GMA LIVE (01.02.14)

Rachel, Ginger and Bianna check out one of the most popular acts at the Big Apple Circus.
3:00 | 01/02/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (01.02.14)
She and they lives. It all starts now live backstage in DNA. Okay. I think -- next -- is gorgeous and dealt. Like the -- to present a well -- elaborate -- not be nice and what. Yeah yeah. And then -- Yeah. Yeah. Girls -- sort of yeah. He says happy yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. I'm ready here in Times Square yeah yeah. Yeah. As -- brilliant in his state in a snowstorm get stuck next to -- gray rose early next three days yeah. They -- be at a -- Madonna that -- yeah. It absolutely nothing candidate home and did absolutely nothing waksal that Ryan Seacrest I think it was a bad before midnight but definitely want to that is learning Greg -- yeah and amp. Yes of course watch what's nears a Rossini -- -- secret that was. Awesome stuff -- performance -- Not needed a game -- cards that he didn't didn't and out yes stare very had not heard laughter throughout the evening and you had -- -- dead had a great -- together I had after I left. Here and -- -- just really quiet them but that's what to do it via competitive advantage in -- today -- got some special treats women have some special -- sends him alive. And we want to thank. What sadly that the company will not dot com redefining if it hadn't known for cupcakes that they gave us a little and -- back room because he -- there. Send me the person -- they GMA live I don't -- we'll have a look -- Today -- and I am the -- out of hand a couple of -- I am an alien yeah. Beaten daily diet and I and they're very -- -- there -- Sort of like the novelty of the last year yeah in you know what -- that people -- you're watching right now they've given us a special discount code name but he behind -- if you're watching you can go to. By will stop com and and certain code GMA for 10%. A lot of later deputies are these are can be great expense that in some way had a New York city's about the good discount -- -- name of that company would look like back yeah. Yeah. I didn't exactly if people haven't a lot of yeah. -- -- all their Smartphones and may drop them in the middle illustrator and the vast my god knows -- Laura yeah yeah a lot of it looked -- -- I think everyone here you have these Smartphones -- And millions of Americans of course receives Smartphones and tablets of gifts this holiday season. Perhaps most -- you're watching us on one of right now -- -- -- so beyond being able to turn it on and load up this website. There lots of things you should be aware and to keep your gadgets say anything. Here to joining us now is Jeremy returns -- the owner of CPR cell phone. Repair yeah. -- -- -- -- And I would -- in the building cellphone parent -- movement. Tell you we're just talking about how some of these website are packed daily. A couple of practice the last couple days. The event that on your Smart about what some tips that people should happen. Well do you wouldn't -- brilliant and keep in mind -- -- you advise -- -- Pursing -- make sure you know it is -- all -- for myself personally. Funny to take my phone -- -- pockets little Smart watch -- of -- notification. Is. Yeah. That they watch death -- -- -- that if we -- judge to -- drug of that. So I think that field. Field where where you devices at all times -- people William doubt on the -- -- -- Starbucks. It was center someone. And I'm also really intimidated by technology to IOC and -- -- on but I'm in the delete every I mean you really need to know your phone. And -- all of its -- and can do I mean it's it's a good idea to really understand what your phones capable of Indian features should -- him. -- -- so what do think they'll want to talk about today is this part of -- saving your data from. So to speak is everybody when -- break their fall in the country it's obviously they wanna creation immediately. Found but the first initiatives I need my data he by pictures -- -- my magic do their lunch there my. That's what sport -- so are met us just what -- -- out. Yeah what is happening for the -- is just nothing more than just theater and you're ahead you're sending your data up to the server in the in this case. You know -- the most popular phone devices are apple. And Andrew until we get -- -- -- demonstration fuel MoneyGram in the end -- talk about it -- Android -- back up facility just to see it's really quite simple he just go to your settings and select privacy. And then you selectmen back up your account. And then you select few Google account that's simple things and what you knew that. You're basically -- -- After his and you haven't into places and I you've got it right you got it they think they early save -- and when you have welcome home we have multiple lap -- and in Smartphones within your one home well that it really helps. Usually gets a little confusing because what myself -- the Samsung phone but I've got. The Mac computer. You know sort of multiple devices so. Get -- back and each one of them upset our mother of clouds yet that but it didn't appear fortune of the Hubble iPhone product throughout the product which is. And given that -- -- -- the cloud have a vacancy. Isn't always thinking hasn't question and it's one Arafat supposed to flooded -- think it at that Heston is it always doing at fiftieth it is -- -- -- -- we will how we do. Automatically affidavit -- you -- and got a set it and forget it. And so obviously here this -- the CPR guy but yeah but some of the worst cases you've seen -- what you've been able tell you. We have seen the previous -- in our stores whose death. You know customers come in at all because it was politically doing it could. Do you think ultimately damaging -- and I -- -- -- period when my foot my foot indestructible. What -- -- for a run yesterday fell and broke his Ibadan. I lost I -- violent incidents get help and I looked like I had lost my puppy. -- yeah. I can't really and then and it -- both the psychological