GMA LIVE! (05.08.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara discuss "GMA's" surprise for a popular comfort dog charity.
13:53 | 05/08/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (05.08.13)
How is stopped that Kenya deployed about. How bad can you guys see it easy to good to grind sisters are taking New York there's. We. Aaron you got today we only have so much bail money aren't you guys are -- enough that they may have banner yeah. That's travel number one time when I'm in a -- all right -- -- anywhere -- Sam and I just sent -- spent the last three minutes praising lab but she didn't want but I gotta tell you what a moment of yeah an -- thing. Thanks -- Credible I mean it's a wonderful thing and come right. -- I think they do but -- you when you posted take a look at the monitor. This is what I love about little little things like a show like Jimmy can actually do things for people who -- -- makes a difference -- when you when you use this to help. People it's a wonderful thing that god -- -- these dogs that help people all over this -- for people not watching who do we. Elevates -- not dreaming -- -- man who do we celebrate tonight the Lutheran Church charities this is their canine comfort dog ministry and basically -- This elements can be met on the show. Started he runs the organization they've got over sixty dobbs I think. -- we had nine of them on the show today the Golden Retriever is and what they just go where the trouble is he added that and the Boston bombing. Or the control room on any given morning they use up any -- -- -- I and I just stumbled upon them and ended up doing a story on them and it's a story that has stuck with me and that was that the -- so I just kept. Of our series was what's the story that touched you so deeply that you wouldn't give back yet and so for me. Just seeing the simplicity about active these these dogs with -- little jackets that say. -- -- And seeing the children just broken down in tears in front of the firehouse which was sort of you know would -- staging area. In standing up and then -- that dog and to see the expression change in the -- that these animals brought and I thought you know life. -- -- and something we can do for down. They were like the first responders in Boston to they were in the bombing happened and they were there within two hours and they -- Lutheran Church in place was past people just going and there is something about that unconditional love. When you just need content to be consult with. But I'll tell you I have a cold dead heart everybody knows it and and so I think you know when you say something like that to me and I hear it I'm like yeah -- dogs are great. We -- show me those dogs like you did and show how people go from two. Or they can just let out any emotion in the world the half with these dogs -- the dogs are not judgmental they're just these lovely sweet things he did a great job. They've mellowed and we know we normally have kids in the studio for segments they are usually -- brought you cannot stand by ganging -- her cut cut cut. They weren't completely melody and then to see again and we want to thank you so many people for doing what they -- including hurts today. Her providing -- van. -- out of the -- -- what it was and we know that they couldn't get enough dogs where they needed to go is because but I also I want to thank. My captain my -- Kelly -- who produced it and really worked -- bought off to get so many sponsors to give back right I mean police spot certificates for all of the handling of the dogs and and the dogs all got. Full pampering and so we that we had -- -- to thank them -- sergeants -- back -- goodies for them. It hurts so thank you Kelly thank you Sabrina and thank you all of the -- or. -- yesterday he had to do a shout out to the point breeze fire department. And out and at least -- point but right at -- again. But but for these guys you know home -- -- The we're out there as well as. Habitat for habitat for humanity. We gave them it's an amazing group of folks who were out there to help them. MM and again to Darcy -- -- this fell on the producers to call around to find out if they could. Find someone who would deliver to these people who would say this is a great story we want to help just like your producers. Found hurts you know Darcy called all these people and found them and said hey would you give a 101000 dollar check -- as much -- you can't do these organizations to do it. Big work and I'm dollar they're really count because -- at all and understand what I want. How long standing it was it was six months ago I -- -- -- -- when you were walking into that walking up fired a house. You can see the desolation you can't see how far that community still has to go. How much still needs to be done and -- both he would tell you what Barbara -- is very high. Can't wait to -- do you want to share anything very much because I want to. Something of a surprise but I will say it's -- it was it was story we initially did the video. When I describe it to people the second I start describing it they remember so it's one that you will -- -- -- yet and great -- I tell me. And I it boy oh boy -- we both cry easily like now while you where to cry tomorrow. You can't go union called at heart yeah it it's got -- and of course. This is all working up to Friday when one very. Deserving of mom's gonna have -- -- and through her front yard on the way to cooked her breakfast in bed it's gonna be great. And we hope you stick around more and great job. Both. Bad enough moms appreciation to you appreciation by the way to -- -- execution just have a day. They should have an entire week and they -- -- end of that. Too -- to help pay tribute to individuals who helped -- -- we all know there's a teacher in our lives. That in some way made a difference in who we are Oster who we are gonna -- -- Caldwell. -- -- I'm not a single -- now. First of all I move to his home school. -- -- I moved every year ahead and a new new school knows his real change I gather was there was that -- importantly to take a look I want. -- your