GMA LIVE (06.12.13)

Sam, Lara and Sherrod chat with Josh Elliott on his day off and discuss a new viral wedding photo.
18:10 | 06/12/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (06.12.13)
-- -- -- I tried here at Larry here and Josh it's not here -- he still cash utility. And how well now -- he's very -- The way can -- the -- to him he's my free time baby and Garza's told you earlier but I just thought about it so glad -- not civil while -- -- and only got. Off you know you want peace Christine Brett okay he's -- person -- you know the man Antonio spurs -- -- fat. Are living -- And let go of those things and don't really bad ideas tweeting I thought I was so clever unlike the pacers have no pains. -- -- -- I. Our kids at all -- way out of my league here urban if Saddam doesn't write me about that many -- -- home like what that I do. -- -- people. -- warm barn owners think about. I really why I think I think the -- who deserved to make it to the finals. So I thought that TV was playing are. I didn't tell -- and I really not that invested in this -- why your. -- -- -- -- -- That's because I think it was not obvious to easy -- Byzantine tried it and you know the let's take my side yeah. It's as birds spurs I'm -- I'm to a guy and I'm very back one. 31 thing about being president -- -- we -- Oh 212. That I that I deleted -- I don't think. This is that we don't have time that is a good look -- -- dog GMA -- I don't know -- -- -- away. Yeah I'm that -- sure everybody online -- -- I got confused you're on the air live -- a lot think about. I didn't and T king -- it was a big day we a lot of interviews. A bachelor is here. I mean so much going on broke -- -- -- and I just cannot just get a little bit -- crazy right now Laurence Fishburne was here we acts or you are not only is he way into this not only is he amazing -- really -- Pacific Command it's Superman -- -- yeah. The bottom -- the real man's land of Israel -- -- Spiderman first. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And just like heat up this character Perry why that when you when you see Superman movies or read about it her life just this one dimensional grumpy guy who runs the planet. With Laurence Fishburne this guy seems why isn't kind of like it so much more. In the way you felt about his amazement and yet he summoned cornbread Earl and me yeah the -- in the seventies and the -- was like twelve. And yes it was great insight and was later Hillary listen to what I thought act the it's good that our technology and about the -- the -- -- the moving of the ten year old you remember accent now has come around. Traci whatsoever all deliberately to without yeah new baby coming up until six. My all elected and and Traci we were complaining that Tracy who runs a fine fine show -- the Denise right there right upstairs Denise. -- -- -- That we were all hungry because it was a long showing yesterday we had burger so -- Blair got her tray. -- fountains don't -- don't -- -- that took them out what do we do the you've got what a play of the day. I have -- today -- -- and that. Democratic amid the noise -- -- -- -- Ottawa Canada but -- so a lot of these guys were out what the official collapse that trophy outfitters chronicling a bit more than -- the -- the physical was happy enough what -- halibut on his mind like a big check out what happened. -- I want to go look at voters -- -- -- this. Missiles did have things up and out there are fears that element of reality at all that's nice and all over Internet. Yeah remembered all the -- over -- -- the halibut on the -- citizen must you know. Or if the president says -- that is happens and that even more rhythm -- catch it on video yeah I would just I would have seen it well. Sam has an expert in the -- -- C. Even years -- Isn't credible. I think you know look it's a wonderful opportunity to get lucky even feel relaxed on the blow -- there's a little Smart lyrics there's you know -- Megan and Michael you -- -- -- -- you -- a little action on the morning. Incredible to realize that these -- memo neither of these are mammals there is there aren't like us you -- -- better -- -- of the global yeah. That's right I don't know little about what didn't happen in the innocent until I come over here that I -- it I -- I can't. You want fringe and found. I don't I I think it's amazing I think did you you definitely -- definitely need to be careful with wildlife when you're out in the wild. What are you gonna do what is on -- -- what is not a halibut -- -- it weighed down well I have personal I don't think New York would have gone for the leg but. But that's that you trust all -- to -- -- -- -- support you know who else we trust and love caught late and just as bizarrely our Josh Elliott. Here's good morning Josh Elliott you're gonna vote gap are not pay does she -- is here with Sam's side. No I didn't -- how did you take appropriate that you hate that you think -- plan. Why doesn't immediately come to -- making. Given some -- -- -- I adore you Josh Elliott. Do you no he didn't say it he's done in his fingers crossed into your community gets into the -- -- -- a -- I'm IMAX why do not work that's my question -- some strong. I. Let's be honest do damage that's simply not an all weather forecaster. I don't want this candidate for sometime now and I started this -- we get that one day break from -- -- all the grief that we do not -- -- -- I had good bet I'm on my way to teach. Okay. Yeah. Anderson