GMA LIVE! (01.21.14)

Ginger, Amy and Lara celebrate National Hug Day and National Tea Month on 'GMA Live!'
3:00 | 01/21/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.21.14)
Get ready for some GMA live it all starts now. Live backstage at GMA. Yeah. Not do you want we have seen retail what you do in my -- I'm kind of clothes. Let's -- got may have put you on the spot when it is -- It's more and I you've been outside dealing all morning long and that is and that's saying really -- nothing yet the snow in the starting like now the heaviest that's why I know about it blame it's not. Yes there and why -- yeah and ran at 1130 when we saw that beautiful picture of the red sky -- completely clear. I plan meteorologist meteorologist. Calm before the storm -- occupancy -- -- in the morning at -- that kind of that's reflecting off of all the different moisture in the air absolutely. And this is what happened within an -- -- so it's going to be starting now in New York. DC's not snowing yet it's -- -- -- -- and and then the worst of it comes this afternoon and evening. Into the early overnight it's gone from a purely -- go to school acting -- his little song I'm expecting an early dismissal but but there but they definitely. Had school and I call this morning to Jack in the -- where's my husband was like no that's not the school kids -- -- -- If not -- I'm really. But that -- I'm sure I'm so listen to what are we into the polar plunge or liberal Americans as an -- plunge comes right behind the storms that's gonna -- this morning the temperature -- said it it seems cold and it is cold out there. This is nothing compared to what happens tomorrow. And then another wave event at the end of the week and then a little government is the worst in January I can remember because I've -- what does this mean I have loved idol plays an hour -- some of the -- so. I think this is -- six. Snowstorm and then yeah yeah -- -- Well in the winter for short is the December with the -- maybe December due but I just feel like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Horrible horrible and -- all day. And enjoy your take -- there's someone -- of -- was to thank in January on Tuesday night snapping -- -- -- I was specialty -- here's lady here. It's also on the -- -- national hug somebody to -- Yeah. -- yeah. It's full moon. Eddie does like gobbling up if I hadn't yet like you're unhappy -- -- come together and Hannity. Eddie you should be at sky won't romantic comedy that somebody made an arrest Scott -- yes it's gotten. Again. You do you think your eyes and glad I'm -- -- -- yeah. Yeah -- and -- -- you know that's the thing you try to be nice. And as usual all somebody don't want to -- to aren't. Got you we love you so much yeah -- -- later. -- really got anything on down. -- -- -- from bizarre world. That's that's what -- parents -- you yeah yeah they're talking about awkward hugs announced yet like Alan -- Yeah I'll -- that was so awkward yeah about it you're going for the handshake and a -- -- a minute -- all have a good guys on the cheek. And then -- didn't double. And an alliance riding around -- -- and that kept some people did the three what does that as a country that I don't three Russia. And it didn't because in New York he just do one and interviewed 20 yeah yeah and -- -- -- -- yeah. -- like this the fifth spot. Thank you go look at where we've got a lot of people -- that -- don't -- -- -- what they just don't think they're very nice and they keep to themselves so they just look ahead not at. And it is it going there is no -- and a touching went gash in the did the very as the head not you get germs keep those things yourself it's totally not really well look -- there. So you gotta stay -- -- healthy. But not today in the national -- day talking like that -- dirty some. But that not everything that estimates. -- live donating time and dirty I don't know. Yeah she talked about this Saskatchewan screening firm that was really got excited about this pretty -- I really thought of the steamer -- oh yeah. Misunderstanding. That of the -- and I didn't know I do. You love it so your wrong -- yeah. China is the I want to point out that we keep like saying the first on the -- and then we go lock in the latest move on -- and I bet. No that's what the national -- unless it's it's time for -- -- -- -- I'm here weathered an easy company yeah. I'll only do some -- -- -- just can't stand on -- So let's undaunted hasn't -- many of these have been happening in the northern -- when it's cold especially hit that crystalline sky and then a plate of flat analysts on the -- from -- the sun dog is we have the -- -- -- and then he basically these two little -- of let me -- it's really a whole circle -- around the sun. I don't know that I you don't -- I'll. See the fact I have not seen and -- and get a little tough time that's happened -- you can kind of see why all dogs. Well that part I don't know. Because they're staying home and I see. I hear that -- not -- any of those Benson now everybody you know -- and we look how many of these coming out after the polar plunge after the package. What was otherwise you call that you were my passion -- -- -- -- -- -- cortex is an actual -- there all year it's nothing to be afraid -- because it's usually around the -- In the -- chunks -- -- come out and we just usually don't see those chunks so close to us in my early January that -- with a -- Address it's like I think this time the air kind of around the time that -- still Wal-Mart and we're gonna just stakeholders that the difference -- last ten minutes in with Al. Gary leave while -- I know -- somehow you just love whether -- she's never been happier Scott -- to talk and and you do such a good job and I just anywhere if I know you. At worst January ever god know just want to -- everybody please stay safe and warm and and offerings they are all little -- is back. I'm very excited could just found out -- just did everybody -- of the day. -- one of the biggest stars on the Internet and no stranger frankly -- life. It is of course -- Bob. Various. A little while visibly irate and it followed to grow up you know I didn't give it takes I -- exactly. I'm this of the famous PI. Who is it is very cute as you guys know memorable bumps tongue is always out. This is some found footage of -- -- as a kitten. That some footage by the -- -- necessary. They don't you let me know later and he's not -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- I don't know who knew -- this little -- would -- on. To Internet -- iron will that was the first clue that will but that's -- a special. But. -- -- Thank you -- they see the -- starting -- dual bumping I have to thank god yeah. Internet sensation. 