both your stores to take a look at this first. I am who I am I am -- I -- -- and I am who I am because I had a great teacher. Every teacher is a work hard to every teacher is key to success and great teaching him to change and I agree teacher changed my life. Commendable in. Under frost and start yeah. Mister -- I live and I didn't need to be particularly. I left and everything else we're not sweat the small stuff. I learned that you -- coach. Knowledge with a sense of wonder and fun. I didn't learn how to speak Spanish even though she was my Spanish teacher but I did learn how to be myself. Mr. Isaacson. And long time but thank -- -- you dusting statements which didn't. Thank you trust mr. -- thank -- Charlotte pace thank you. To each and every one of my teachers. OK so weightlessness missed. -- to send you -- Foster what what -- what was it. She ice ice hasn't voiced his deep in fifth grade and she made people think I did and it wasn't about you guys like six feet tall in the deep voice that -- -- let him again. Showing it -- the right side ice -- she said that I was great writer nationally broadcast literally spark the -- and and I never looked back puts brakes. What else -- -- again. Mr. Caldwell. Sophomore year. English teacher and -- very similar he. He really he'd he'd demanded a lot and I've learned that I think -- But maybe it could be a writer in in his class the end I had some personal stuff happening -- -- -- middle Ian mr. Caldwell music -- being created awards Matthew. Percent Kenny rice like nobody's has passed -- I doubt about it I moved every year when I would you every year every two years we were different school. And so when I look back on those things my mom. It's like honestly was my best friend my sister and my mom my dad was always kind of away. And my mom was my teacher -- because that's who was with me all the time W. Pretty classroom and her but I'm so happy to have met her mother -- -- -- And so what are we doing now he except we want to come -- everybody do not pay tribute to your teachers passed and president. And down others a couple of deals by the way if you're a teacher that you can get. Announced it will -- is offering a buy one get one. Buy one get one and give it to the teacher stores like Barnes & Noble -- -- often and always I'm told. Offer discounts to teachers a year around. They are they are. They are in charge of nurturing our most precious resource and so love on those teachers all wasting time. I have a little pop in Salomon hearing -- we've seen our fair share creative fashion designs. The period it was projection screen dressed as this year's grammys which -- -- -- -- -- Let's not forget about it. We -- duct tape -- brass doesn't fall here on CNN live I was -- -- 1015 year old in need Barnes wedding dress design may take the -- he may have 15100 -- Divorce papers and oh she's only fifteen and she made -- -- wow -- gorgeous how much I -- wanted to give -- Ali Agca. OK look on the bright side she's very talented and I she says the dress symbolizes how to many people -- -- marriage and end in divorce -- Wow that's that young or unlawful young ladies -- about gamble look at the creation that's quite gorgeous in a piece of artwork got dressed and choose only school truth is -- She's like up. An -- -- -- this is incredible. It's gone it's gone viral the image 47000. Lights on case -- 15100 shares. Anthony's divorce -- is now called may lead to another -- firmer. The fashion industry major designers have already approached -- Going to be okay fifty years old -- that's a fascinating and almost never fifteen you were like you know him you little maintenance on him in the at all. -- Who executed. The other one mind -- one relentless yes and then Elizabeth managed to point out that there was one person one I don't we didn't see it -- Elizabeth ICA pointed out right. I want to do I don't -- -- -- -- You prefer the earlier -- market. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If if I -- -- just -- -- Josh I don't know why the hundredth day I was I was still doesn't there was still look. The fourth and couldn't related -- work for we have kid and understand at all. We can't forget we love in just a good question of course as that's thirtieth with a spear who did not think the landing -- the test. For every almost completed world record there are many fails. To take a look. And what can go home. Lost my ski -- you know that's -- big -- and does nothing that's not a big one but well. And here's the couple who witnessed it comes back they don't knocks you on here of the the big one is that another Wednesday. -- yeah yeah in the all hit an all time coming online via. Such a good job he. You can't -- cameras -- and you know. -- aren't -- where their -- think positive thing that you're sitting. And Luther I. You again thank you again he's got an on camera -- on this can't come over here. Tim -- any idea on where you. You'll be heading now where the dogs are needed most we're going to Boston and look there for several days didn't. We will be in the memorial service on Friday -- with the people Boston. And probably back then drove it down to Texas and they're just heard there's tornadoes in Oklahoma so who knows the -- and he'll go wherever you are needed. We're forward by wherever you're invited him that's a wonderful thing and how important was getting that -- -- -- We're just figured out how can we keep reporting to -- -- and -- him -- -- replace that we do so that was just. Hey guys think syringe and ethically and -- are able. Again. Paying. We weren't dream and although I certainly felt like we were because they weren't enough -- -- assault asleep and what a beautiful woman that just one thing before we go if you wanna help these organizations that you've seen featured in the you're not dreaming you can. And get to on Yahoo!. We apparently have a little a story that connects you to everyone the or operations we talk about -- -- Can make a difference for them as well thanks everybody terrific I don't -- -- -- -- --

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