'GMA' Holiday Make-Off: Wreaths

Nicole Farb joins "GMA" to show how to make a great holiday wreath for your home this season.
3:49 | 11/17/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Holiday Make-Off: Wreaths
time for our "Gma" holiday make-off. That's right, make-off. All E wreath. Nicole Farb, DIY expert and partner with Michael's. Back here with more tips for how to make a wreath. Give us a little something-something. Very important to be creative officer the holidays. It is. Look, we're all busy but it's important, mom of little twin, gives you a new way to connect. So I have a couple tips here. What are your tips. I like to start with a vision. Your door decor. Telling your neighbors who you are. I'll be the candy cane lady today. Next, oh -- You have other theme, as well. We do. You're like woodlands. I feel like Amy is candy cane. What I love is shimmer down there. The white. I know. We set ginger up to win. Radiance. We're having a little contest here. We are. And these two, they were down there already trying to swap out -- We were just -- Tip number two, plan it out. You guys know what you're doing. I'm just planning ahead. Look what -- you have already created your whole theme. I was laying them out strategically so I had a plan. You don't have to. Anyone can make -- you'll be okay too. I'm fine. I'm not worry add all. Tip number three, use the sticks. I like crafts that make them look good. These are a craft hack. Available at Michael's. You just kind of stick them in. They're like hair picks from the '80s, Ang it and, look, look, now I have a bird. I want the bird back. You know what, our winter -- I got to say you won the last time we did this with our ornaments. I'll give you credit for that. In the mid sfwll I'm not going to miss my shot. That's right. Good luck. Warming up. So it's the best door decor. They have 30 seconds so you guys will help us vote at the end. Are you ready? Pick up, ready, set, make. There we go. Don't be nervous. I know. Ah. Snowman. Amy, Amy's got it. Amy's got it. Let's see. Oh. Ginger's is gorgeous. Ginger's is gorgeous. Three, two, one. Wreaths up. That's a good look. Whoa! Wow. You just won. You just won. Ginger that's like a kitchen sink. More is more. Fifth avenue called. They want ginger's wreath. That is pretty. Okay. Wreaths up. That is nice. You know what, mine is considered wearable art, okay. I like Lara's. I was a little picky. Let me make sure. I needed like another 30 seconds because I was -- 30 seconds look how easy this is. It was fun. So you know what, audience, help us vote. Yell a name. Yell a name. Well, you know what -- I got to say. Lara -- We are all winners here, everybody. We're all winners and, Nicole, thank you and thank Michael's as

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Nicole Farb joins \"GMA\" to show how to make a great holiday wreath for your home this season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43595753","title":"'GMA' Holiday Make-Off: Wreaths","url":"/GMA/video/gma-holiday-make-off-wreaths-43595753"}