GMA LIVE! (03.18.14)

Amy Robach, Ginger Zee talk to the cast of "Pretty Little Liars."
3:00 | 03/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.18.14)
Ready for some GMA life and it all starts now and live backstage in GNA. Welcomed -- and they live in never had this -- -- -- life. I'm. Like that another -- following all the time pretty low liars and Casey tell but it sure -- -- and that's why relaxing Amy joining me -- Atlanta. And all the lady is -- he LL. The people out there -- screening at this. It was -- yeah it's crazy already -- And there not -- You have -- -- socially and -- unparalleled how often you -- take to -- and how much do you think that's a big part of the success of the shelf. Being all the time we've got canceled the world this is -- -- and that's where it really that what can I get really really happen that you have that opportunity. Yeah. Tanya -- -- -- every week the top two weeks and I think he's -- Eighteen million. Her comment yeah. It comes to -- -- and per -- companies we've seen. Active in the yeah. -- -- people still very surprised when he -- back. Yeah actually Stotts -- here -- -- present. I'm so are you enjoying socialist where obviously this isn't -- moving around this is Milan Bologna. I -- -- can't really sent. I -- and a grenade -- -- morning here. You feel very and they it is a little -- sectarian violence in the but I'm very often a very comfortable in this -- and -- -- action yes. We speaking in -- actually have a FaceBook -- all grab some questions aren't some of your fans from there the once it means you just don't think. -- -- Okay -- -- and Brenda -- -- your favorite male slash female character. And what do you consider fun way to get to questions -- yeah. Okay my favorite male female character. Well I would say -- that -- that he she did Shannon accidents the last ever gonna get we don't know what to call -- -- and its accidents but deadly my favorite character acting. It's good. Now -- now genocide. But what I duper fun and what I consider -- hanging out front. Yeah yeah. -- what message. -- didn't mix it up the -- rains Hernando Rodriguez and you can advise anyone on the show who would you advise and why day. Eileen I worry all of the girl and I can't and play in China and here are in regular as our well that's just drop our phones. Yes yeah. And I -- and here -- -- work. Yeah EB giggles and social media and stop running in the horrendously and I if you look so yeah we're tonight doesn't it get it really didn't witness yeah. The video out of -- -- you haven't -- that the social since I see in -- thanks so much higher -- I guess so yeah. Does not yeah. -- -- let and -- Monday and you know we can do we can delight video -- it isn't grand any I'll explain. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then something tragic case -- and then I'm behind us this morning do you think you mostly guns. No longer -- lesson. And I think. I love everyone on the show I love Spencer's character and I really have to sail over clothes and everything we made and that's your. OK and I am not that I got -- yeah. We'll let you go ahead you wanna do another -- -- -- you guys get along. Selling so well I am watching this it happened. Now that ended in -- it has had just that great -- Visit but really it feels like this is all gentlemen -- Handling the media has finally yeah. I don't you didn't like his sister had like -- -- little -- is trying to deal -- one of them like middle put LA area on his back and he now yeah. Maybe catch aids day I yeah -- I could be -- sorry. Are still pretty new I -- it lightning round Robin did with -- -- shows Barry Bonds we have some extra questions to continue the lightning round. Into this space over who can get Jersey without laughing or making oh gosh the last thing isn't all questions and feel like. And actually -- -- -- -- -- -- Who's the worst of forgetting lines are kids. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. I cannot restrict -- the -- you're here -- -- yeah. Clinton's big. Hey Larry yeah. Yeah. Yeah and another yeah. -- -- Michigan -- from yes now I -- of these I don't mean yeah but who would like to trade places with someone else's character and -- someone else really all of yeah all -- -- constantly yes they're different -- -- -- tonight -- -- Very -- and who among you is the most like the character you play. Yeah yeah. I didn't really haven't -- yeah exactly right. -- -- -- Harrison martyrs Spencer -- all diets didn't ride into their social slot machines working. Let them without -- would like to -- hasn't played a game yet -- statement here I thought I took away and bill. Wow. And -- feel it inside yeah. Oh. Yeah. This Manila -- an LSU. And you know slightly in the Atlantic alliance similar grenade and maybe -- what -- -- you. The -- and they did this campaign that Elizabeth yeah and I have great things. I don't know that you in his -- toenail polish that -- us email at yeah I saw that -- well yeah. Hummer and now we Vincent a lot of us. Big questions I'm sure fans were consistent. Thank -- thanks for being here. OK and do we have anyone who needed to do a photo OK great through this is what it's all about your fans we're gonna bring in -- he. And -- lucky fans and take place Saturday evening -- -- -- that once they can hear me yeah. For those. And that yeah. Yeah. Thank you very nice and it hello. And he did right here in 9 AM he's an everyday -- in --

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{"id":22953419,"title":"GMA LIVE! (03.18.14)","duration":"3:00","description":"Amy Robach, Ginger Zee talk to the cast of \"Pretty Little Liars.\"","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-031814-22953419","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}