GMA LIVE! (05.02.13)

Sam and Lara celebrate Josh's 2nd anniversary with "GMA" and check out Weight Watcher recipes.
18:54 | 05/02/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (05.02.13)
-- And I -- told them before. They are the best as part of the audience and that's why they get to be the GM well I welcome welcome -- also great crowd great show. Not -- that -- those kids until I'm so I can't hear you are you use your mouth full with the McConnell can add fuel we'll get to the Matilda was fantastic that robber shot W take my kids. I'm -- Oprah's favorite cake. This is is a good yes. Yeah and how neat -- it -- -- share we'll get -- reports -- -- to dump -- this is one of -- deals and steals it was from the panel Adams here from the I'm glad -- magazine. Let's -- about it komando yeah. I'm being creative director -- President. -- -- -- -- -- Often that anything goes with -- -- he's a good it would it -- repair crumbling sneaking into events get and I need to tell us. But again you I have anxiety. -- is -- Meeting that the big I know you want that I was I was bleeding badly mangled is that good is it delicious cheeses and that's it just on the skin and -- -- to handle. -- all the militant -- -- that -- you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Joshua we have outs to stamps for dinner and we how. Whenever it happens -- we order and Nevada here. Content there's always averages in the refrigerator life you're an extra deal. -- so of course he really -- our friends at Elle Magazine if it would give us a great deal on this because we are saying. Perfect for Mother's Day in her -- graduation. Quite frank think for yourself. The trip. It's not an unlimited -- -- I learned our price for this -- -- spring but I got my mom and I do you -- good. So if you don't already have one today is your chance because instead of normally 54 dollars for a year you'll pay just to. All on dollar. Well hello. -- -- -- she's aware of where we can do this. O'Malley and assesses an Alley at a house and now -- back and how many covers -- she not been. She's -- on every single covers and Dave on thirteen years past wow. Yeah. You line that I interviewed since that's her parents conception and -- -- never failed. And -- you know every coverage issues is not last long. Nobody in the unity -- and I'll answer your age your on the -- -- How long pat do you have you gotten shoots down -- have -- have you have you gotten -- -- unanimous three. At a time -- is timely because I want us now we never read you an embarrassing I would -- -- at his weekly radio address earlier. And change the background and that could be September we've thought of that really thought of as a bunch of ridiculous and -- head and let got -- hot body that we did a few years ago no we don't tell you what's inside is amazing it's a -- it's it's all good stuff it's feel good stuff all the tips. And I don't tell my mom. Yeah in the best -- a magazine really comes from Adam. In an ice in the magazine -- related mandate an -- we begged him to come in today and -- the -- the -- for -- yeah -- -- I don't know what is this week. Deal but it that we I didn't know why she's an adult -- his -- -- We are getting again. Could -- be used to deal would steal. Ever see things well that's what we're told we don't know we don't know do you know you to know you didn't come -- on -- -- you know it's a company and we never ever ever ever ever worked when it's something that -- -- figure -- -- we -- category we cannot -- Why you can as an and it could go whom it you cannot -- the spaceship. It might be a spaceship isn't it -- yeah. I it is not a dog could make -- sounds if you -- it -- him could. I can't. I'm staring us and they -- little. Yeah. All well and -- waiting for it thank you I -- Adam and I don't need the. Second with Anderson yeah -- social media at ABC news for a look. We just plain dealing with look at the time what's. I'm happens. Yeah nannies are busy you know came -- to -- at Starbucks yesterday and I'm a huge fan and beyond general and I vote though they show mom I love that was Joseph it's great isn't she wonderful yeah thank you for watching my studies at the scene -- about. Two years ago today tonight. -- but -- last night I was sitting at home watching the television and I were having a glass of whiskey and -- I don't want to. And started getting emails from from Jake Tapper and all these people something big was about to break -- and it was Osama bin Laden had been killed. Remember that -- on the very next day. Was Josh was first. It that's -- that. I'd like we have these he had these new -- -- how do we take advantage of them socially and of course -- vote turned out to be stellar. You know. I wasn't there yet nobody thought it was -- the -- I was not only Atlanta days it was just a matter of days because we finalize a week. My life changed. I would say there's there's a story at all before -- quickly -- -- the night before Sunday night. We go to dinner my mom happens in -- Intel upstart GM a huge deal and it's like 1015. And you know blackout curtains in the hotel we're staying right across the street here and I'm -- not my bones and knocked on the door and. Open it's my mom mom what I have to get that I got a big percent of -- skin -- Should