'GMA' Goes Inside 'Yukon Men'

Paper Route Productions' Executive Producer, Alan LaGarde, gives tour of Alaska production center.
3:47 | 03/13/13

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Transcript for 'GMA' Goes Inside 'Yukon Men'
OK so this is this is like base -- this is where the man who cover Yukon man. Make your home. That may they live here they work here that you hear that he just about everything here to fix machines that you name it everything happens out of this place and in so let's listen in Baltimore that -- is were all the cold weather here gets stored where everybody before there had not the store. You've been out there -- you know what it's like 4050 below you need a ton of gear. And you need try to people plays drives although the wet gear comes operate here -- you come in through. The fancy living here that we had -- Is as you've also notice there are no restaurants no hotels no coffee shops or anything like that Montana. So this has to be a little bit everything for the guys who work here all the footage that we have and we have 67 guys out there are shooting at any given time shooting. Hundreds of hours of -- every episode. UConn men. We probably -- Bryan behind the camera -- you what 500000. Hours to make 42 minutes in television. -- -- -- Do you use one dollar from last. He'd be watching for eighty -- need to history. And ultimately you you just point your rose six. Now -- -- -- this is this is a very important -- -- well this is the biggest restaurant Canada and right here. And everything again happens this in this room we are fortunate to have a couple of guys and -- the crew were also very good cuts -- -- -- Camera guys producers mechanics they're very very good -- has got stuck bridges yet. We will fly food in I mean there is there is a small tiny store here in Canada but you really couldn't -- this crew with the the food from there so we -- food in from Fairbanks 150 miles. Huge orders. You know about once every defendant sitting governor Ann Emerson of seriously -- -- prepare them here yet animals lower case -- huge everything warm so it Humphries this is the living quarters but some review. Who are big fans of the show you may notice. Some of these -- jobs the interviews that we do -- all of our cast members. Happen here we have a different setting up that's it you know you might -- stands there air guard Charlie sitting right there. Everybody has a different backdrop when we do those sit down interviews that are so vital. For them to comment about what happens in the show -- -- -- is -- is -- this case Yzerman Casey -- the first. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is the most organizer mother -- -- by the way anybody know where. Is there because it but these are basically things just two by fours and some room plywood that we made divisions and and -- get up and seniority you get when released this is where I was -- last. Water massage -- Because we -- with is actually -- -- -- like a hot -- But this is shopper they do some of the work we also have -- for all tent outside which has a wood stove and in our guys have to split the wouldn't keep the wood -- gone. And that's how that they -- that place and that's where they work on the -- -- TVs and remotely. Do the office we've got damage on Sean bit -- got engaged in Canada yeah. It's -- got engaged. Flew his fiancee and didn't steal one of the natives of that wouldn't go over -- With the enormous room we are lost in space you tell me a little bit about this device like those the -- can't recall as this his company -- -- ordered the record. Product -- that we. Taken -- country and get our. Your arrogance and cool shots of the Nazi salute that those shots in in the peace. And remember that when he's running that would his control that he can barely see there's -- that this guy -- -- on the back of the snow machine has gone thirty or forty miles an hour. While he's -- it. Law that the definitely the -- things look. So again we had some magic that happens with the interviews that think that this particular time thank you think's gonna happen --

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{"id":18716305,"title":"'GMA' Goes Inside 'Yukon Men'","duration":"3:47","description":"Paper Route Productions' Executive Producer, Alan LaGarde, gives tour of Alaska production center.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-inside-yukon-men-18716305","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}