GMA LIVE! (02.01.13)

NFL players Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice join Josh and Sam to talk Super Bowl 2013.
6:10 | 02/01/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.01.13)
-- Here with two of the all time greats in America secular religion we have. Well I don't know news reports suggest perhaps he's not the greatest NFL receiver of generalized -- we have Emmitt Smith nobody ran more yards on the ground and that's I gotta tell you we have six. We have six roaring sit we have greatness greatness because of what. -- time is obviously where one. I don't want it reminds at all Aaron it will -- this one -- some bullet -- -- against them -- he knows isn't on the brain and they've got an ultimatum. I think that look at it and people see the rings they wondered they do people -- them and then see you wearing one in particular -- just being here in New Orleans and a hospitality. -- treat T here is so much bondage it's this brought back memories. Memories of playing the demo brothels on -- given day so. Not a decided to Wear it in honor of -- -- -- we can look at three rings which one do I feel -- I -- -- that hot -- Obviously. Did you ever give to bust due to -- -- where -- the following look at -- -- miles they actually it is safe deposit box at the bank. Probably won't look at this Warner is the -- about -- it makes -- They're both of Portland and also with the get what may indeed Canadian deal look at the mirror ball trophy -- already. Is that where -- that big sadness isn't my enrollment while bottom let me look at that ridiculous stroke. You know its existing. Would that -- started. Have a -- I think you know with the -- work with commitment with the ability to -- that's a lot of work were you struck. How much work went into that comparatively speaking I had closes. You know he came on after me let -- it's -- because Los Angeles it is yeah. As you know against -- I don't -- and how. Today when asked me -- say I wanna take him down. I don't say the -- and -- Super Bowl weekend but what's it like. For two amazing football stars to be. In the boundaries of what's that like while there advisor chill will be I'm back in the you don't come -- I think we're about all the stress. I don't went through that emotional high that these guys -- going to go through this week. The so I'm hope I'm jealous I'm talking to you -- what are they won't -- what -- -- you know we're now days a couple days. I mean this is what even workers were all year for a lot of guys their entire career what what are these last moments last moments of me this -- The emotion of the the emotions of the game start realistic to think -- Family members have started to get in get settled and they got -- yesterday so now as like look at an example arsenic that they want to have on you have -- -- all week. So nice and -- really started calming things down seven -- The blade from the -- -- of the game itself -- house. My hair out and we we'll work. -- -- -- -- You know you put them inside -- given focusing get ready for the game and and I remembered this narrative before the game. Be an able able to visualize that that was going to happen on that football field and you what -- you played a game you've got to be in control those emotional -- is that it's impossible to do what's right knee kick obligate what's that like. In those first moments after the Boston and I don't like what race. Tell me it's the same you know. Different. From any other. -- Olivia. -- very personable -- Thought I had everything. -- stepped onto the football field. -- problems job totals are quick at a California. But it is mildly shaken. I'm Sears they have shaken -- that took off the job box when he steps and I stuck. Kitchen Barbara I'll bring us that there was one already made up Alec constantly out of shape but I was so -- -- charged. And didn't radiant out of the game that I was completely. -- for the game against. You can't help wasted diesel these guys have to -- decomposed in just. The ratings go out in like experience of -- and I don't want -- to Hillary -- get the two story. Two of -- or is even easier my first -- the night before it couldn't sleep. I was little halting all night long until I get an eyewitness -- -- -- -- stadium early on the first bus. And I fell asleep on the tape. In Elsinore. -- I was -- This is a game. Wise decision to are our resident of life that I'm just learning about football violated and I'm going to -- oblong severe. Does it look as close to you guys seems though. It most everybody else. I think its vehicles will you got to -- defense is out there. -- Lewis's legacy. It's definitely from the game in green in all this -- black gold rate rise. -- And -- these guys did you go to San Francisco -- -- -- you -- that. You -- Beckel and on in Pointe war. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This book. You get a -- me a winner from San Francisco all the. -- Those -- sentences and it went. Hillary Clinton that's been the real winner and -- the real owner Brooklyn. The Simpsons before and then we'll win because of this -- that they actually have but I'll go over ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens beat fellow. I got -- as the Baltimore and they went absolutely hurt me about -- -- -- Audio and Internet marijuana and terrorism has been next season.

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{"id":18375771,"title":"GMA LIVE! (02.01.13)","duration":"6:10","description":"NFL players Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice join Josh and Sam to talk Super Bowl 2013.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-020113-18375771","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}