GMA LIVE! (01.07.14)

Ginger and Lara get a taste of some gourmet burgers and check out fans' cold-weather videos.
3:00 | 01/07/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.07.14)
Get ready for some GMA life and it all starts now live -- stated -- Cheers to cheers and -- Tuesday what you guys are -- staying warm it is look I want to just say it's like 95 degrees in the studio can I get a fish and several more residents -- about us not wearing sleeves. I worked there for you today because people were concerned satellite into it I dead and -- added. I'm not doing that and actually I just don't have one because it had -- I talk Saturday one. Putting Leno -- forty -- -- it's very -- we shot -- -- it is all my life but I don't -- you understand. Like so and I -- -- -- people at home are they wearing a winter -- in your eye on that. That's a good question and -- so -- so anyway -- -- we love -- we thank you keep the tweets coming -- please understand we're just trying not to Schmidt speak on the -- with it and equipment there but the big story as the blood -- through weather outside of an accident theory and -- you do go outside if you are exposed and it's somewhere between thirty and forty below -- you are very exposed and how can I -- then it's dangerous but really there are in dangerous areas today yesterday we -- sixty plus. Below zero wind -- yeah. Breezy and it really been watching at the top of the show George showed today a thermometer going back yards and a drop and how -- it happened here in New York it was instantaneous I don't know where you are but he really didn't someplace -- -- an hour which is really fast break come through. And last -- you know throughout this whole cold snap people are asking like. What do I deal had a MySpace safe really the only answer is that's critical things look good don't touch the -- we have seen is stay inside if -- -- Didn't believe because I know you are -- meteorologist he's very passionate about the weather and study very. In death do you think this is wouldn't global warming as they say I now have been renamed it global -- -- How -- the -- so weird it goes up goes down so I would like to just try to jumpstart. The trend global rerouting. He's -- its global air remaining at first is there. It is a night. It's -- that's what people are getting sick we're also covering a lot different so it you know the last time we had this much cold -- -- cold air. It was when Bill Clinton was reelected Blix and -- remember what happened that long without now do you remember what happened -- between my -- -- out where it's only because I'm telling you that's up. And I -- that and -- but I mean that's really what it's about there's -- You cannot pull one event like this an entire clan but when you're watching but when you're watching you know sort of idea. Day than the amount that the dearth of hurricanes and tornadoes that -- covering -- and more in history we are seeing more in history because we're also seeing mart we have satellites now currently have them in the past. We're seeing is just like to more people that can't start our do we diligently -- no more -- so there is there are not that but I still would like to say they'll turn global weird and thank you -- it W out at same -- -- wanna make struggling not obviously. Totally want to protect our -- and and believe that that is affecting out of micro scale level especially let's see if you build a parking lot where there was soybean field. That's when to change your client in that area yes we are changing it but -- -- this event now and come right thank you ginger is you'll hear from me. To school me and together and that you don't always hungry -- -- morning. Speaking of another cold place and someone NL actually very well. Here you have says. I love him back I moved -- and -- and leave now now we do know exactly gore. I lived in Chicago that isn't Billy has led a slew of restaurants -- rocket one of my favorites and the burgers well liked. What did you and are today and welcome. It's it's it's the new year and there's a lot of New Year's resolutions to. Either lose -- -- eat healthier perhaps not -- so much red meat -- don't -- I did not sacrifice taste these are amazing. I have a salmon -- with chickpea burger and a Turkey burger franchise -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pickled ginger. Some sort rock stuff gets to help senator get. -- the yes so pickled red onions. And and the Turkey burger has a Greek yogurt goat cheese on -- and apple chutney. Hi I don't don't hold back he can still have amazing things even though I know your. Avoiding red meat and going with healthier items like obvious benefits -- salmon -- if your vegetarian -- -- and a whole grain breads from your local bakery. Not everybody it's in Chicago. Or below freezing hang out and support -- -- we just went to. The other evening I. At the end of the week yeah. Can -- civilian -- out buddy and I I don't be 32 I did on jetBlue I would like my bags back. I'll bring it out