GMA LIVE! (05.10.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara honor mothers in the audience and discuss Emeril's breakfast in bed winner.
11:11 | 05/10/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (05.10.13)
What I. -- Really extraordinary. Breakfasts and -- and -- -- highs in mommy's baby girl is now finds. -- to have long hair transplant it was really one of the great -- Live moments remain on that you could. And glad they didn't take our camera we are sobbing -- -- It was really remarkable and so -- -- We're feeling especially thankful for our moms are each other and and the woman had definitely -- -- weekend. On this Mother's Day wishing you guys aren't really -- and you know we're talking if you -- -- -- show you watch -- be surprised we just saw the initial moments there. You know so often. This surprises and oh my god I can't believe them on the -- okay hold it together why is Emily got me on my doorstep that's the real surprise and then to learn her back story. Plus from me it's like for -- you know so it it takes the second took an active here especially in the morning I'm looking -- -- -- -- -- Yeah like wait a minute three to want. -- Nasional. My favorite -- somebody out of contacts actually -- what is -- so again. It was beautiful we of course. We learn that she had a daughter who fought leukemia and beaded. In part with -- phone unit now. See this moment here the Boehner of donors pull. I'm a mother herself. Meeting the little girl she helped saved and the mom who held an hours time without that lady going in -- A donor and be match that young child doesn't survive that. Tomorrow -- not sound like that is that's why everything one of you. Just even -- along on it's easy it's quick also Manila I want to thank again sponsors. Makes -- -- these things happen I want us hanging on his English muffins and for their continued support of this great day and this is a day where I -- -- I'm really proud to be a member of the Walt Disney corporation has -- the what they're -- Vietnam and again -- Just be able to give that day -- it just quick -- -- -- -- -- How many moms -- us today raise your -- Quite a week I gotta tell -- it's been maybe arguably a fine thank you -- daddy mama outside. So as. Thank you relax -- smiled ready for a weekend. Red -- exams various Sam and his ankles -- -- irate when doing abbreviated version right now because they're setting up as we speak on the other side the studio. Hopper Jack Hanna moment is -- I'm missing crew of six. How we how do I did not believe it or not that's not real great senators do you know I -- trees -- -- -- all right here. 83. That they bring in what we have the wild animals and -- at -- who do we see the wicker chairs to those -- my favorite just in your grandmother's basement. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Things on this they just say Jack Hanna like whenever you see the giant trees come out and you're the wicker -- -- -- and -- -- -- you -- you know you don't even means it's football time mortgages they need some -- yet to -- it is technically not what could be days it is in fact it's it can actually hatred and then yeah yeah here. Yeah because we are nothing if not that's pretty so that's happening on -- -- the animals are seeing today Denise I -- -- baby pulled into English it. Did you know what they're gonna kitchen and find out that's right thing that -- come around -- want to give while wondering that being fought -- adaptable. I tell you that all -- baby. Except that we need -- read blogs I if you can't that we'll get the -- This is all that's out our regular Friday also -- behind is -- makes -- usually this happens during the show and so we're in the commercial break getting ready Jack. The bring up the animals and you'll start. You know you may be maybe -- -- -- you're you're talking and then Jack -- -- -- -- about thirty seconds say you know the one thing you never want that. Distillate fuel -- yeah. Am excited and I think our -- like I'm pretty certain to regulators -- to do it you're standing -- going. Don't ever let -- -- your face because it could just. Yeah -- -- -- play -- -- -- -- let me run -- -- by the way CEO and founder of apartment building -- I -- yeah. Doesn't want a little -- Showing us how to do it even if you have a small space flight. A lot of us by the way is this -- what it this is what I've got treated as a smile not. I unlocked apartment -- thanks -- children back when I've got eating our five garden thinking he can bring into your house. That will not only clean your air but it will. Healing yourself. -- -- -- got the perfect I don't know -- soul healing. Cleaning gardening the first under the old fashioned garden bright and I've been -- evolved -- -- than one of the easiest ways to grown into Reynolds -- take evolved. You -- -- hold. