GMA LIVE! (01.29.13)

Josh Elliott, Elizabeth Vargas and Sam Champion Discuss Super Bowl 2013, Diet Coke ads.
16:10 | 01/29/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.29.13)
Where if you -- whereby and then. Islands and happen. I must have a guy I was in from lake park California actually treat expect that taste of -- you know clearly. You love the clearly. We'll explain it -- yeah. Always. It turns out actually turns out to visit my mother if you do would be easier to meet a flight Athens that could actually do -- It's quietly it's flying to San Francisco to. Solid six hour flight making the car would -- And then driving two hours do you move north it's like north of Napa. If it's a huge lake big. But we wanna be perhaps the falls asleep on the West Coast older -- that -- the -- beautiful isn't wine country. It is now want it to you it's a new Internet emerging -- kind of -- kind of an adjunct one in their kind of one country spreading -- he would call in the morning and saying. There are sheep and beautiful plants and every on just opening the window when there's all this. Magical wildlife -- -- -- this. A magical Walt lottery Natalie that was it I know what it's fair -- very Italian it's very it's easy it's slower level I didn't watch TV for five days. -- -- -- -- -- So did you legislation on the show we had an elderly out of -- at home we stopped -- to national week of -- unless it was real and no news happen nothing nothing happened well you know why I'm making. Without a lot happened and -- there's a lot to get you out of a show for the ages today but word she -- showed she was good enough that turns out there are now have. Genes that moisturize you there moisturizing. -- I had. And -- -- about good enough to ground zero but can you can you do when you saw Josh yeah I don't want. -- -- this is one of those stories that actually being inspired more questions than it answered so yes it is they're more. Still riser in the gene there is that these genes are infused with aloe and I guess -- a couple dozen varieties some of them have caffeine and then. One -- -- have written all but how about some of those twenty cent -- exactly happened. So it's supposed CU reinvigorate your skin moisturize your skin but -- the catch is apparently for them to work according to 69% of those who had a lot of you have to Wear them for eight hours a day five days a week so and you can't watch them. Figuring out why don't look at that it takes away some of the -- went straight PGA and then you have a sprained you can buy. To reinvigorate that took a lot of work but apparently if you're you know -- They might -- rid of that son -- I cannot be the guy who asked the question then and I just ask questions why can't you just buy -- and over the counter that is supposed to take care of those physical issues. Rubbed the cream all of your legs slide into your genes. The old fashioned way I mean why doesn't that they're hard to get on these are really tight and I think actually part of it was an -- really like suction cup. You're letting us and I kind of -- -- I let you -- don't know that to. The same time I don't know if they're all sorts of spot -- And women spend a fortune on these creams that are supposed to get rid yourself behind him a lot we get a lot of streak he's on 20/20 and -- -- also -- to -- like. Right or you could just work out and -- I was working. But something I don't understand I don't know the cellular issue I don't understand it is working -- take care battery is actually synthetic if you just had I think it is genetic and I think but you can't reduce the signs that -- the more toned jaguar. Right I would imagine a -- it was and you have -- are really frustrating this is when there isn't big business around this. And that's why there at least leaning on the air we find it truly ironic thing that we keep the one woman has -- who has been an -- selling a lot of yeah volume. -- I am pleased. Who themselves congratulations. On a career highlight for you yeah I love acting Emmys with a -- yeah. -- acceptance speech now I'm getting reading and. -- just say it is. It is going to be a talker today I bet you that if we look at the Internet traffic this is going to be one of the one of the top -- -- one of the I don't want to know what that doesn't -- it works you know -- -- -- -- It doesn't look I have. Leading you -- we're hitting the -- of the -- our Internet. -- a forty hour Reuters. Haiti India mean in -- small. -- -- -- -- Also. Because he's actually he's in emergency vehicles I went to us and just about a year ago from. By some friends. Pickle -- pickles has