part it. -- had -- very good about this business is his. The fact that you're saving people's lives in the literally our lives are stone intertwine with -- gadgets and -- itself owners are people who do that this is. It's you -- -- to do and they -- their fish and found my times in the past rehab files and actually they've written papers everything is on one device and Wikipedia aren't exactly when you think that its -- guard Derek yeah -- so many -- that you would recommend that he is quote Gil -- is. -- -- the -- person you know to be honest with you a lot of people put cases on their phones. Protecting the picnic tomorrow yeah yeah by case and I -- -- they -- it off because believe it doesn't matter Alfred maybe. -- -- -- Yeah. Yeah. I don't wallet sort of flows into the less bulky news you have -- better. So to be us would be most people -- cases and -- the month but you know we certainly recommend it but occasionally. You music carriers knowing that you can -- almost anything thank you so much Palestinian elections and to get more information and to find a store near you go to CPR cell -- -- dot com he reminded me of the scene from insider net gain of hysteria that. -- -- -- -- -- From sex in the city humbling Kerry -- had all of her paper her book. -- have gone up top and a tendency Valencia and heat they couldn't find his bride again as an -- though you probably didn't think that problem that you -- angry yes angry fans apparently angry. Right there that you feel thank you so much are coming and they advocate an Jason grabbed Lillie mesmerized -- Technology and -- devices and everything well. Check this -- today -- seems to also be pretty distracted. -- -- -- -- -- Take a look at that -- -- there. The comedian -- up an impressive off the attempt at her friends you get her attention coming yeah. Exit he -- it. Pop up on that TV -- in the -- aren't -- Yeah typical. Pattern until I see that this that this is. After -- -- We'll see you know -- -- volume is about what the what advice they give him. We have young hip -- -- He didn't think. That's right yeah a lot of good dogs don't like yeah yeah says -- -- -- is just scared away ignoring other god but it says the world has stopped. Yeah exactly out everything else -- it's everywhere and it. In Manhattan on what movie Daryn and good -- acknowledge -- -- have -- -- I don't know that I'm out of the house of cards on Wednesday and again that's been coming to the his sleeping sitting up and about. -- -- -- He didn't have -- as -- -- that any of you stay in winning here in the studio while it right here here you can all came from outside. -- -- -- Yeah I'm Elena have you if -- ever African television want to help out but this the second often looked like a circus today at -- -- -- -- nearly I don't know I never. Now right yeah and then we -- -- -- talk about. Today the real second because the legendary Big -- -- -- a new. Another. The world records where he's coming up Titel jobless person had talent and all about the -- is bringing them things done Kennedy needed. -- But -- well I guess it could happen everything. He's so I don't know about the Sheldon announcing. -- intensity is all about and we haven't heard enough about Times Square right ahead New Year's Eve but that's what we do we celebrate. That's the Big Apple circus new York city of this year were celebrating in Times Square and all the characters you see in Times Square. Protect our jugular he plays the hot dog -- in the show. But in his hot dog heard all as -- Gordon Parks for the big gash. OK let's get taken this intense where -- traveling around everyone if you've ever walked -- it it can be. What effect -- yeah and that's to realize that and they have human Eminem's -- around and win. Mom -- patrol officers are delusional about and we have a pick pocketed -- show. Rats and our show -- club. And he -- -- Yeah. What we're also have dogs horses owns all kinds of form that yeah. And that if you're gonna bring in one the main apps that. This is an unbelievable that commercial and he's only fifteen year old school out. That's please welcome tied -- -- look at. -- -- has been struggling since she -- refusal. He holds -- Guinness book world record. He's juggling five -- -- for two reasons really called for his -- behind his back. They're called back crosses and that review doesn't even see the ball when they're behind his back look at -- -- might. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah he -- nothing to look forward to. What you call -- would -- concentration. What are you don't spot because seven and is currently working on nine and they've got all hot and full of -- absolutely -- -- when he's going to be like when he gets older now. But you know were in town it's our final weeks over at Lincoln Center -- home. And we're they're told January 12 through -- still have a loan code red days to get over -- Big Apple circus there we go on tour we go to Atlanta. We go down to New Jersey we -- Boston. Everybody yeah. Griping about at circuit is that it. Natalie to kids love it but it's also left you know it really is a -- at your children to the Big Apple words just one ring and it's so he -- two minutes. And we don't have vendors in the -- you really have to watch the -- -- -- from the. That's in the end of life and I didn't want -- does clearly. Yet I -- they're like yeah. -- -- And I don't think -- meanwhile so yeah. I did nothing for -- -- yeah. And that's -- Let me -- -- -- the earliest -- barely resemble. Yeah. That that on Monday -- yeah -- -- yeah. Drew a little bit -- I met again by naming them quickly without doing here to keep them with 21. -- Right in the factory and -- Don't want him to the other I would charge -- -- -- it. Yeah. -- -- -- -- The flurry of them enlightened country I laid it out there -- -- yeah yeah everybody yeah yeah Kennedy let me thank you for being man Ayman as is and that's Monday at less -- it -- now we do it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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