GMA LIVE! (03.12.14)

GMA Live looks at the secrets to success on a vegan diet.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.12.14)
Get ready for some GMA live it all starts now live backstage -- GMA. Okay that's crazy that we just had there. You what every corner and -- person bag that. By the play social squared they think we're gonna start making our guest slate. -- in on a free contrast he clinic that is what -- what I -- Gerri thanks Kelly he's it's a circus and related to. I think not but you know -- shows -- and listen we have. That's crew in the business I don't know how you Rangel all of us each and every day somehow they do it. But now I guess like really social square it's really just pulling back the curtain on how absolutely insane -- And it was today great -- -- -- a Perry and Aaron Paul and Diane Diane von Furstenberg something for everyone. And Bobby Flay who was cooking let's then we'll look at and that -- begin. Right out yeah. I know what's vegetarian I'm gonna do I'm -- -- Americana -- -- -- and -- stop you -- as Huckabee -- I did not. Right users -- being in pain coming out there please that you're not not. But it is good. And ginger. Because I don't get. Whether she -- But once a week. It's like seriously. I -- to that -- -- it's not coming -- it -- -- -- still on the outside this morning because six different ways and I we knew it was Beatty communities in Saint Louis. Yeah -- knowing that that a correct. That nothing of achievement at what -- I'd be concerned. -- about is the world about -- well no I mean that's I think after wildly. When it knows it -- -- -- warm again here like I'm I'm I'm I'm verging on -- feeling. Maybe it's never coming back. I keep saying may when people ask but what will going to be over -- -- all of Nelson. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How coming out pounding out right what the -- yeah. That's what they -- and then yeah. How does that I must say the farm -- -- and this was going to be -- -- on them. -- not what Intel abundant and very impressive part is I can tell you next Sarah is going to be 2014 going to 2050 Perez -- -- -- I've been -- seed Lindsay Janice and I W. I do you have to ask me. You you came to us. PP starting -- -- -- actually in in in Europe -- won't. Obviously the far flung. -- -- of Europe affording any number and the best thing about living in Europe as you know. They're all linked to our flights left -- all -- the -- -- suddenly you can get there -- just let me down easy weekend. Where did you recently that we -- we could put. I'm -- company one and I went and did this girl alone and no kids involved notes that are often I have to say I was pleasantly surprised -- would you do with yet another Frontline I had and I laid out for one day sunburned. And and I went to magic kingdom for about half day for the rest my time at apricot and drinking and eating my way around the country which is also -- that's -- -- animated sopranos. -- in a -- speaking. That -- England is we have a lot of Disney employees and never going to -- show. This is that without children you know and I wouldn't you know I've had a chance to take my daughter to Disney land. Over the new year and I'm just. For me I guess she's -- Like Disney -- to -- was a one day you know you have the park. Had Disneyland you -- for a -- Now they didn't you win at home and that and that you know it's usually -- it's. Never. Went however when I was watching her on the park some thinking to myself. When I have children five children I think I'm going to tell them real. I'm seminary know I -- -- being I was really young children. I don't know I don't think you need to be a little but all I do you know eighteen months or even 80 yeah I don't know how -- -- I would say like it's. On the with the if you have kids there -- -- and stroller and outside and late and I had to turn -- Inglis and I don't know if you get any. Did the stroller parking lots and amusement parks -- I don't even know how you know which ones you wars like there are. 500. Strollers like outside and her big -- for every penny that it's a small world there -- Like it was a small little napoleonic army. -- I'll tell you are saying -- and intolerant. I get I guess that means I state bar -- -- her yeah well and and why would that be fans can you stand up and look to your left. Come on CNN Saturday a lap I -- hey come on any number I think I'll go ahead trays potting. When -- -- a pot this -- while -- see this please mail yeah yeah. Think you can put people together and then when it happened we can say remember. Remember when this is for you -- Eight concerning really wants to do Disney cruise though wit -- his -- -- eat eggs Benedict is increases. A -- Barak have been feared she would hand Nancy -- has -- norovirus. Heck yeah. I I think that actually is a good idea at what point do we remind everybody that -- these -- corporate parent. I don't have time and we're going there now yeah