Girl, 9, Creates App to Coordinate Playtime

Super-fun kid time simplifies how parents organize play dates.
2:48 | 09/25/13

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Transcript for Girl, 9, Creates App to Coordinate Playtime
Techcrunch they recently held a -- on -- and as a scout and he's about as an opportunity for tech industry leaders to collaborate put up and coming developers and designers think -- -- like Yahoo!. What is Marissa Mayer yet. Kind Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is light years teaching you completely without I don't know that's beyond our issue is when you're suing and it's either -- yeah. Exactly outlawed right and such again and I know I'm talking about it. Also onstage though. Wasn't ending your own Alexandra Jordan that all of those incredible people there there it -- visit -- Cabrera Zuckerberg. There and -- and so this isn't middle grade school hacker. Impress the crowd so that she created called super fun kids' time it's an online tool to help kids and parents sat up. Pretty angry at me and -- -- -- -- here now with doesn't yet. -- -- -- Don't ask me. And yeah yeah -- all tell us what Superfund -- that does. It was it is a pioneer. And former -- yeah. Yeah. -- The warrant and yeah yeah -- this fall it. They married teacher oh yeah and platitudes and -- And guess what -- -- it's. Results of terrorist gets -- -- he tells them into disputed. It's declined to other news outlets critical Arafat's part. Our idea estimates that it gives the -- kind of content ride shotgun on their kids setting up their way they have had running out he wants something Don doing your honor I like your odds. An -- that she -- how did you come out of this idea. -- -- Well I don't have any. Yeah and India centric movies -- -- lady -- -- really. Good news. I think she's been letting us through some slowly he characterized. That. Doesn't now I have to say in Sunnyvale California you are right smack dab in the that Silicon Valley so are there other apps in the pipeline should we. Should we be looking EU is Angel investors aren't getting on board -- -- our new hiring as a weapon. Yeah. Let's say that you. -- split pretty. Apple seems it's all social ills and eat it. General -- -- look great sacred issued here. I love it I love as a parent I think that's a great idea Alexander congratulate you.

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{"id":20369371,"title":"Girl, 9, Creates App to Coordinate Playtime","duration":"2:48","description":"Super-fun kid time simplifies how parents organize play dates.","url":"/GMA/video/girl-creates-app-coordinate-playtime-20369371","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}