well explained it's a band at UC SB and a legendary. -- sort of the legend of the sea patrols. They don't like -- plus they play once a decade. And one of the C -- joins us now this morning come on Hannity and their wants and what it got close friends. -- -- And so the C pickles. I'm get a start something of a grassroots -- -- we could maybe we can use of banned here we can use Houseman Jeanne we really put some of his people we have right. Clarence -- yeah I'm how my -- Tracy's gonna blow it don't know we're not allowed to do and McCain and I do and on the Internet -- and put it on behalf what -- we now know music and not know now out -- down mountain. We'll see and -- the -- Odyssey vehicles continue exactly. I can't imagine him yeah. Imagine the beautiful music coming it. If you or even to hit a bouncy seat tell what you did and I thought she trouble on the -- the only licensing and I was just his charitable -- that sounded very little Tito. Earlier and I do not -- lyrical look you can't we can do music if it's cleared. It just takes a lot to clear it's amusing yes I have -- -- any kind -- Yeah. And I call mark caught in -- -- -- -- to -- you can't miss snow million -- Surely we need -- and those lovely ladies planning violence materialism and it's clear he's not. It like it and to conclude instead I don't yes -- they aren't -- happen again luxury home. Right now you do know we didn't open for Andy about -- one time really you know that's that's. -- say well let's say three and I recognized again former don't show we had ourselves quite human we were gonna. Somebody -- still -- -- -- -- that he was recuperates I I had the worst head colds I'm so glad we're learning. And what better today on -- you better look -- well he envisions an engine can barely spit that out. -- -- -- -- -- They've got. Play any music but we're working on it we're working -- Apparently. So we're gonna at the Super Bowl winner right and because we do that -- five heads W he got opposable thumbs down and out we have. Not just anybody. Picking. A Super Bowl winner of the folks in the desert actually -- -- to the folks doesn't like Baltimore until about. But we got to find out who -- -- -- pick frankly. Is -- monkey -- and so this is live yeah. Ever notice again. They don't get -- can you hear us. All right awesome do you have -- the -- -- ready to go. Yes now how does so what is what is Frankie Kennedy house Frankie. Going to be apparently he's not gonna like -- unit by unit the coaching match -- what does he do how does Frankie -- Well -- is a little bit of an artist but we -- your moody gardens street from law. In Britain and apparently it makes it stimulated and still looks stimulated enough my my heart every news in the background. And that the basically give them free -- -- it just kind of -- at their fingertips on the -- -- And that -- OK so so francs in Galveston Texas on my -- of Frankie. And Galveston has picked whom. Carrying out why I don't know why -- again John I played -- yeah. Forget all of your stats -- get all I know let's forget all of everything you've done your entire career at ESPN we actually don't wanna know who you think -- going to be nor should we want to know who the caffeinated monkey yeah I don't know why frank Frankie Frankie the -- -- -- has selected the San Francisco forty there you go to -- -- -- that. You very much for joining us. We have we think we have -- -- we have -- -- question we have. Didn't you -- me that I see Guinea's in the gimmick and I see that control -- came to. -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't find any -- what did you tell America what were put them out what they'll have all the -- question. Do you see -- -- accurately predict the super -- Yes -- put my -- -- a monkey. You know -- sticking with Vegas -- -- like another big yes I'm putting my money got on a lucky break or are no I'm sticking with my. -- just like to see who votes yes yes yeah yeah ads. Let's let's I want -- what do you think -- -- Baltimore San Francisco as well. I have to say I have been a forty -- and -- back since Joseph Montana was the quarterback -- -- -- on while I. I was the target designers and so I'm still written with a gun minors and can't niners I am I think now this is overwhelmingly -- and -- -- -- I don't want this is the one with the Ottawa Illinois shaped ball here and they Wear helmets -- I really had no I have no -- I have I've noticed I'll be watching the commercial. Can I take -- moment we do we have come and take. This moment though to just do a little Elizabeth bargain shop because what people what you don't know -- and I love