Ginger Zee Swims With Sharks

"GMA's" Ginger Zee celebrates "Shark Week" with Discovery Channel's shark experts.
3:57 | 08/11/14

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Transcript for Ginger Zee Swims With Sharks
It's the summer television tradition, shark week. Ginger kicking it off. You went on an amazing adventu adventure. This is the discovery channel. It's not all fun and dangerous games. For every human killing a shark, millions of sharks die from humans. It's about learning and conservati conservation. That is me on my very first scuba dive in the ocean. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Reporter: And that is a 14-foot tiger shark. For discover channel's shark week, I'm living the motto go big or go home. Going home doesn't seem like a bad idea. This all has purpose. Let's rewind. Here we are, the beautiful Ba baha Bahamas. Discovery invites me to meet one of their secret weapons. Stewart cope. A legend in the Bahamas for his sbe ma intimate knowledge of the beasts of the deep. They taste before they bite. Don't let them taste, you're okay. Reporter: 25 miles offshore. Our destination? Tiger beach. They're here, everybody, and so are we. Oh, my god. You see those sharks on the surface? They are lemon sharks. The tiger sharks lurking below are 9 to even 18 feet long, weighing more than 3,000 pounds. They're known for being less than discriminate when they eat. And rank chipping thing third if the world for unprovoke chipping attacks on humans. And again, I was going in. Before I knew it, I was in that turquoise water. Surrou surrounded. It's pretty down here. I feel like I'm in a movie. So surreal. And the sharks? While early curious really weren't coming after us. They aren't interested in us. I can't believe that how close we are. Watch that, I'm even petting their rough skin. Nurse, lemon, tieinger and reef. Four species of sharks in under an hour. Ginger and I are coming up. Reporter: Up and out, one of the most enlightening trips I have ever had. Oh, my god. Wow. That was wild. That was incredible. Really. That's how you do shark week. Discovery's 27th annual shark week. They have been doing it since 1988, and it's easy to see why audiences are fascinated I hardly went to bed last night. One of the sharks while ripping at the chain. It was on the bottom, like a layer of glass. Their jaws are not stronger than ours, but the way they rip. And their teeth are a lot sharper than ours. We're just glad to have you back. That's right. Especially with the wave behind us. Don't forget, we spare chipping no expense. Yeah. "Gma" has the previews of shark week shows all week long. Appreciate you doing that. I saw you when you came back, and you were thinking about it again. A little bit tamer with the weather? Slightly tamer.

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{"id":24925689,"title":"Ginger Zee Swims With Sharks","duration":"3:57","description":"\"GMA's\" Ginger Zee celebrates \"Shark Week\" with Discovery Channel's shark experts. ","url":"/GMA/video/ginger-zee-swims-sharks-24925689","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}