GMA LIVE! (01.06.14)

Ginger and Lara chat with former figure skating star Kristi Yamaguchi on "GMA Live!"
3:00 | 01/06/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.06.14)
Get ready for some GMA live. It all starts now live backstage at GM -- It was our first got -- live in 2014. Isn't your first you know but -- That -- -- my first pick everybody. And -- you. -- luckily -- on the so excited Brian our producer -- decided special occasion first show for me near this is called crack -- I am and -- I now -- I don't call -- crack. That high because I can't stop -- I have a bad I'm joining from warcraft mumbled so good in the bar. Is treating us to this -- morning chaos agreement on these -- cookies which while the name doesn't sound delicious. Really is located in Brooklyn and leave here in New York City -- to give a shout out to golden. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- GO LD -- -- wild black gold but I dot com -- with his change up. I sound like the middle really isn't any -- -- really take your kids Elliott that I do crazy and my kids I mean me. And what is it can't think I don't know you know what's an aircraft and so this crap but I crack crack crack. That's for Lena Dunham real quick and it had to mention I know but it's just. I love her so much on my god we both were having fan -- moments -- as Lena Dunham. I want how they'll. Because it's one you Larry one we're celebrating the new bachelor -- -- is tonight. He's adorable we or at least in comics and now this guy's got it featured when he was -- wouldn't tell me you wouldn't give me any indication on whether or not. He found love but. Boy I hope those girls had lunch -- People are gonna all love I actually avidly all of us and -- -- very very -- with an exciting new news out of -- but is -- from China -- as a friend. Because -- Manhattan skyline in the hot because we're and I love it this way Canada yet its giant hand that they actually. And -- -- a young guy made her much anticipated first all of them here at home and I had that I think they'll deal. And such -- -- and we're live to see her until now. To spend a lot of time of their mom does eating bamboo doing all the things that -- -- doesn't join in -- may -- -- look for a zipper. Like they're looking at this person inside that -- Pummeled. Need me on like we are sent -- I -- -- -- era. And it comes as soon as -- look at an I've -- would you not dream that Larry and I sharing -- it -- -- My I'm happy to go report live from there -- you guys yet remote Taipei. -- -- -- -- -- -- That was really nice video we -- -- crack pipe in hand we have had handguns and I mean it's kind of a perfect Monday and it also -- -- -- who told George how -- he wasn't which was really among -- at that moment yeah on the Dow Jones consent unless I'm girly thing about -- was related parts of the which we appreciate it. I just love her she's funny -- concerned -- -- is and why -- and -- upstairs right now I probably had done. Trust. As know something you don't hear the controller is never really quiet yeah. But what you said that there was ordinance that lets you weren't genitals and you don't hear about all on morning TV weren't a lot I mean yeah it but it apparently on the one that I -- that -- so -- you know -- I think. She's amazing -- very classy about it. And still all Sierra this weekend down at the golden gloves I'll -- -- on their cover those very excited awards season is here also the Olympics are. Almost years' time on the way even though the medal count in world records are exciting the part we love most incredible stories on how each athlete. Got there and there's a new -- out this morning that -- -- tell your heart strings of the celebrate the Olympic athletes and their moms and they make their journey to the gains. Here's your first look. -- -- -- -- Hopes are high not a penny for -- you'll you'll see line is that this video is entitled -- Down back got -- part of Procter & Gamble's thinking on campaign which. By the way so Smart as it has an athlete. A diver as early morning practices in the league is all about the moms and dads. You get up and dedicate themselves as much of the apple themselves and I'm here to talk about her own Olympic journey is gold medal. Champion mom herself -- The stars how are you don't think thank you great to see you again yankees thanks to you as we gear up for the -- city look at ads like that what does that. Do to you is it reminds you -- -- -- sports. Club definitely he said takes up the -- and you know every Olympian has an amazing support group behind them that helped them. And she then and just make it to the Olympics and of course the biggest cheerleader is always my mom and and so it's really nice and exciting to be pregnant teen -- and CK. Campaign that is paying tribute to moms and selling that -- lifted. Good athletes getting the glory but there's always someone there to pick them back happy right you know when things get half. They always meeting challenges facing obstacles but -- there. Public affairs -- teaching that pick this -- but right absolutely had just might for the first time -- they've for the kind of didn't know -- -- -- -- until like ten minutes -- I -- very excited and I think a lot of people -- -- that they don't know. That as a youngster you had club feet. And that was something your mom happen and you London wrote yes absolutely and -- -- -- -- and you know luckily my mom and my dad. Where there you know help correct the -- -- and to -- help in the correction. Actually I mean attractions and again -- them and thinking definitely helped with strengthening corniche and you. You know it I think -- -- -- -- faced houses and then move on from them. So now your mom -- -- and you let them 12. To delve into we have future olympians -- who knows wealthy men hanging out here and -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- a little bit. She -- -- -- for fun you know I'm not sharing its parent saying it was my passion. But if she finds whenever hers is on the happy it's a totally agree that -- -- -- -- college in. I really condition with my kids and he's attempting it neither one has a bit of it testament they both love other sports and that's just fine yeah now they -- on the -- them -- yeah. As England is we get to these Olympics are you how do you feel about the controversy. The location of -- -- you. -- are you nervous for the -- Please. To really think you know security is always me and point at dinner and -- of the main things keep athletes safe and and conduct a safe Olympics -- -- I think that is obviously going to be the case here and you know definitely there's a lot of people there to supply and make sure that the athletes you know for Cingular drains and -- and -- Olympics the excellence for safe and happy scenes what -- you most -- Kathy. While hanging out bias of Carson figure skating there is a new element. Annual Olympics. Medal opportunity for figure skating there's in the team competition. Cool wet and very gets let's start again this excel one. Competitive from -- Does the -- met one man when lady went canteen one and dance team we'll compete as a team for each country -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Number -- that little escape I now announce further. You -- don't -- in and the cumulative score will be added up to see which countries. When he has the most points that's pretty well -- eleven imagine the athletes will be diet jockeying for those positions. NN you know sort of in their own right -- excel in any of this takes place actually before the individual competitions self. It's kind of -- nice -- defeat on the I have. -- filled the arena. And that -- in the warmup before and you know they'd be either. And divisional competition from got a -- but let -- any predictions or the US gators who they're the ones to watch do. You know we have obviously gold medal. -- ten news Meryl Davis and Charlie -- in the ice dance scene and -- time. World champions and going in and -- you know looking very -- actually -- their -- -- in the women's division and we have the third spot that I think is very open. And still hasn't chosen. The US championships which is the Olympic 2000 this week. We'll have the right now I get my Sundays and his writings are Kristi Yamaguchi so great to see you what is Virginia have been so many athletes are not currently stuck and and then -- -- -- -- -- stinking and we as a -- night -- -- and yet. And may -- -- -- a couple of days. A lot of bankers do a lot of thank you get a great time when GMA grundy county near my -- is here here I'm -- the latter mountain maintain its net current cotton and MD degree high -- Soria Matt tonight it's going to be. Wait colder than when you walked -- and immediately began to -- to Minnesota an -- point. Lately though haven't really fat -- yeah I -- -- a lot of I look up eighty degrees warmer than I wanted to be. But -- And -- I just wanted to make everything -- she's ending yes. I will cover -- -- like no happy I have. We'll see -- 9 AM. -- yeah.

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