she's walking doesn't it it is so -- feet YA these are the way they are it was a phenomenal -- it was -- -- from Davenport -- when -- actually woke up. No nothing a -- running in part it's the way he's -- the way it's the way you. He -- delivers a compliment -- that he retrofitting and yet he got to sleep and a little -- -- -- like your wonderful your wonderful while I was sleeping yes -- -- -- way to the -- -- on my way to the beach. And Josh Elliott. Com how long do you think you'll spend at the beach today judge. Talking. Better part of the day I mean after all if you've looked outside and I know you've barely and it can't -- that your ground. -- -- -- Yeah two in the coming out of the north here. The afternoon it's gonna get to a high of about eight PR -- whatever -- -- apparently he wasn't OK did you see Laurence Fishburne what's on today with a grand. I did a great job -- and you know what a great joy book to declare that I wanted they have thirty more seconds a lawyer Chris Vernon -- you -- -- that he was -- located. So many electronic grove you know people can do with what they want you think Rick Perry of wired into the united -- -- got hold of this movie -- involved. But not movie great job today. -- is great it's great do you agree with a. Thank you my friend we we miss you when you're not here yeah issue where there you -- authority is there -- and -- here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I want one of those I want -- doesn't bracket those were phenomenal I hear you're -- truly -- That was adds to -- I'm not. Yeah that's our new series sponsored by lose and I'm Josh I'll have a Michael -- -- all of them I like them better is like a gallery in any -- Oh I think definitely an inability I I I thought that was really -- I know what do you do great work -- -- -- particularly grave and the meeting is taking heat hot and -- random guy -- golf. Over and over again this is being. I know I know it's so weird that -- He doesn't live around the block from me his leg is not my best friends this Bill -- -- -- -- -- Heard you can't tell that is Larry is -- this stuff I don't feel like huge decorate your entire house with fines because it didn't last time win win. That you are -- -- William don't know what's his name. I -- -- -- TV and. Let's hear Josh made him do you know get some garage -- now he's doing fines on what we should kind of. But decorate the whole house. Why not -- the evil even now I can do Josh this whole house in fines and you would not -- -- the pick out the real from the old vintage from the -- this is rich allies. -- -- tell exactly yeah I know for sure that. The other hot hot hot in my -- right now book you can you wouldn't be able to tell the good W -- and what did not because -- believe -- getting hip -- on right now. Did you buy. Out unit. I don't been eroded river Butler well Daniel did not have happened. I think we should do this on TV we should -- Josh Josh what we're saying is that the -- saying -- -- I shouldn't just give you all sort of recycle reinvented he says. That we should also go out apparently sped through loads of money on new things that are well -- -- he didn't say attacking me in the trial -- -- No I think I think this what we're saying John is that we can actually do this and I can challenge Sam to choose then vintage -- -- find it right. Leaving town I'm betting on let's go but I believe that it did -- -- and why not bad -- -- -- -- that we didn't win -- played permit yet. Should definitely go because she really is not -- about it yeah all my gosh people who do. Yeah I'm Josh yeah. Am I correct in saying that sand on the coffee table that I dear -- -- -- -- for fifty dollars that is headed our neighbor he's in the house so I don't know. There's people I know that we -- -- CME's seen here leaving their. I can't around -- -- come over ended in Europe that part of the coffee table hang out because at least have never -- coffee but often -- -- and it's an adult. Leverage we have we have a young people in the audience an adult beverage by the way we should get to the pennant -- Josh I love you Matt have a great day yeah. Are you aren't ready yeah. They value -- sir. We're all coming also read that with a third of the beach all right that we'll just hang out -- your house by -- being too. You may know about it's a -- And and there's a big egos aren't instrument called against him -- ups or something like that mr. Graham made up -- -- they're called -- -- where mr. -- users. But it in the same area outlawed often meet up for real life so instead of you very everybody will be bad -- Kind of fun. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm hopeful I don't know about that many high quality that you get to see if -- -- -- -- -- -- -- record when it. What is it about animals -- -- Ariel Toledo the man's best friend to get into the instant mix allows to introduce you to the dog at the spotlight that's dogs audience aground on the up over the weekend in San Francisco. For the most all of dogs and it's a Graham got together and shut -- their best fur coats -- you know I'm Francisco that's Trotter. -- -- -- -- Well this summer off. The mustache a much I don't have an audible audio -- yeah that's not a dog in his -- yeah. I don't know -- it's not a dog that's important Pekingese part Sunday there is able to -- -- Gary -- he -- hundred mile. Apparently not good not. What I think it's a great idea and I what I like about this. Is