this being behind the scenes show. Elizabeth actually has this wealth of knowledge on just about almost almost and -- -- -- you rarely catcher without a fun fact done something that happens that we're doing in the news. So today as -- -- we show the new I guess Diet Coke guy who's taking a -- And we say old Diet Coke guy seven. You know the former I don't. He's probably not all lucky and Alison so we just to say out loud hey we're lucky vandals let the players -- -- -- lucky to have you on the -- Southern California. -- -- It wants and quite so how the -- He's met -- Held out early hours earlier I just can't -- just and -- everybody afternoon. They're -- -- -- but he got a new look look cute cute cute. A little. -- -- -- -- -- I'm Melanie I think this is definitely a more and -- Diet Coke guy than the other -- I -- cut and -- is in for guys which so in this and I don't want to wait I'm not that way too far I like and I loved watching. But his -- a little. I'm fed -- he -- a little that you need not and and the Netherlands and happy mark -- -- illegal in the you know -- he'll lead this is the trend I think that's a manly man kind of house. Yeah you can barely out of body now the -- trend I think in emailing could be mowing and look at what's in what what's that you might get a new trend is that you know men were written likes you don't -- back. Pack six back isn't good enough yet he got to have them all -- -- -- Kill myself but let's -- does not happening with I believe when anyone player and he now I'm. We're -- -- -- glue you people mud -- but what was amazing to me on our table might have always never having. Now I don't want and we pretend like we still marveling popular soft sell well let's show you some of those fast so we've got some of the Super Bowl -- -- that we that we did get a chance to show you on GMA so a preview of some of the brand new Super Bowl commercials. Take a look at one -- 200 now just a preview. Only getting him. -- -- -- -- -- Not -- not I don't know how much. Way that has got. -- it's that -- get a little scorpion cabinet that. It doesn't really wasn't banking -- -- can. I'm never sure you've got I don't -- I don't know scorpion now. I know are rapidly that it is -- -- in Iraq and yes -- Peruvian president until loses fighters. You know it's Elizabeth Vargas is typically commercially is like -- -- elements of the human had a hit. Actually second. Miranda -- again. A -- -- we want to give you a little bit of content in the show just maybe a little bit that there's a break and new game there's a new game if you're down the and you -- by the way and I am I might be going there. I know you're gonna go Steve Allen come with me will they let us go and I don't you think is going to you can when he ran for 20/20 well we should have been GMA recently. In Arlington you know -- -- he -- -- Personally couldn't get me out of the house would be like legally -- I'm. The game though by the way and in this game I'm not quite sure how it works but I think you become a staff member. And so -- You have tasks and chores that you have to do. I don't know how the point is I don't know if -- actually has a supermodel weapon but wouldn't I want to be one of the -- I want her now. I think you're footman but I'm not sure yet we -- -- undoubtedly going to be Mary more so beautiful the sad truth he can you become a member of the. How else are you just have to -- what has done. Why. One member and I want to -- he had. Do you look I don't know you know you know anything about game that we don't know -- I'd much -- -- I write about how intelligent not gobbling up not immediately if you know here -- -- encyclopedia pop pop group. I'm really. -- Tom we have we have a punitive action I will say I'm -- steel plant that I wouldn't -- it's it's raining down in California say. That he had does that -- -- -- in -- and -- the rest of America. To make lawfully and I have an idea that what -- I need to deal. Take a look cooking. The greatest -- yeah. Yeah. Goodman abuse he wouldn't go near yeah -- and our. And that way he didn't. Yeah yeah. -- -- Class. -- and placed there and play does count that as saying that the teacher Irene -- myself took them back to that -- Back behind tonight's match maybe how can we believe -- -- immediately telling her the audience you whether Lee has actually. Weren't you know we're gonna thank you for watching right now we're gonna keep -- the baby back up what is -- be taken America it is not so we'll see you tomorrow have a good time. Thirty. Yeah. Good movies he would do well here. -- --

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