GMA LIVE! (03.13.13)

Lara Spencer, John Muller and Sam Champion chat with Robin and discuss a recent Facebook study.
3:00 | 03/13/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.13.13)
-- Look look to rebound. On the way over I wouldn't be standing like Sam is often standing. -- and and then we're all sitting on May second gentleman who was like he wasn't wording and -- -- mom. Well I think united watching Johnny standing I think -- -- -- I'm not I'm not paying down the matter what you do I have a higher authority to answer to it my other Obama hope that my mother and my niece is you're sending compared. Have -- -- -- -- -- -- What are your mother and grandmother -- five -- Robin stand and eyes that -- -- fatherhood saying. -- now you know about it. Beautiful singing in -- Spring break yes he encouraged me and you spend it with -- local -- -- my mom sent yapping at Chicago. No city in all of them to do anything like bars and clubs and we're certainly not to do -- There are out of my god or not and a lot you don't know -- to hug you know I don't know that's. Initially -- money to do all right. -- -- -- And finally it's time yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Morning but I. Until much later on us we give him so much coming off in their money from the general of the great restaurant near. I. Different idea I don't out of the I said I love I love twisted ideas and it is -- what is with DS through its -- yes you're gonna open it. Cup -- -- for many couples you know -- you can happening to them in public office. He did say that -- You're group who -- who -- little. Not print print it -- yeah. Robin here why don't we let you do the check in with turner is back. And I. Hi hey guys and at that. Hey by the way we got Kelly -- twelve treated us. She said she's watching GMA live for the first time today -- welcome Kelly. Hey we talked about this this morning John -- -- -- -- talked about the new study that says that women are scientifically grumpier. Old -- Clothes. So we ask you lose ground in your house -- the only guy. And Michelle -- that we did what -- girl dire because they're teenagers and they know it to the Grosvenor teenager in. TK. We are not guys will have to be -- -- before 9 AM. And that our old friend Stacy and pleaded and I noisy and I think again the girls are ground here look at what we have to put up -- We can't decide oh yeah safety -- that went through the client how. You know it's -- no one on Twitter believes that I'm -- I don't know. Glad I was talking to George about -- -- that in your persona -- his high thirty mile high yeah yeah yeah on Friday. I'm -- most of the time yeah. There is. He makes me smile it makes me and it's also makes you very funny why excellent my favorite moments are looking across the table at your prompting -- -- It won't matter -- you just do that you're gonna do what he's smiling look so great when they're grumpy about I don't I don't know why Islamic I have not on the receiving end of -- and I'm sorry to hear Simeon I'm glad my. -- At the defense really cleans the life has been the week I I love I think -- -- -- -- you are one of the funniest people I know what I want your cranked up it's really funny I know you don't like -- but it's fun. I don't know what she's talking I love it I love looking across the table at you and your -- Announcement -- -- -- that goes behind me had. I know that they did that yeah we do a lot of -- -- -- Part of the fun of this -- and people always whenever we're doing an interview in. Whenever we're talking about when you were coming back people talk about chemistry like how do you create that -- we -- you can't. That -- actually. You that you can't make it up it really is one of those things where I look at Robin Robin looks that Lara Lara looks a -- we just know what's happening what's going. And we have a funny line -- -- for everything that happens with each other. -- -- It's an honor it's an honest -- and it's a way I'm -- just. Becomes of them regularly calling -- -- treating -- it's our love for each other boring you know sprout when his question have you ever been -- -- and not have chemistry. Oh you mean in TV -- -- and general Wesley Clark house are here either immediately thirtieth the end arrow an honor -- Whether it's -- -- that answers your question yeah I mean now it's been perfect average every. Bradley everywhere we go. Yeah. If I never had this I had a great time at channel seven and there are some newscast that I just loved -- -- they'll -- now. We've got news room and say yeah -- And all of -- -- good down the list of available same way and ESPN you. We called air show. -- to Bob Lee and Charley -- Charlie that is that the bearden and. Bob is like 180 for me we're the best for at least -- -- the mob squad -- for the three of us were and you're right it's it's it's very rare to have this kind of kind of feel it. -- I don't know. No -- -- argue this is my technically my Friday this is you know. They'll need -- I think he's gone and -- on Monrovia since going back. -- -- -- -- Yeah not now no -- the -- months ago. