GMA LIVE (02.10.14)

Sara and Ginger enjoy pizza as they watch funny video of a dog's car ride.
3:00 | 02/10/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (02.10.14)
Ready for some GMA live it all starts now. Live backstage -- -- Wouldn't be incredibly competitive here and ZMA live that he decides and I lost which is not what I last more than you last. It'll run the G mail and they tell them the CNN live we always have a whole lot -- you get to see what happened in behind the scenes. A couple of things. Pizza yeah -- he day over the weekend. You want me. And our friends where California Pizza Kitchen and me. -- and it was just one day a year that happen right away yes we celebrate. -- -- If only it didn't CT -- and as it's known in some places we will -- then I'm pretty blunt isn't here on this might have prevented that -- serving of -- -- that's fruit and veggies you know policy look at how -- V8 -- -- In a perfect pizza. -- -- I'm glad your eyeballs to indulge a little that I was so sad last thing I can only do it by yourself. Think you know and you know we're all about the Winter Olympics ranks yes we are snow in it. -- there and they're process but our play of the -- -- is about one dad could bring -- action a whole lot closer to home. Starlet twelve but homemade ice -- Tim Smith and then they left in his front yard at this Minnesota course -- -- Olympics. Kids he did not -- -- -- you know they're getting kind of mileage out of it because. Lastly that slippery slope to look at her and just let those very competitive. On home thank god they have -- hit the Olympics in their neighborhood. Everyone would end up your house and -- a ceremony. Stores were awarded they had metals. Really little lights along the site this -- and -- halfway how many nailed it with. -- now he decorated it. And hasn't been they have had such annually all hat but really in Minnesota says it's brutal brutal -- This is tightly enough -- that did you ever snow -- you mean. We've seen snow piled up like witty -- cul-de-sac when -- but the snow on the middle -- -- and having support that's the closest the got to a lynch. Yeah -- we take an enemy would mostly negative -- the dragon -- -- read like take out my mom says the only rule is no tunnels. They could -- sound we -- very deep caves that you could go into a little bit and then he has spirit that lines up mom wouldn't be upset that's about as far as -- colored outside the lines of you can tell -- -- Well not that there is fat dad he wins the award for all here because if someone like that -- -- in my neighborhood when the -- yes. However your wallet and your equipment later it isn't exactly Italy's -- -- what's the she did something for a below average snow yet at night and did not -- neck that we got some pop extra team -- standing up to support mom yesterday. That's brought his entire fruit and it is significant breakthrough into the catwalk to see -- Victoria's New York Fashion Week -- And setting social media a -- when he took an adorable. The at least -- featuring Brooke Clinton -- these names -- -- crews and two year old harper. But with my mom thinking we just Sarah it was the first time the -- had been I want a mom she -- -- Victoria explaining -- works and daddy works he thinks that's -- positive message. It is and then they say yes -- daddy working without its -- on the number last night time daddy. Yes the other robbers yeah. And even -- he -- eleven bit -- you know it isn't the issue. I'm daddy mummy -- ink on his body. Now that's very and the very you know via -- and it asked me Friday. -- -- -- into our head of the day because it's all about animals here and -- and they live. At -- -- here like. I. Three year old I'm guessing Buddha the map there. Not that went to keep him from getting reference there. And you. You know -- Christine -- -- nothing he loved more than a road trip and that feeling of England's and winds. -- -- you know who gave the speed limit -- -- keeps your life. It in my favorite -- about it and then that way over the years it's still don't like. Let's say that aren't the only way -- -- wanna car -- don't channels and much more junior version of himself yeah. -- go to -- going to be seventy miles per hour home could add up Atlanta. The Buddha you do have a kindred spirit. Now your diet but in -- -- -- got special guest here. And since last Wednesday our guest comedian mark not profits than living as he put it. Like it's 1988. Without the parachute pants of course. I'm looking up with US failure for an experiment -- and that I cannot imagine doing -- -- this is really pulling off the grid so that means cell phone free for a little. No calls no -- no apps that's mean the whole experiment experiments experience -- YouTube. And -- is Larry strategies to stay in touch so let's welcome mark everybody -- -- How one good thing I -- pizza part of the downturn I don't know now indicted felon think I. I just want my found -- back Alley where we ask ice picks into at US cellular -- -- talent at today's what they survivors of domestic my wife because my mind has been doing a little thing like Galileo can. Thanks Sarah when -- right now got -- -- I think Ron yeah. I didn't expect. As for even doing as he says have been but you're almost there I'm almost there I have I think it's when he seven hours sixteen minutes and three seconds -- -- and -- -- back that out let's first I'm done an experiment probably anyone really mean this difficult thing since its toughest. It's been really tough I use my phone as an alarm as well also in the morning my current method of waking up in the morning as my cat licking my face not the -- You know what's the biggest adjustment when you think about. Our phones really I won't feel the state taxpayers firstly she noticed it texting my wife I use my phone that my mobile phone to keep in touch with people like text aloud at. Emails and I just we will cut off from my friends and family that was the biggest thing in the video -- -- US cellular site. I'm trying to replicate FaceBook I went to Times Square the other day with a megaphone and chatted up -- -- status -- tourists what do you know I said what I had for breakfast. I think it -- people out who. I really -- -- -- on the warm -- your wife because a lot of people take to FaceBook can do that and it's really an jointly. Yeah and -- -- -- sometimes it it's our anniversary Levy so much when a rollover until sweetie yeah yeah. And Everett and I love Christine. -- closing yeah. There's gotta be positive to it so this is how -- -- other positive things I mean what's positive things is that about this is that I kind of realized that how much I use my phone -- amateur alignment. Right but without -- and there's no way you're not -- ago back to. -- -- -- -- I can't wait to have my vote could. Still like ten minutes about your -- not an Israeli and yet -- mine's gone I don't know what's happening. I have a hard time and I mean Ed Dickson it really is like at societal issues that I use it yet basically to keep in touch with people just and the hardest thing is using paper to you see somebody using a pay -- In New York City in -- -- by the -- -- an ordinary -- dollar. Good guys it's been stocking up on pure hell yeah. Yens and using a pay phone -- you -- present though because when headlines when I'm watching TV even though I'm enjoying it I'm enjoying the company I find myself down here. You feel your little more president around people doing things really -- -- ever hits and. Sorry -- -- -- -- -- out there that's okay that's no I think phones over how to simplify our lives and it gets closer I never did that's about half a mobile phone vending. Such contact with my friends and -- weapons of anything it's making me realize how much I. -- -- for pregnant before. And yet they are all like calling up on the yeah. How many that it might have a disease if you haven't -- you've got somebody it's a close -- -- a lot of that's seen one they're still 5000 I think seven of the more. Okay. By -- do exist in New York City -- going to be using one and a few minutes and for those of you watching that don't notable bonus here's well yeah. I shouldn't let parents called me yesterday dates to check in and they didn't know I was really doing this and I went Christie who has my phone to -- Tony -- my phone is in my house I have no idea. She had a -- my personal -- can't talk to you and potentially what do you mean there are signing gave birth to him. Talk to them so. You know out there history that is very strange kind of in Nicosia -- -- -- -- real -- and he had spent. For you what though you have every moment ago as an army documents that I'm not -- not at this hour. I mean what's been the most positive things that you the -- the positive things and having them I mean. I don't know eyes off the top -- had I think of -- of the negative stuff like that a call like he without -- house. Felt like a number of hours and they and I had a pressing question on -- gosh I have to wait -- they get -- like I cannot ask him this is a simple question any kind of answered right now. And I can't do I have to it. So let the immediacy yeah is that the yeah -- -- you -- no phone. We think carrier pigeons are trying to connect. That's -- continually -- I now I am beside myself at a press challenge congratulation I think you ginger added that it will be watching for the US cellular replaced it -- yes you can check out the all the videos as the US cellular dot com. -- -- they are really company yeah that's don't know that unless my favorite song. How many hours Natalie got a couple more minutes saved up for you hit and 27 -- thirteen minutes and how many seconds six me who -- fed exit from. They're people -- need your support. So does support in my mouth 'cause I think seems he's really going to be a lot of. I think that -- had made a -- for an -- perhaps this afternoon. Public can't get power ginger can you really do it. Now in front door on -- didn't do anything she put your mind to address me and I didn't ordered the children -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's an ever did before it was like -- work of art so this golden out of how only if you have left this. There -- beautiful today -- to give more compliments tomorrow doesn't please come genocide museum and live right here 9 AM eastern and the big -- -- -- AM. While the -- here.

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{"id":22445342,"title":"GMA LIVE (02.10.14)","duration":"3:00","description":"Sara and Ginger enjoy pizza as they watch funny video of a dog's car ride.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-021014-22445342","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}