Josh Elliott, Sam Champion's 'Bromance' With Doppelgangers

"GMA" anchors meet winners of the show's look-alike contest.
5:34 | 03/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Josh Elliott, Sam Champion's 'Bromance' With Doppelgangers
Around here we know it as the epic bromance. I love you, sam. I love you, josh. Sam champion and josh elliott. But is it even remotely imaginable to find duplicates for this dynamic duo? A tough task so let's get to it. First time and time again our sam has proven he is truly one of a kind. Yes. And our esteemed judges could not agree more. He's got fantastic skin. Yeah. He's got piercing blue eyes, great smile and he's game. Always game for everything. Equally challenging -- go long. Finding a double as dashing as our josh elliott. Good morning, america. Wow. We get it. He's handsome. We get it but when we put the call out for viewer look-alikes, the submissions came pouring in. ♪ Raining men ♪ downstairs and could not believe their eyes when they saw someone who looked so much like me on tv. Has anyone ever told you look like sam champion. Ianny how much you look like sam champion. The task of finding the perfect sam and the perfect josh proved a bit daunting. What? Wait a minute. No. No. Sam would never be caught dead in those shorts. Trudy nominated me. I can see where she got it from. People at work think I look like him all the time. They obviously both pluck their eyebrows the same way. Just when it seemed like they would never find matches doubles emerged. We got it. Unanimous. Unanimous. But the true test, could their look-alikes have this? ♪ we brought them to times square to find out and, well, see for yourself. Why do you get to drive? Why do I get to drive? Not the way you drive in this city. This is international film and television star sam champion. Sam champion, international film star from abc. Double, double, animal style, no tomato. Two with the works, my man. This bromance is about to meet its match. Good morning. Hi, sam. So here we go. The moment we have all been waiting for, first josh, step on to the star and meet your double. All right. All: Move that mirror. Ah. How are you doing? The same hair. How are you doing? Hi. I don't know. Everybody, everybody, I want you to meet -- this is great. Sam, don't act like you're not impressed. Give him a hug. That's amazing. This is john winicki. You guys have a sports connection. You're from detroit. I am. You work in the sporting world. I do. Tell josh about yourself. 33 years old from detroit. Work in sports industry doing motor sports, nascar marketing that's phenomenal. Tigers, lions. Tigers, lions. Come over here. We got to go. It's sam's turn. Sam's turn. Meet your double. All: Move that mirror! How are you doing, sam? Oh, my. Great to meet you. I hate that you're like 25 years younger than me. This may be -- this is -- from tennessee. What town. Jackson, tennessee. I know exactly where jackson is. All week long we've had these weird -- this is his tier cal. This one is really, really -- I want to ask -- you guys go on vacation. You get this in life. I travel a lot for work. Airports, events -- I just want to say I'm sorry. I'm not. I think it's a compliment. Do you get anything free if you walk up and say, I'm sam , give it to me because -- does it work for you? A free cup of coffee, anything. Hasn't worked. How did you guys come to be here? Who nominated you? Yourselves or did people say -- my wife actually set me up for this and I found out I was a semifinalist when I got a phone cand so she is the mastermind behind this whole deal. Did people say to you, wow, you look like sam champion? Yes, yes. I can see it. When is spring going to get here? I also want to ask, how do the two of you get along? I know this is for the purposes of television -- like brothers from another mother. Seriously, we are. Man. Bromance lives. I'm told you have a young daughter as well. I have a 3-year-old daughter named faith. Greatest thall. It is. He never lets you drive. No. He drove. Not at all. Trust me, it's a good thing, new york city, it's a good thing.

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{"id":18839139,"title":"Josh Elliott, Sam Champion's 'Bromance' With Doppelgangers ","duration":"5:34","description":"\"GMA\" anchors meet winners of the show's look-alike contest.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-alike-contest-results-josh-elliott-sam-champions-18839139","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}