look honey I'm very sorry I just happen to turn the TV on and they just said the president is getting ready to address the country in ten minutes and I think. That might be something you need to know now. -- -- that you -- yeah so we we have. On what a good mom who we date we ask people what their message was -- -- and nine. -- -- to -- she makes every day every Wednesday at levels -- faster every parent that is absolutely true not agree more we couldn't do just that and you say thank you for making you laugh every morning and reporting such important news indeed that is true -- -- Andrew away that is why I think this is unusual guy. Who can do both of them by the way because not believe me I've been in this business since they first started with the tubes. And neck and neck and there's not a lot of people who can who can have a wonderful day. And make you laugh and then turn around and do have very heavy news story that doesn't happen very -- to yeah doesn't feel absolutely this is. This is one from cases and love that she's gonna they're gonna celebrate by having an an announcement -- all. Do you have a -- That -- you -- what I like about -- is that they won't ship asylum. Because it's their qualities too important on the lakeside we can't do -- and I suspect that in I -- you. But I expect that yeah I think very welcome well happy and -- -- happy and yours as well. -- -- -- -- That we have in the house or world watching the tournament I -- I was out something I thought today and I do a lot of acknowledges. A lot of people watching the Reese Witherspoon interviews yeah -- and saying. She is giving somebody said she's getting a master class in -- yeah you know she. Took it and she talked about of course the unfortunate turn events a couple of not so -- -- -- job. And lessons learned telling your kids up having to own and I don't ask how impressive. That is an it's like it sometimes like I'm all area giving residents like I'm wary of giving credit for stuff we just should do anyway like I know what. She -- know what does it and you know what everyone who gets -- one of the situation tries to turn it around but not I'm got to tell you she's always been this way she's always been absolutely lovely. Reese Witherspoon comes out and says I shouldn't treat people that way I'm sorry it just she does -- -- right. 88 munitions really serious and and and it was a sober no pun intended but it was serious conversation and then. I really love mom she said I think I'm must've thought I played a lawyer so many times in the movies I think I thought I wouldn't want but clearly I'm not since I got to rest. I and I just love that you know what -- human being and you we all make mistakes and thank you so much for showing us how it's time being humble and and what you did you would net and and we don't know we ultimately I don't get the car don't know -- wrong now. And I will say that is a lesson for all of us to think about for a minute here because we. When you do something you do it well. In your life you try to kid yourself about things and so you can keep yourself that -- -- driving you're not located drive you can keep yourself. Even -- even one or two drinks he really need to find another alternative. -- -- need to find some delicious low calorie. -- sure showing Obama -- We started with a camel cakes -- now. Please. What are we. -- Picking up where we left I'm not distract advise everybody might have known -- -- -- incredibly rushed -- -- lives thank you for staying home -- -- start fighting here -- Amanda Knox and her family on that interview went very long -- and that's -- like compressed and the rest of the -- -- -- I'm -- you how that situation happened -- -- banking easily and by the -- and he is terrific and I love you sir Ben Kingsley and Iron Man three opens Peter yeah. I recommend -- its fiftieth anniversary of Weight Watchers it is the tried and true way to lose weight and my mom does it I do it when you're when you're up -- -- Paramount came to what do you new recipes I really think age is twenty I weakened this has about a ton of recipes -- it. I don't even know how many but this -- -- -- got over 280. -- we yeah I know I now 280 recipes and we shaped -- how many calories in your version of -- southern chicken adult gosh you almost have to the calories -- and -- year's figures -- the -- this version has which is not only that he. -- -- -- A what you would get in a real -- -- 730 years I don't know isn't it. How did it delicious it's collision and does it doesn't you know how diet -- and suit has no flavor to water. This has -- this has really good chicken play from the second -- boy got his head and then hated about big Z with meatballs and another great example of how. What about is that the -- dirty and then now it's his -- -- easy to do. It's about as difficult as. Pulling up flip flops on don't the why am also an Angel is -- -- he didn't like. Doesn't care Campbell understands well -- -- that weight behind. -- -- He urging lighter this does I didn't know what I -- is Chilean allowing you know we lightened it up by going with a lean ground beef he could do about Turkey if he wants you calorie count only 345 calories -- Then you know but not a whole lot more than the suit exactly and the ball isn't