'GMA' Doppelganger Search: Robin Meets Her Look-Alike

Robin Roberts' look-alike Kat Smith is also an animal lover from the Gulf Coast.
3:04 | 03/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Doppelganger Search: Robin Meets Her Look-Alike
Tall order to match our Robin. Eight out of three children yeah she Sean. -- -- Editor but the pitchers Ford -- and are seeing double penalty. Actress and comedian Alley Wentworth. Median -- small something there bottles Cynthia Bailey got down to this. It's work it's certainly something and one of the very first century's did immediately stood -- how can you resist me. -- my. Pop pop pop pop wow I have a fund the wars they look through all of the entries important. America where there -- a -- look like normally. Margaret let me get the company -- -- didn't -- lady I think she's really pretty but it's already have pipeline -- here. They kept coming back for that very first picture. -- that he has those high cheekbones that Robin I. Same browse -- good tease rob -- perfect tape to light that Robin has of what's the latest -- have no idea but I think if -- -- right. So our first girl -- that. Landslide. He's telling me mom. Okay. Yeah. You -- cat yeah. Now let's keep my doctor of human sexuality grew up in nor -- and the. Well hopefully this -- -- -- -- -- Don't end there wasn't born four months apart yeah well -- got. It but I got you but you just. -- People think there's been even Wolfgang Puck -- How. That I was -- and -- -- is so both pretty cool. Robin. CNN. Then there is tough what was it like mark heart was pounding -- senior rubbish and two that you had -- I had it may the come correct that can't you know ahead and I'm proud academic you know that you -- like it's in my heart is pounding and I. -- -- -- -- -- The grew up in -- -- -- -- -- -- seven Brothers five sisters now but I'm taller than on my Brothers. I can -- and and it I don't know that I was about them in -- shot. Show why aren't. -- And that yeah. Yeah. We do know that there is do you share a real. Kinship. -- I. I was unfortunate suit not be a match for my sister who passed away from leukemia -- And but it you know it's wonderful what you're doing to help others to become a match in that way you know hopefully other -- -- those long have to go through that ordeal. I know you're thinking about -- a lot because she was 52. Yeah we're 52. Now and we're in it together so that's very -- I didn't. Actually all because you did -- he was a wrestler. With you Larry you're -- double had to say a lot of us we didn't realize how much we cannot physically only physically but -- -- -- -- -- Okay back. And also let you wanna see a need Robin Young one of those that we see let me just look at this -- yeah. Throb Ben Bernanke who grounded thinking I think. Some -- gives new meaning to see what. That's out now I'm really I -- I -- really quite -- -- but I know what I'm looking at. -- this is nicely should be.

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{"id":18830360,"title":"'GMA' Doppelganger Search: Robin Meets Her Look-Alike","duration":"3:04","description":"Robin Roberts' look-alike Kat Smith is also an animal lover from the Gulf Coast.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-doppelganger-search-robin-meets-alike-18830360","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}