GMA LIVE (03.10.14)

Ginger and Sara check out "GMA's" brand new "Social Square" "on GMA LIVE!"
3:00 | 03/10/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (03.10.14)
Get ready for some GMA live it all starts now live backstage -- GMA. And -- in -- in this room and others. Wolves I think video games -- CNN live where you get a -- much more every single today. Including. Want to play in the day's work pants and a day like that hot water more water and a lot of and it -- -- -- -- let's such as you know I am really trying to put them my bike yeah. -- -- -- -- -- I need to get one of those indicted Monday you don't need to I don't know where they need you but it's gonna take me longer now when -- when his parents. A November -- -- Time it tough decision that that's what this looks like about then one of the impression we've seen this guy before -- President Obama. Obama excuse me had a meeting of the -- last week -- -- they say. I'm meeting of the personalities -- a collection of YouTube's biggest stars came -- the White House to discuss how to spread the word about health care that love. Using deal and you tell us wanted to get -- get all the believe the -- One of his guests -- -- cross and none better as alpha cat he was there and the president quickly noticed an -- to check it out. Now look I'm happy to be here. I can get -- -- you can you can take a look Great -- day now. So important -- tech media and heavy machinery you're gonna -- this get. Love that even investment Ollie needed was a lone gray -- problems -- of the mind blowing moments in the president's office doing an impression forehands. -- -- I wouldn't we only thanking my voice -- -- craft that had he been able to follow through with -- -- -- there it's on points and he did this little point you know the president aren't those appointments aggressive so they do this they can think it's baldness and got to know what we had a vacation coming up here well. -- for us -- well I was -- -- sorry spoiler -- prince William and Kate Middleton jetted off to the mall needs for a romantic second -- over the weekend. The duke and duchess staying at the luxury resort under pristine island of course -- to Mike Crowley waits -- the first time parents enjoying the break in their own private gala featuring yes full Butler service. In house spot treatment. And sweeping views of the Indian Ocean so what was the first one again I don't remember I don't ribbon panel meeting on the first one maybe it was smaller and more. -- I think there was an upon learning that what we're trying to figure out some trying to narrow it down as to where we wanna go and sold -- there. What -- Wear whatever they're doing it's working basically is that the extent of the island that keeps it very pregnant and -- but that's enough. And -- can keep the -- parents held junior gets pregnant -- all of it that's something that I can comment awaited vacation that. I reflected a candidate promised to one of -- little nod from the old saying persistence is key and this is -- I think it doesn't really you know. And the -- just trying to get at the -- that's like me on my diet. I can't just paint and then spend doesn't count he'll never did much going through the side of the chair which I've ending data and mission -- that -- -- Time -- and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What does that do that and I don't dedicated but it. Well up one. Captain Crunch what illness you know I think it's -- obtain a better since we don't quite sound heartless ogre -- a patient like looking in there you're gonna do that much work. -- the Clinton and yeah yes yeah. Oh yeah isn't that highlight after that definitely getting good deals but take away at the eye Doctor Who -- well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can't get I would not do you -- your ears are open -- couldn't get. Oh my god is not only -- the beautiful face of GMA is behind the scenes. Instead -- sweater everything and then and then I think you frequent -- -- you can. Come on now good morning yeah. And -- -- Take it and tell us that. Right here we just have these two amazing screens is going to be on our things aren't you made his occasional -- -- -- the agency and they died of the dot com and right here we have heard is a grand video chat while I was so basically -- yet you attended. Did it yeah. Yeah yeah it's so used to -- -- -- and it's your videos asking any celebrity what you want and we're gonna put it up there and you're -- if you're going to be really surprising answers you. -- -- -- Cool justice assess. Through seasons he that are asking the Obama pressure no pressure class no bread on the -- -- what -- -- -- highlighting his minutes -- his -- right now. How did you make these people doing in the 800. 33 people and people should put the pressure and Kristen -- answer this. Like -- -- and you get on the spot I would frank paint spend some the real Jesus to. Yeah it's a heavily embedded in -- -- yeah. McConaughey didn't apartment and blew through here you -- answer on the program not -- a transplant Albanians and -- records you're spot on Craig. Here we have the social slot machine and it's basically. You it can only -- cycled -- bunch of questions that we have. They're coming in from FaceBook Google+ and put her hand the question we got today from some people what's your favorite style pizza things firsthand New York or Chicago sound just right -- -- -- -- Don't live pizza yeah that's a good default answer when he left you cubs or white is that you have to have generally -- yeah he's married don't. -- -- -- I think ever that found the next -- realized maybe yeah. Let me get good -- and honestly and here that's gonna marry that we all know and love so well we've