreds of people hit the streets to march in protest of -- not guilty verdict. Amid the chaos of demonstration. Burned flags and this violent attack on a police car caught on camera. Upset protesters rallied outside of the Daley plaza in Chicago and others congregated throughout the nation's capital. Here in Stanford we watched as supporters of Tre -- Martin. Heard the verdict. -- I -- careers and need not guilty. And right outside the courthouse. Yeah emotion. You were crying the moment you heard that verdict controlled all the way from Georgia again just for this I can't imagine me not -- right now. I just we -- gonna get an -- just days. Zimmerman supporters also showed up to the courthouse before the verdict whose threat -- -- -- -- -- This man zillions of. Acquittal even reached the entertainment stage. Last night beyoncé called for a moment of silence for the seventeen year old Morton during her show in Nashville before singing I will always love you. And 73 year old Lester chambers was -- on stage. After dedicating a song to -- -- Morton and messages of disappointment from civil rights leaders such as Jesse Jackson saying. We are saddened and disappointed by this decision in a written statement the NAACP said. Justice failed to -- -- Morton and called for the Justice Department to conduct a civil rights investigation the department said it continues to evaluate the evidence from its first investigation. And the trial. And overnight no demonstrators here in Sanford were arrested. Paula it appears everyone protested peacefully here. Now let's bring in Benjamin -- the attorney for -- -- Martin's Standley Benjamin first and foremost thanks for joining us this morning and now. Martin's family was not in the courtroom when that verdict was read what was their reaction. Well there were heartbroken. To say -- these. Right now there's just tried to make sense of -- all. -- after Zimmerman was arrested the famous -- this is all we want it. With to go to trial but did they feel like they -- justice for trade bond. Well. You know very lost a child and they. It they just two you do right now Paula and they're trying to make sense of Rudolph. When I ask you a question does a -- defense Mark -- criticize you -- last week saying that. You led to a misleading PR campaign and -- to push Martin's family to a trial which your reaction to that. If that was your child may get killed -- bit. No we have a suicide it -- to Trace of Sabrina. To give them all the answers to put it. All of the constitutional protections. For their child's life. To the forefront and I think that that's all available warning. As for what's next Benjamin we're hearing possible a civil suits the end. A double ACP is calling for the Department of Justice now to pursue civil rights case what is your advice to the family right now. They are very. Emotion no and then just trying to for reflect their -- The seventeen months fly -- to get justice so that killed their son accountable so they have not moved past this morning. Benjamin -- we -- thank you for joining us this morning on Good Morning America. Thank you Paula.

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{"id":19660848,"title":"George Zimmerman Verdict Sparks Strong Reactions","duration":"4:22","description":"Some demonstrators smashed windows, vandalized cars in response to the verdict.","url":"/GMA/video/george-zimmerman-verdict-sparks-strong-reactions-19660848","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}