supposed to taste that good -- change. Right well let me Romney left the -- -- made with lean ground beef and out of -- -- he can make it with Turkey if you want tailback -- -- -- mom with kids you know like Kindle -- yet these -- -- and the fat friend Susan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- However it -- to paper aren't secure recount how an -- on we're -- ago. So how there three servings -- is -- 170 calories five grams I didn't ask your three -- isn't happy about hot. And little baby she's can't -- And slices of kind of take -- not I -- have you seen any place there and ginger snap caught me it's that really. -- flavor of the ginger snap. And that I have said I know right and then the ordinary -- this cabinet member of the day leaving yeah. This well this -- is -- legally do it perfectly happy -- -- what -- actually be able to tasting. Delicious. Sacred place and I thank you so much for -- army so many of our bodies -- slipped. -- -- -- -- -- -- But what actual titles like in a release watchers fiftieth anniversary cover up their gal lives and -- -- yeah. Okay. Way -- actually have a future doctor on our hands -- -- -- from our friends that bottle bill. Clear. Seriously this was. -- class now that some people brought their little little little baby -- and look at the baby retained in the the basic tenants of CPR. That's insane it's incredible. -- I couldn't remember I mean that I'm that's I would -- that my kids and -- There was some thought -- Robin did something he's happy birthday Dylan we can't no can't do it can't -- can't know. But I think it's like 810 -- and being served and then Larry. I stayed flat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Minnesota I can't -- just aren't on -- days. Pat and Denise idea I think you posted on -- got to have what to address -- on FaceBook so I thought I'll just wait until we're on national television to a person. Tom to this happened just Taylor yeah I don't think you were witness to -- didn't he's been up since that. Like midnight -- -- a parlor has like a peanut butter toast good protein you know weeks you know here you want Claremont case -- if you give me fifty cattle up there because he needs by the way ravenous all the talent to speak and he can't Peter enough. And so. She hasn't been Sam -- have it. Fifteen minutes later she decides she still hungry she's a grown girl she's still under she goes and -- -- -- a little little piece that doesn't put some cream cheese. And she comes back into the production out of sits down. And Sam looks at her with arguably the most disapproving look I have ever seen -- That's not everybody and said -- were -- and said you are are you really getting beat. Don't know you Sally that -- yeah. He said was to see you really going eat at that hit piece of toast covering all that that it let's just put your wedding bells. I. Oh yeah oh yeah. You know drink -- Allen says you're not really hungry or thirsty. So -- -- certain -- hydrate first. I knew how it is but -- I want to give you a sense that Cheney's no shrinking violet report responded to -- and I'll I'll me myself and I don't want to capping water I want him stepping stake. So. There's it still can't defense analyst at ten minutes later -- -- exit stamp things keep us. -- did he -- -- you cannot be. Are Democrats here's the thing that it wasn't an out there watching that folks and I don't -- might get a handle all the tough mail on this thank you Josh Elliott I will. I -- torture something that means something to you a little bit later look I loved the and I am I love you know hopefully you can throw me under the happily ever to meet our backing happy anniversary action 728. -- -- -- pop up. So honestly honestly it was just it was it was that it was the senate is covered in the cream cheese with the -- -- I beeswax. You're right although I will. I would also say you know what I think it was an -- -- on the list on the roads but I said in the news yesterday. -- you you gave Sam the power I mean I could I did yeah that's what I do he hasn't been discussed my god oh. I just don't know me and I'm not now have -- he -- And general apparently aren't I -- so hungry after the show I don't eat very much before the show them and then -- writing and I wanted to get out of the hands of time. Outside appreciating me from the audience during commercial break honest and real world watchers and he. Me yeah what's in -- without yet nobody -- exactly. Here's what I said here's ice that is set -- in healing and right behind me I -- -- how do you know because she went right for the big the big bowl of the -- -- -- I don't know that -- yours and not mind. Back to be might save me some that. That was that I will let them to -- and you've said on this program you have said. That -- you know bullies are often we're dealing with their own their own issues of do you think I have a -- issue so. I didn't oh -- -- that we can get to see how we got I mean isn't Israel -- their eyes and the united Arab born out of me last narrow -- -- we also allowed to. Yeah dormitory and the request to assure you for your second anniversary. Yeah. Meeting all day. -- -- -- See you tomorrow on Good Morning America hey -- -- -- Okay.

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