seen a million times and half. Who wanted. One -- it. Third and long now we ought to count. And here we just have a wall of amazing happens Friday by Samsung and it's just yet -- didn't put any photos and wanted him to tablet if you were the results from our -- -- -- Citizens. As Robin at the -- this odd little content illegally OJ yeah. Yeah. Just like us looking at -- -- Think barrel while the. I don't want anything in there could -- your photos and that anything you wanted here we have the Spotify at all this is one of my favorites right here it's fantastic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't -- I've nothing less anonymous Monahan would let anybody within the -- anything. Haven't -- energy drink OK thank you and your favorite part was not from the lower the little -- up there I'm. Worked through that -- the heart of the rooms like the little bonus slightly waited until -- -- the best for last because I am just in love with the. -- -- in the law and this is just I think because played and yeah Erica okay I'll tell you know what will actually -- becomes social exactly exactly are being. At least a digital screen yeah I don't like to get going yoga are -- look -- -- like yeah this is one handed by the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Give him -- didn't get the. And -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This oh yeah. You know you know. You'd assume these human and I just feel I'm just very well anyway that you -- the best -- -- -- because all of the consulate that's. And we went we. Okay. If I'm giving you -- it -- and it. What to look at Sarah who think -- -- -- -- this segment coming. Our top. Clever Arizona governor we'll. I think it's easily -- innovate and handle anything. And cleaning accident -- from friends dressed -- town to show us some of this thinking yes but most delicious -- out there except Frederick umbrellas actually did the last thing -- -- right thank you for being prepared thank thank you for stink and -- best. To be here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's they Barnes and mostly it's the out of part of that she's which is used in Washington -- he's solved. -- -- precarious time. Yemen after awhile to starts two. -- Don't ever forget it they're staged -- on the aging of it so yeah let's let's go to a couple of okay. Over here we have. Cheeses we have -- in red which is a monster. Then we have still didn't. And Yahoo! is to lodge which is in tanks and continues and here we have -- more BA which is. From -- is basically make this with 2 different morning. Milk and evening melt that so they make this -- this one is. Lindbergh and this is distinctive one of the mall it's its core idea -- say yes it's a very riding she's they've actually banned this upon. -- Transportation in France public education. That bad -- banned from being put onto any kind of train bus without that. Warming up probably in in. So were chatting via I'm are loading please tell anything until December. That's looking to -- genetic -- I think she's an essay -- I go to supermarket and I get to that really fine cheese section himself. To me it's overwhelming and I would never go there but is she as a coach of all I mean how to how to -- finale like -- he. Normally mean won't go through the UN. Let me do some research that -- outside -- but it -- Jeffrey -- perfect right if -- to the island and visit -- you love. We we have but mostly she's is would be. We try to pair with what people would really go forth and some -- do this here is a pair tantalizing. Sandwich. Which is usually it's. Since. Truffle oil we -- -- -- with the campus. Let's. Cream and that's recollect which is very common. One she's an. Average benefit is since. Typically it's very seeking cheeses from Switzerland and they melted and as they think nothing scrape it off and they servant with bread and -- This is what started hosting stinky cheese -- which does why is he asking -- cheese fest looks like you're asking for trouble and don't we are. Dinosaurs -- it is -- definitely come extent that you have to appreciate she's. To let the student chooses to to go for the race thinking once you guys really -- -- Jesus. Did not begin with a hose nose and -- My people like. -- like when you -- You aren't usually I -- right pinky audio -- that they do have exits. It's very. We're when you -- it doesn't taste of all what you think it's going tastes like it was better than it yet. That is -- -- when you cook quickly -- data also gets rid that's now. Some of the house -- that would then there's the cooking it but. It just sort of union whose most since now. Because so it will our studio the next I think it's thank you get your five day visit -- but I guess it could be headed -- -- -- was preparing some -- at the restaurant I would go home and -- we just have every -- and it would. Follow me yet. It's that give them continent -- now. -- let me -- I'm glad he leads some to you but I thought that we've been let love having barely appreciated yet and it started their meals you can put it -- pretty much everything. Yes yes I prove -- we think that's what started since. This challenges -- to find ways of using these cheeses and foods that are people enjoy. So that we could get rid of that stigma of what Steve and cheeses. I'm hoping your stigma -- with the Maine he made -- going to the bathroom Bologna out but not the it's quite an honor -- yeah what bugs me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That note on the visit just differently and I think Iain -- is think you for watching thank you for being here you can catch -- -- -- right here at 9 AM eastern. -- to -- platinum western -- up at 7 AM.

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