600000 FaceBook likes are not and that's why are currently the only other time back in -- she's like -- that made me start yeah. And it's that like that's easy money baby yet hey we want to bring a very special guest -- our producer today something different and corporate wide. Very excited and -- introduce Ed it. Here is hard this because this is a very big idea. I can't imagine -- all -- Global customer marketing and sales presidents by the ESP and -- is -- juggernaut our sister. Right here on the onion distinguished leader in the sports advertising industry since 1999 has led sales and marketing across all platforms under the ESPN umbrella and what an exciting time to talk about sports camps because -- -- Super Bowl and everything that's happening at the Olympics let's start with that what do you make of but you know sort of all of the threats at the Olympics which -- position on. Well thanks for having -- personal yeah. It's really -- -- -- yeah I'm I'm from yeah. Yeah. No I'm not not a hugs -- in the -- and I didn't show could. You know what -- the guys over there -- Volume on the youth and -- -- and -- -- want to know that he doesn't have. All right so that the Olympics. Clearly is a really great story. And I think that it may be a story that if the Olympics does as well as I think people think it will do. It will potentially be in your stories people. Want to watch them. ESPN will be there ABC news will be there I -- there along side many of your -- us. And we will be on a rooftop overlooking -- -- and and ready and for anything truly I have so many Olympic meetings and I know you all have been we have locked and nobody does news better than ABC news -- like nobody does have already does it's better than ESPN. So so we do certainly -- -- coverage we -- the game around the game -- -- and as we don't have the game but we have all the games are on the battlefield will be. Incident free everything I need to know will be on ESPN or ABC or both the -- yes exactly simultaneously. How how do you -- your experience as a producer for the next it's been fascinating and fantastic and everyone here is really welcomed and spent time producers. Spent time obviously. You know in the control room -- it -- Denise -- you know she keeps it moving. Yeah. Batavia I mean Moody's sometimes she is solid cash as exit as you know get at stake for breakfast I don't I don't have any contacts to five I think she keeps -- movement. She just got married into an -- you can see there's a lot of -- like when -- herding cats. -- not an easy job with live TV for two hour absolutely absolutely what would you say the biggest job is biggest differences between what you've seen over ESPN and end here Good Morning America. Are you to break question I mean I think news is news you know weather sports -- -- -- as Webber. -- or its you know news of the day so I think it's just different activists I think we've because we have so much live sports. -- -- PM in terms of the live games that we do so much of our. Contents is a combination wolf what comes up Bristol you know -- all those big studios that we haven't you can get. And then what happens in the truck which is such an important part of the -- culture. Being lied you know all the time I like to think of us. Time I think of ABC news in the morning America as always on -- and I think that's a great way that we think about ourselves is that he has been on were always on ruinous. And I felt that could ask the question for you haven't -- -- -- I think so many people I know so many young young men and women out there think he will be coolest thing ever working ESPN. Did you get your story. In the business world he has been for me I I don't you can you tell you share. And -- you're at saint Johns I'd. I was I was actually. Started selling advertising. A local newspaper here in New York home -- news. Which probably most people who -- -- but he's all about what was happening downtown great fun. And then went to push -- advertising age has covered everything business and that's right met George -- timer and Alex -- and a lot of folks. The and the networks and -- on. And at the time they wanted to to have someone come in and merging communities these forces -- together yeah and I was you know dived for better or for works through. What -- what title Tuesday night here in charge of selling and at the time today at rader well anything that sports so whether it's the digital magazine audio television or on your big guys. -- 400 other. Unless you're also -- I'm so angry people -- that -- must keep on this also mean that you levies for so fine. It is not just a really cool product it's a great product -- you get all look like taken -- -- -- I think there's some good trucks and everybody is paying continue. We need it's it's good and bad I -- getting it got a -- good and bad. I go to games for a living. Which is pretty good. But I also on the ticket master for all the -- such an exact science -- of the Super Bowl right now is us. Interesting from her popular guy I IIU players are taken as Michael was a blockbuster -- all the movies believe in that lead to the Oscars -- I -- I have like gap like the lending library of Connecticut yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well -- should I certainly deserves his Mulligan this could be your help because they haven't played today. That could be ready and raring for -- -- I can see it now so maybe we didn't let it play with me -- -- -- -- I mean really he's seen a -- you know let me -- it it might need a little more action. But I don't know that that's good. Another player and -- -- I don't. Can we pretend this is a sales pitch and misses the show -- sign up. Yeah I don't know what it is nothing like -- And really are very attached to their -- oil entertain. Who have headache that donkey if they -- -- and if you could -- your cash flow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Coming soon and I ES PM -- yeah. Pet -- -- is really funny that we thank you celebrity rumor spread you -- winds are you now gonna go to the morning meeting and I am. I'm gonna spend time -- again today and just kind of learn how you guys go through the process I've always been fascinated with morning television. Whether it's sports owners for what you all do a gym bag and I think it's you know it's live -- one of the great things about what we do his life. Yeah yeah yeah can't take -- back if you needed for edit out there isn't yet any personal forecast sent here you know yeah. I'm telling you whether it is a really big thing -- -- and she's so I didn't yeah and the united IN a couple of weeks. -- -- happens and had a gas. And and an Olympic coverage -- -- whether it will be a big part of that as well no kidding -- right what do you say we what do you say we didn't get -- good morning meeting during the year ago you're working on their network is not I had everybody stay warm. We'll see in my house 9 -- eastern. -- -- -- --

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