I did stop Wednesday -- a few children what can park. Crying and Disney World is no crime. But you know what happens here's what happened things. What interestingly it's too much gets to them it's too good -- and it's like they want all got dropped. On the top of Mount Everest ride away and it pretty pretty happy that the oxygen Sears your lungs like it was him. -- 9 in the morning Serena was. Verging on meltdown look -- it just so it's like -- every like you think absolute flight careful what you wish for me up against which you wanna be a princess. Fine let's go to princess and guess what you've got a -- and it all Daley couldn't there is no on. I want a basement Allen's snap that's. It was aimed at a technical -- yeah more of this scintillating television. -- -- -- Shaquille O'Neal yeah he -- the magic touch when it comes to basketball with a former NBA star is now revealing that he is also a fan of the touch screen. Telling the Wall Street Journal that he spends over the plate for us -- -- -- -- dollars per week on Smartphone apps -- -- the obvious question. Of course what I. Phone check says he's always been at tech peak. As for what kinds of apps were talking about here -- says that. Just last week he Dow Latin downloaded about -- when he and deer hunt turned game. Like they're different games I have to tell you this puzzles me. I will can act as if they get all admit. I have never I don't have -- I have never purchased. -- yeah. Hapless nice well. I don't need a few but I need a -- I have -- but like I just -- room. Thank you an intern and Internet oh look how I -- didn't do that -- and I hope they click the much easier. We're gonna sit. The senate is no need to make friends and now millennial I -- -- have a couple unfettered like on the phone and I would never ever ardea. You know at a -- so what -- Matt. -- -- -- -- -- I -- I don't know where I don't like to do without automatic up look at I know I am excited I tried some some friends of Matt. And related apps. They don't know how often times you ought to think -- -- it refuses to have but I know I'm the guy who looks and on the guy who like you haven't had a lesson you're gonna happen next -- sometimes write it down I did in that quest printed out. -- -- solid minute I have no out of a couple months ago I had. Is a data collected as bigger -- -- -- -- And I'm -- requested a directions on my laptop and I took my laptop. The site could leave it right copyright C -- -- and I. Honestly and out every is that how is this guy like. On television with a live microphone I think it's a lot -- in the social -- for IR at all on your own it's mind boggling. Carrie -- -- radar at an and they you're gonna learn how wonderful that is the drought may be your golf that you do whenever he just -- on it I know it's going to rein in ten minutes. That would be nice we -- that and that's what we get like Scarlett Johansson. You know talk you. -- to death if that was the only -- -- curriculum now that's another -- no talking ones after that meeting. No idea if if there's even a hint of romance and my foot -- in your -- group. Aptly occasional life I don't and that's that's and that's a distraction. Speaking of but what are we might we is that you're award winning transition received arms -- OK BKI -- especially issue with you. All right. -- this is it's a day of firsts. You know -- human alive -- do you want him is this our first correction. This is or traction bars is a retraction or -- thinking a little -- -- we're doing it very hard liquor. Virginia and how we know the patina and a -- -- This man but -- need to be honest this happened on Gmail lives. In no way when we did this the first time did any of us even remotely pretend that we didn't but it's. If proper credit. What's not given yet for this little -- -- because it was brilliant it's equated what a production I want him. That allowed wholesale and I want to -- -- because I don't wanna hear fed and -- at the family looking at rotary phone yes now it's -- some popular online series called kids react created by the fine Brothers -- So here we go. I'm fine from -- count Colin. I don't know that his coalition is not a compliment yeah. Yeah time I'm. It was brilliant you can log on again it's kids react. That's online I have to believe could find Brothers we want to thank you by the way it was actually really just excuse to show a little bit of -- again I suddenly realize I have. Like I'm the guy who probably would feel more comfortable with the road. We definitely just this Saturday we will be doing that there hate you -- -- -- Disney when I was there I met up with some family and sound. Elderly member of this Natalie we're you don't announce some -- related to my relations. And brown says something about never having sent a text message and the young kids as. What did you didn't know you are. Some as you -- -- these -- can also tell -- if things. So Graham if you give the little one for -- clothes -- cover and it's. Although we don't do court and -- Probably go to -- how many an app for that right there probably hair pulled. Anyway -- asking before we go -- there I didn't want -- but there's -- happy birthday to wish. Oh the world wide web 25. Years old and that isn't out of the world wide web and I are both a couple of believing. Some reports about that. -- ahead of the -- way that look good luck with sweat thinking to look at -- you can come out I really want to know what you do your grand entrance will be wound angrier and I'm confused. -- And yeah back. Not yet again last time -- about -- comedian of course we had topped -- ballots. You're giving up your phone -- -- a week we -- very difficult now earlier given up. Meat cheese you can -- -- begin and got -- minute -- get. Recommended indictment I didn't know if it was possible it was one of those things could you get that kind of begin -- -- because the perception out there is the protein it's really hard to do. Sir an engine necessity afraid someone will probably had a little something yeah this is a robber berets who knows what to do and I had no idea Robert -- and you follow what I say you'll get -- on a vegan diet. It's even doing this. What do you have a mother's disapproval and will -- -- this was a plus you know we didn't know if it could be done. And mom wanted to see if it could be in this whole -- misinformation out there about what's possible and of the diet. And and so yes changing with the celebrities and tried it but we wanted to see if it was possible market a fantastic job. I lost sixteen pounds and -- was ripped my wife really like this project. So let's not make good what what is the protein because that's -- they -- had left. The protein that -- you've done a fantastic. What it called funk fusion and what's great about that as they think I'm protein from sources like on soaps and peace which is really uncommon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And really that this puts -- puts to rest the idea that it can't it's not possible. That -- -- -- eight days 28 days. Over Thanksgiving and I want to -- Why torture myself and everyone's eating pumpkin pie can now -- not a household and eating kale I like -- but when it comes over Thanksgiving wasn't thinking yes. And the fantastic thing was you know he really went hot on his watch out now we did have to take up the weights he was very very intense so congratulations to him his is what kept can be found on the on the website that's when he -- a challenge dot com. Which has what Kennedy -- diet plan but it really was about building his muscle mass. Walking -- of -- intensity and you know it's we proved it wrong. -- -- -- it sounds like sports yeah. I didn't duets I. How do what I was just really disciplined because of -- -- and. I was upset I would admit that and that sense is obsessed with food. All the time to be on the subway staring at some of the media and I'm Harlem but I was so disappointed even my dreams I would treatment I was eating pizza so disciplined and -- -- -- -- out. I'm not going to get that out yeah. Eat anything called -- chicken. No we didn't do it on chicken hearted it was cool and natural -- -- -- -- -- lots of vegetables did not scenes. Atlantic -- we may have the top later thank you rather yeah. Allegedly being here Casey. Let them with -- their -- but. And it's hard lessons on how yeah. Host of the really I mean -- incredible journey late hit on earth a lot of foods that we didn't even know -- the and I mean I was surprised by the list and so we took let me ask you to say you know tell us what you're favorite -- -- -- And -- ticket demographic group -- game. And yeah. OK yeah our final four and -- March Madness bracket who all right we have Florio's. -- flooding right met -- 900. Oh yeah I know these meeting -- -- -- -- of sixteen. Right yeah I didn't down to the Orioles in the freedoms and you know one other area. -- -- The magic has an unlocked yeah I mean he did you have to it that you don't get it and now this goes next progress on the big challenge isn't it. Pre here real argument I mean -- against -- -- spent the better -- volley on. -- -- I think everything got one of everything this is the high school. Now and I thought yeah that's incredible that's a good luck they're very in adjustment yeah. How do you Madrid today. -- -- -- -- -- -- Very good. Yeah. -- a fact that I'm really really. That's how does that heavily busy writing and -- and yeah. Redolent for Letterman saying my -- cleaning -- there easily could have. I. -- hey I can't believe art that Britain's. And -- would not be. I won't want to -- I'm so happy ending the letter -- -- about in the -- I want you to know mark Weinberger I think the media sites I feel very comfortable saying that I haven't yet happened. -- -- -- He'd come right back here -- that he's okay no -- do you -- Angel enterprise it is.

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