GMA LIVE! (02.28.14)

Check out the funniest moments of the week from 'GMA' and 'GMA LIVE!'
3:00 | 02/28/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.28.14)
-- -- -- -- -- -- on Broadway -- though it. And com I'm eight yeah I don't get Josh -- -- -- -- us. And that we'll have -- let -- safely within if we -- and he'd be. I thought I want it was 17 -- that Josh is. -- good about get a Gordon I think. We have. But again we're we're trying to pull out. -- did it all hit all the right ways to go live. -- had gotten -- at that slogan now. The movie I'm really -- until August and I. -- -- -- -- -- Sales of milk industry is changing its marketing tactic -- -- metals. Thank you that's a lot of Calumet. Now -- you can't find. We have got back when. I would make you don't know. Murray says. And finally the proud of my favorite. -- -- But. I'm very yeah. Get some of the toughest words ever top of the Scripps spelling your income level anti dilution. -- not to react to her shirt -- still remember the -- coming -- sixth -- what was asked him. A -- the send -- secretary. Cause I don't want to talk about it if I had my. Yeah I'm doing and why -- -- vision is this morning. George good yeah. -- -- guest joining us this morning. Not one of the five let's -- -- year old Sophia Hall. Thirteen year old coach -- they started. These are competing on Saturday. AM on their way to the national balance sheet after more than sixty rounds. Come to. -- called the judges ran out of words as they were still tied and so today. Our hands. I don't. Dollar -- -- mark. Not -- showcase their talents. She didn't know what do well make it easy on camera during. We -- but I do and ask get a good stuff could lead goes how tired and wasn't. Here is Gary you run into problems first of offensive -- -- about shopping for. I'm pregnant and teen age and -- look. Are being he. And a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- language of origin Italian. Probably is yeah. That -- take that as a yes. I am and TAG. Ally that is -- Welcome our back Soviet Nextel capricious. Definitely think. And unaccountable changes -- -- or. -- -- And handling -- I believe it well. CEO eight PR. IC I tell you that. I was sure -- You know what I'm -- I'm. We will be back. I'm back here with Sophia and could of course -- -- a Missouri spelling wizards who. Are tied up to 66 rounds of their. Spot on the line but here GMA -- all come down to this -- -- in the bar and can you please tell me the word. Archipelago. Our staff archipelago it's like for divorce in my excuse me Italian. Indeed it is. -- -- -- The mission. But -- -- shame cluster of war collection. Sentence. -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of show them. Yeah okay. So our market alive and Hansen president. And you probably. It's a part of -- He'll make a good. I -- I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we all know what that means. Your characters couldn't make me here yet only thing that really know about her is that. She really wanted to windows C. She didn't she wanted to -- -- faith you know why anti sits right next -- Neeson was where -- -- -- maximum warning that absolutely. Finally. Would you go in the water. It's obvious. It's not a shark. So that's good news is though a twelve foot drop. Lurking in the third. At a popular be enough that they could mean for the dead heat. But it's a beating Australia -- -- real. Because he couldn't get it. -- -- -- -- -- -- it's just it's just across. That's -- -- -- in Australia it's just a crocodile. And finally you. Job actions so excited. Today we. Which by the way out of nothing. Now in full color and didn't. You can. Going yeah. Okay in reading. About Iraq from the -- in Vancouver this weekend right. I think she. -- -- Under way to get their Christian kicks out. I figured Valentine's Day next -- -- it's of course it's when he had time to talk about it we have a good club now. There's nothing says love. Otherwise known as. The five -- worst nightmare. Technical difficulties in the live morning broadcast returned Chicago. -- the WGN morning. Lost all audience can't do. We went back in the field VOA news -- not from. Police sounds she made. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're experiencing. Some very serious technical did -- he's. With our audience is -- and for some reason this is the only -- that works right now. Every once -- -- -- that that we are frantically working on this situation. And trying to fix it as soon as -- Yeah Nancy. Larry Robbins. For some reason we are experiencing some serious. Technical -- -- allotted to him. And all the other red carpet yet -- Very sad really headed coming together fantastic comedy dealer and -- Elian out. -- -- -- -- Could make me laugh. And my guess is -- over. Imagine what we -- thought about it. Why I want to. Travis high -- An amazing live. -- I dare say today the mail today they. They -- so now. And ever since his. -- -- Brightest stars. I've managed to mangle the national land. 53 year old now retired deputy share. Simply answering. Well let's just -- yet. Feel their -- Parents. -- -- -- -- -- You know we're. The video was that -- -- fifteen. And when. -- -- -- -- -- It's driving. -- -- All films this season. So enter the great GMA -- Please -- here in Nashville. Me up when -- -- superstar Dirks Bentley. It was sold more than five million albums. Leave hair as -- jam session of a lifetime. -- JJ here. -- -- We know you've got to come on now. Everyone. -- -- -- -- -- I wanted to be all right. Okay.

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