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To be like so many inches down but you don't really carrier just like it's all in there it's good it's good for of the union -- -- -- -- -- macedonians are one of the easiest bulbs to grow -- got these sort of. And introduced and I'll try to get I don't know all -- you can -- chopped -- all the all the -- -- drop -- did just -- And I think I'm glad he's not and then that'll go this is this is that you can really indoors outdoors year round the clock -- an -- right. At least he urges another well you know -- -- -- search. I'm all right this is the modern garden to check this out of -- what's happening in -- -- chalk beats him he had this is. Is a Hydro honig garden is the first ever hike opponent garden you can keep in your kitchen she made this economy don't know this my. I -- starter project is called modern sprout. Monitor and -- -- go online for laying out there there's a few people in Chicago they haven't launched yet they're starting Q they just raise the money Sandler legendary hero. -- you have a green berg Gunnar aren't you garden in the hunt do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So huge you can put this anywhere you can -- -- -- -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he's so what -- would exist there's -- real time plants -- -- knows what he ran away. That DOJ. These indicators this other -- -- this is appliances. God these snake plant assuming this is this is the modern this -- the vertical power. Vertical -- all organ failure which is your plan -- garden event this is the house plans to. This -- I put this -- -- you shouldn't forget that houseplants are actually awesome. Yup the pots you know all over your house these are really easy plans to grow the from the Silva promising young woman in Brooklyn -- in an evangelist for the house plan. And she will send -- to your door and she well she -- -- -- -- service and this how punitive you can't grow anything how hard sell and -- even for like your daughter's doll house that -- -- the living -- tree that's music. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- my daughter's doll -- yeah. I I swear I see this and I think it's just penetrate this is a mile in my understanding is -- -- a little animal and that's. I wanted to be you can what you're gonna put viewers would have. Hello to all the assets it's rare -- necessary I was right. This is bullet -- he can put this anywhere but on cable dining table -- And it's like a little moment and and you even you have to get your hand America plans individually and then this -- don't Abbott and Alex -- -- -- yeah. -- -- So this this is actually very fancy -- this is from Jeffrey -- he will come to your house every few months to give it fine tuning and mow the grass. All you can do yourself a radio can't figure out you really need to get -- -- landscaper when you that you can't. The wonderful about it is if you need one you can -- -- want to. -- can't get what you -- again he would you will not -- -- own horn for the patient now. You have agreed -- he loves the gardens at home that I -- you like cleaning. And doesn't mean I I I I he's got a little -- -- cleaning I love the guard I literally got what I even the most beautiful ceramic. The Asian. Gardens Julia she goes. -- -- -- -- -- that's a little side table at his apartment he's now out on his terrace holding up a lot -- are being you know by the way well now my. But you want more ideas -- I don't get to our site you've got tons more. Its -- month. All summer along immediately the whole site so I got a lot -- -- -- watermelon dot com wanted to share get it done interior design ideas web -- there and thank you actually thank you yeah. Pick somebody. Had a black fountain yeah what would the two easiest plants to grow be if you wanted to start back -- south axis. And is that. And actually it's speculative this this is really easy to her daughter but don't know have a -- is just I'm just drop it and found. I love probably what I did you beyond dot -- Java manager and on the Friday. Maybe a little bit about -- -- -- sure we. Actually we did obviously just yet. Her just be that near the jungle of -- okay I'm good. My -- are doing today I was sobbing moms everywhere with ideas like -- apartment -- -- comment also. You saw on Good Morning America but. At the organs you never really really -- concept they have a mother of the year competition the finalists snow. Are a monkey named rock. Fall also in the running for mother -- Chile -- -- from the utility -- There -- is very Herring maternal -- baby otters there and then there's a rose to. She's up final the other final contestant. And her little baby canal and up -- -- online. They will announce the winner later today in the meantime we want you rose and Ellen and you -- yeah I mean if I like -- Like yeah I like for us. Anyway you can -- got I think it's a really sweet idea just make sure that you think your mom of the year today I speak. Guangzhou and speaking of which happy mom's day in advance. Thanks -- -- -- -- with us you weren't dreaming all week -- them. Rose still happy Mother's Day to you we will see you Monday night and I didn't. Yeah.

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{"id":19150165,"title":"GMA LIVE! (05.10.13)","duration":"11:11","description":"Josh, Sam and Lara honor mothers in the audience and discuss Emeril's breakfast in bed winner.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-051013-19150165","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}