that you know when you're out now people are looking at you they're looking at their phones yeah if you can figure out a way to make that -- Become more interactive with human beings I think I like him because I can look at all the pictures and be out of -- -- -- going to stop. Mechanisms that -- walk my dog that is what my phone but that's about -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. I don't know because they'll be a massive cleanup but it -- -- -- -- is considering Atlanta business doesn't get taking care of their economy. Yeah. And Larry you have something -- I do something okay. It seems we have a new wedding trend on our hands first there was the wedding photo or bridal parties changed through field by T -- -- -- not yet. We have yeah I was great in his -- not -- -- -- went out. He -- don't know lifesaver. Until there's there has -- -- and I chasing a -- -- he is now the light Saber. Husband reins so to speak out at like the bar the light -- already a hall of bridal parties being shipped chased by a group of Star Wars imperial. Eight pat pat pat pat Walker's. -- next going to have a picture other. Very well yeah there's a library there than than it imperial act out lockers holy -- -- and. I know you're here and I'll let them. But this guy is less sleep -- -- is not correct less sleep yeah. I don't Siler and Paul Kingston we welcome you guys you guys how did you come up -- this idea we used. Foley was actually -- -- Tony Lombardo who came up with that he is knew that we movie Star Wars fans. And he said I've seen this photo with the T Rex and I want to try -- idle longer make absolutely let alone. And I'm really can't say -- -- you've actually -- that he Rex photo online loved the idea soon to -- -- -- You did an incredible job we should say congratulations as this reasons is this like and new nuptial. Anything it's. -- that new US. Yeah yeah you're gonna -- -- exit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- now and we're -- excited yeah. He's reading in the find out that shows how -- didn't know better about I love this. I think it's something you'll cherish but I also really loved your choice of bridesmaids outfits and -- high -- hot pink is so she. Thank you very much I have been another prominent -- -- I think he's hanging there and many. You know I'm sorry I think the dichotomy that you love pink and he also loved imperial flat out lockers that but I also thing. -- -- You right there because he took that very special day in -- that you -- Loves view if he's gonna Wear that thing -- -- love to have you exit door -- me like yet he looks great proposals follow right. -- on the including the real man -- -- -- and that I would. -- thought -- and thank you for visiting with us on Good Morning America live. They -- adding I got congratulations many many years of happiness TL why hasn't he felt so -- you -- me. Quickly with a big -- big piece of furniture and -- The -- yeah. Up up up up up up up up up up up. What would you do -- I would have Wimbledon -- have been. Wallace. -- a -- -- that this is cut. Actual size the good -- -- yeah about it. I'm very well. Yeah. Amanda yeah there you are -- Obama you know what that's look at this. Of the minister. The magic and Donovan and her but I don't think that's everybody had to sit well we elected -- eighty degrees out I gotta get -- we got some luck. We got sucked today I got a legitimate and also help myself but as things tomorrow there's something special going I think we've got like a -- -- -- -- or something happening. But we're hoping we're unlikely if not -- that we're hoping. A strike come back for obviously about -- -- -- -- -- cake. Quick -- maple road. Butter cream frosting my -- dad and me. He's maple butter and -- you know it was an eight year old -- -- loved that -- shut down into. This marks I don't know -- and then I'll look at and then -- is just saying who the entire time. I I think events happening in yeah. And the wedding that the -- go I know I know -- in a -- to run out because it's a gorgeous day but can I just tell you won the Atlantic -- about the story that showed today. So in my head -- you know that people always talk to us through these little ear pieces and it's normally Denise and would you want your attention so goes down. Am Samantha and -- like Sam Sam wrapped. Sam can't stop talking to -- -- -- -- what happens so today in my ear I hear Giuseppe. Stop and I look around and I'm like I'm. Just simply. Sort he's talking to me calling me just so for some reason I still can't get an answer why did you have only just happy I -- -- -- dutifully. Nor does this is why I love this. Why because usually -- her brilliant eighteen. Eight -- and a college is that you experience -- here's -- and I was trying to talk to you hit it. And -- -- never -- anyone told you -- but she doesn't when she's angry like a mother does when she uses your full name is yeah yeah. Yeah OK so now I know she was angry at gel and yet again that might -- us angry he had angry at me all right I just wonder I just want to -- up got to go okay. -- -- see tomorrow a great.

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{"id":19381449,"title":"GMA LIVE (06.12.13)","duration":"18:10","description":"Sam, Lara and Sherrod chat with Josh Elliott on his day off and discuss a new viral wedding photo.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-061213-19381449","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}