here. Yeah. Just take your time taken to giving up -- Us they have Billy Jack with a stay with us is vertically to we're gonna put you work but I just let -- everybody can get the recipes for these and -- -- is really and it is -- hard -- like. No not at all particularly M processor and sort of twisted together happens I think I can -- that now. Good Morning America dot com coat check -- the web site on Yahoo! on and then we're gonna launch of the that -- now can please tell. I think look at -- has -- -- and for every one we're going to be calling -- -- from me dizzy it is fantastic of course. And I wanted to bring you a little -- and something that we want viewers to send in your adventures in a world of weather. So here's a video to get to start at about. Here's what happens let me -- a lot out on the Equinix. -- -- -- -- They're very excited they're twins by the way it's. In Minnesota. And the little -- it. Listen and look at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah all truly yeah we -- because so it looks like it could elect a -- -- it's here it's now. Supplementation. And let the president of college -- nation -- When you talk -- yet. And lower -- didn't -- -- from Melanie believes actually actions that are not from -- now that's from a Minnesota at -- for the likable -- and -- from 828. People trying to do -- -- -- don't do that if you Arianna don't have supervision be president has to be boiling water and I'll be thirty below half I'd really like Lincoln hall pragmatic like a story that somebody doing everything and you didn't see a movie that. The cold water it's not better it has now I gotta go from that hot to extreme cold -- make that case changed its call pleasantly from the Asian. You're going OK -- every day in on whether Maine is he wouldn't give everybody knew where that is -- and it little immediate disease say yeah. Well that's hitting -- -- Are we defending your submissions of these different but nasty that and Napoli the -- work -- -- things right. So -- not -- don't know -- yet you wanna do you do I don't know if you ever met -- -- -- my dog. And in populated man I'm telling you people love dog put -- this is handling high -- apparatus. On Sunday at packing my bags and the moments that I pack my bag and this is the face -- get you. You know he's on Ben's -- he's saying. I too believe it -- that -- community and you payments. -- say however Josh and Sam let's say that you winner out of our minds now that he's saying if you I hate myself that's it said yeah don't audit of the -- depression -- in the area happy because we're all together. You know what I I indicated why do you enough. What are you all looking and Larry I all because a lot of that could tell us what you thought he. Was -- -- -- that was -- -- -- -- picture by the way thank you she's an elf. I knew that I didn't now it's time for -- thank you. -- -- -- start bringing in moments might have and we also I have voices from my job so if you're lucky we. Ginger and I will do -- so you can have you ever. Have a genuine -- posting -- and I aim them at it -- I got the names Kanye for road and we call on the love names people on -- specific one more time some animations that. Billy desks black interior Wii -- -- -- on the spot. Back yeah. Yeah I don't it was neat and might have been -- -- -- because your mouth are full of foods like yeah yeah you do -- me this time you we're prepared for the plant the -- He prepared but at least -- didn't -- not -- shocked OK so most of us returned to work yesterday after a nice holiday. Of the -- college kids across the country still have plenty of time before they head back leaving campuses. A little boring. Right now but check out president of Truman State University Detroit Cano AK AT came right now -- his best path to dive. He's very real and it around camp this. He's doing important things like making -- the basketball hoops talk. Regulation I don't. Serial from the -- Thanks hurts and the Lehigh university and -- home. No we're not sure who's more excited this is -- -- president and T Pena or all of the students. Her parents -- I don't own a. The president T -- we love you yeah yeah evaluation. It is basketball season all. -- Upcoming T pain. I -- He's one of those guys that like NASA the whole evening -- -- people who call today I don't know what he's he's cruising there didn't -- -- just kind of take it. Yeah that he didn't even death. Thank you what -- you -- thank you for the murders thank you -- they -- games he allowed out frivolous. Thank Chicago missing you right away you are -- hands. -- I think it's much and we will definitely stop in Iraq it will yes rocket and other important and at home while you're on your website -- -- need to -- -- and it's really really good really WWW yes but thank you guys think. It's great -- to see you guys got tomorrow. Nine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Any secrets and she is a beauty south. See you tomorrow.

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