'GMA 40 for 40': Equinox Workout Delivers a Punch

Equinox instructor Christa Dipaolo gives a sneak peek of the gym's upcoming "The Cut" full body workout.
12:29 | 11/19/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA 40 for 40': Equinox Workout Delivers a Punch
Now we're gonna continue that work out wit equinox. West sincere ignorance so it's. Bill as you release violence but walked in here and try and having it at that. So what are we going to do. Hi this is all that it cuts presented lately not and we're delivering high written that cold relentless pounds. A nonstop fox drilled kick boxing combination. Body conditioning exercises. So it's fast it's fun experience. And that's Internet and. Because you don't actually have to boss now candidates and now after this that's what you're going to be able to use a lot of the principles that your learn. When you're boxing but you're gonna be doing it right here and people can do this right I'm absolutely at home he wanted to make it attainable for beginners. Also challenging her seat in Athens. Influx respecting your replica or leave it you are. Not caught. Krista taken away. Yeah yeah that. Start with alike can't wait let's go ahead and get there might eight. You're left this story you're right it is that we're gonna go ahead intended anything easier eating it yet today had been he kept his body his single right upper cut again yet hit. And body. Single right upper cut two or ninety feet its stand that times nice love aren't yet head Jeff body greeted speeded up here we go and can body up. Bob Knight keep you feeling. Good plumber gonna happen still the right upper cut right here until bullet. Not keep anything tight. You need formal or you will work but. Can't do it that Tim. We're gonna hold things you have right here to school and they need be he would keep that elderly and those first two knuckles. Keep going keep that rate him by your face and four and three and shoot it bring it down enough for Q down you end up. You can't keep them. It's one more gonna hold it right here any rotation. Nice and easy you that that snake intact US port US period. He lets you keep that Palma and when she opened up that chest. Felix Felix field Grenoble the sport but an oval that's three shoot innocent are right let frank here against let. Thank you took Albert might survive. Cancer legacy. That I keep going. We're gonna move it towards Al opposition. Let's go ahead and keep that slipped. Moving to your right forward and your left look back. Keep it going back you a full. And three and she wouldn't agree it can't rain here he had a chance today. Yet the body seemed left upper right there. Any body singling he needs you more. Pet and body single act of a cult landmark an ever gonna pick it up you're ready in fort three Q and went right here. Yeah but to. Nice keep it up Brit hat and don't let the upper cut right here still. Nice stand up and ultimately be up for more. Does bring hold Actuant right here jab out with that right arm. It's it's now. Your yeah I think the I hope you're feeling up there don't you cannot even before. Infantry. Unit chief Albert Eagle County apprehend them he thought. Keep that thing gays. Can't let your face we're gonna hold everything you ever teaching. Nice. Aren't you making it up or lust you have for yeah Aaron. Well not yeah. We shall have linked together pet that field in floor and three and soup at let's flip it left and right here at the village at Kinney at the wake of the snaps in across. Keep up after nice and tight we're gonna movie tours usually stands. Some of us live right here and let's start and then we and and keep. Those Fuller. You're about to distance apart. Eaters might need it. Happens are engaged. Aren't or slightly then we can absolutely and your head is neutral with your spine are feeling that. Thank you indictments. And sweet neck and neck heated tent what you had ten. Not here they. Sent keeping the seats. Pulling you very few single and line gets that we have that dive bomber pushups are you. I don't think that we see. Right here are handed out I want late at night why. He should also come down to each other what you're right here could be checked. All the again this time we'll. Back. At night engaged. In trading chest wound to grant it popped. I'm going back and it. This. And I'm very it is. You it. Last. Didn't Frontline Butler. I'll are still on the go ahead and bring back if he that we can't wrap. Now he woman bit a condemnation. Hearing your right hand. Nice and who's gonna break it down. Police are still looking upfront and upfront cabinet that he was straight night. Via a double jab cross stepping snap it and then let's keep it that makes you look. We hear kicking very rich speed up. Exactly. Double jab cross snack. And that he'd done. Keep their elder Knight can teach your body on snack cake. You're going for the growing area. You're eating with your shoelaces. Your title if queen it. On the back cake you're driving without he'll. Tell us toward the Gramm. Nice but it formally. Phillips who does that. That looking kicking at all times. You eat you are. Acts and it and left one. Janet Reno hold this decade she just pulled it here and keep the audience in part. And it snapped. To make you can't get that actually. You can keep it here begin bringing up hundred beats and and about Cuba. It's very heated up yet eight and let them. Keep and a neck. We'll let there is. Last year the witness stand right here in the chat cross check out fox electrical. Shock tonight with that right foot in front -- Woman connect with them. Want you want to carry. Out shuffle can't let your faith and tell everybody. Let's get. What she wants his three shot. She can't keep his hands up its feet and it's how that pick up. Watch what she thought. Just. What she she thought well simple hander passed attacked two to keep telling. You our. Through all our. That's feeding. Tube. Knight you what. Britain pulled the pulled up right here. Right here. They would channel their inner might is right. He didn't get that out all us beautiful. Perry single inch of body shot. Deep into it. You definitely for Howard the current occupants formulate keep filling 876. Full. Botany right here after I. And cast circle left here literally rocking under the punching it in nineteen movement. Keep going. We're gonna keep this movement written a moving south pond. Because we're equinox we do everything filings have to go to the other night. He left full series. She Allen was freaky yeah we have the double. Cross stepped its neck and back fill. Jack Franks snapped. Kitna. Nice. Touch feel. Let me do it and I don't really now we Keller and giving those. Good natured and at that you are looking wait your kids and keep them. We have four more. Nice. Three more. Keep it up. OR. Nice candidate that attack last line brutal cold snap Kate fill pulled it. Each and keep it here. Mickey's got in the eighties week your shoelaces. Are gonna bring it up underneath the chin. See anymore 8%. Six. Five or younger and carry. Let's break it down chant frost Jaffa. Look I'm someone. Who runs and 19:10. Nice evening. We want you want thirty. Shovel. An injury to blunt. 12123. And I'll just look at 21 to three feet that outlook on your look it's in ninety degree angles. Village advocates attack come 21 to three. Where are not act. Out. That's very. Nice. How we do not there. The last time right here. You're gonna hold that book you read it right here it's a power punch you know what that means you don't lakes for power. Come on keep you can fool. There are getting into adulthood not a but the glass cutter the great cereal and lunch. O. Also I mean. I would automatically view the Gwinnett and that they're better than that. An arguable to fight I couldn't believe how much you look what you were just ready to the at a book what's the point that thinking it's it's meant to find. And effective it's a great welcome to the world civil foxy can keep my feet and upkeep of the reasons. Feeling that self confidence empowerment that he Boxee box gets and how often you do it's. We'll be then on their road begins are getting ready to launch. I would not vote nationally so this is about you know we're crunching January 2000 plus. He got a sneak peek and right here click here that lately is because this workout is driven by. We're bringing that he's back heating gets a hearing today but each song fuels. Every time she every. I can't see them or they didn't get it out it subsidiary calories. Looking you've cut. And did not help on what's the first thing you do when you wake up I'm always curious what. Puppy I'm confident I think that. That up lately. And I'll I'm just on water revenue and done great things that a so thank you so much they don't plan.

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{"duration":"12:29","description":"Equinox instructor Christa Dipaolo gives a sneak peek of the gym's upcoming \"The Cut\" full body workout.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35299812","title":"'GMA 40 for 40': Equinox Workout Delivers a Punch","url":"/GMA/video/gma-40-40-equinox-workout-delivers-punch-35299812"}