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah -- yeah yeah yeah yeah. God is god no no no no that's got the 22 year old. No I don't exactly know I know what download -- and -- And I didn't say what you just add wings got Scott anybody else -- and I know now yeah. Security yeah. Yeah. We yeah. -- aren't so nobody. -- -- -- And I was nobody went yesterday people you are not John wake up with nothing and I think that's going to be -- -- -- to help them make up not a good. Holidays are popping extra. That we should be I just of the don't have yes here's our pop -- struck the groundbreaking studies warning -- to learn a lot about a person based on what they like. On baseball and that might go without saying -- now there's actually science behind it. A study from the University of Cambridge an actual really great university right looked at the likes of more than 58008. Accusers in the U last. Over the past five years. And they discovered. They could accurately predicted. Certain traits about those people like your political views that -- Q. But some of those likes don't really have a logical connection for example like spring thunderstorms. And curly Fries apparently. That means -- have a -- you look at if you like thunderstorms and -- and curly Fries and Marlene -- here. -- the same time do you do you judge -- friends by his or her FaceBook likes. Yes like -- that person or no I like everything's so I know they don't mean that much you're FaceBook. Do you judge Moore -- -- they're lions. Depends. I think I mean it's probably naturally meaning you're getting right that you just what you might agree or not agree I don't think it's sort of a conscious decision -- I. I think publicly that Sally relax at Anaheim. And thanks so we're that you like. If -- -- just shoes and handbags and a look at how I think families and little surface they wanna see something a little more sometimes -- look -- to make sure I quite like what do you mind. I don't like anything because I guess I'm try not to -- -- yeah. I didn't like you know I'm nervous because I don't wanna just go I was feeling like you -- want you to clean -- a lot of by the way. It could help what does this say about sick I don't know. I don't know what you're talking about how can -- please take a look at now -- -- in New Delhi later today because. I think we'll get him to -- -- -- Didn't see didn't I know I'm -- I'm -- can't get -- Thank you do that might really wanted to got plenty of good grumpy grumpy listen up guys. We showed a little bit this during the -- teleprompter Georgia and exclusive interview with President Obama this morning and they discussed the nation's budget -- also they touched on another hot question issues which is the elimination of those White House towards everybody -- got it right. -- -- sixth grade class from saint Paul's Lutheran school I. Maybe this video saying bring back those tours of. And I. And you can I don't know -- -- -- and listening basically it's our White House you're not allowed to shut it down there right now. And -- this -- good -- -- it is -- -- but I have been -- -- acting on the great White House is our house being in the White House -- our house. Bring it to a White House is powerhouse. -- The White House. Never -- a White House yeah that was. That was a lot of them -- you know. -- -- this is the grumpy you know like hell there's a lot more things to complain about right now cutting funding -- -- people who are getting help with you know HIV we're cutting funding for hungry who need help. We know what if we need to close the White House for a couple of months I'm okay with -- the only time he had and maybe I don't know. Yeah salaries for the general -- dislodge the -- baker young and New York -- so we're very happy vicious and doughnuts and I want you got to make their own OK but wait a minute this. Is one of those really twisted ideas like -- see it -- that yeah. Thank you think you know what that doughnut looks what naked or there's not enough audit what it what what happened here we got to put some clothes and then he. Judge how to do we know how many have you guys -- on -- so he's you can do it at home you can buy your -- -- delays -- Lehrer good that had already started on the don't -- -- we can. I had to cut back to the case. All got a news done it in the -- on what -- the is by the weighs just -- dust up lot of sugar water I have some Vanilla beans salt. And that's -- there isn't gonna make and you guys connected to your top Ian Duncan on you know. I'm just just a minute -- when I get into wetlands and all right no fundamental building on that one. -- it's actually to resemble alien looks so that some -- is that until you're getting there. He has -- as a way there now with the straw. Could you guys get you get year old Gary Hilton and it's there you go what I want to provide so what are we got a granola you got you got your -- you got a pretty traveled to download a copy Kate I don't doesn't Joshua -- -- -- He again -- -- me and I just wait can I just show you something I want I need to show you this because right behind here. Right behind which is my office by the way behind whether monitor this is where Josh door -- breakfast -- seriously. -- -- -- -- -- -- and Josh Elliott and say we know where you hide your breakfast cereal and families office area. Yet he puts it into office and 8100. Other but I -- I think. We're up against you guys it's under you don't you and your bakery do you sell these snowy saudis every day a lot of -- man in the morning so you got to come by itself well. -- Crazy goodness we discover like you know this cream filling olive almond cream -- guys. -- with a -- love yeah green offer hope god I want don't that's. A little -- right now you know you're gonna become particularly famous for this because this is this is unbelievable. Motorola. Stood right under the Republican -- is -- flick pretty powerful pretty much confidence in me what did you get out what kind of telling him that him. About one of the like -- -- -- -- government. Stating what he'd like to read Osama particularly we're good bacon -- -- doesn't -- how -- this is exactly and it's goodbye. Got good thank you I -- -- -- -- you aren't so great together at times overly is that thank you would have on idea thinking. Somebody really fattening and delicious thing we love you guys thanks for hanging in with us -- Chalabi is glad you're here Robin -- --

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