GMA LIVE (07.16.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara check out amazing dog tricks and discuss Sam's resemblance to a "GMA" guest.
15:06 | 07/16/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (07.16.13)
Yeah. Reunited and have their -- so good old good. So did -- just back from his -- thing. How lovely lovely lovely time off how how much more than two years now -- yeah. -- -- -- bi annual vacation that's been resolved within like investor cover. Community I immediately they look so rusty know it here's what and it's the first time. I ten hours of sleep -- night like if we keep its you've just -- vacation from your alarm that yeah. All you do stand it -- and then there's the and beyond PG and there's a gorgeous songs yeah and if that's -- -- you -- Dad and -- how was. -- -- away I had eye disease I want to out of Boston. Stop at a lacrosse tournament at Harvard. And I sitting on his own -- got it -- they were undefeated they beat my high school lot of lottery sells great great and they made the finals that explains Harvard stadium which for an eleven year old Ed yeah and they they didn't -- and do so well and I can't. But you know what makes -- I told them experience was great and and I don't think musings about things -- -- There's gonna meet you because if you're going to be an athlete you're losing you're gonna win that when you pull up solaris house it's like bears like Edmund -- -- -- -- the training. There's a caustic I -- like I -- -- -- a lot of your friends relatives I think I think kids from all of the place of their sticks and they're like plant alternate lightweight it's. It's really like -- sit com. Mr. champion you know I -- -- all its. Calling it a felony hit me and anybody -- -- what logic champions that would and we had -- out what your kids get -- the yeah. I've had a no no I don't hear anybody on the -- today -- the little yacht club the little. The whole different experience honestly whether -- is widened at one time I originally had cameras following us that was Hitler's birth the where sand and I've visited a burden on in the leafy suburbs of and then it hadn't been the yacht club. -- -- -- -- -- Everyone eerie all right failing to I don't have to do it agreed to do we got out about now you know we've got we can't again engineers group of all -- we -- -- and -- and he figures out what good are they doing on this. They're doing this for our benefit half did. Did gentleman. Over that longer in the -- -- All you old -- oversized big huge blue double breasted navy later it like it like apple and doubt -- -- Zero admirals and -- -- it was the former commodores club dinner -- I think every living member -- -- not that I'm bands. Yeah we're not. Taylor sitter -- talk about a -- they fought the British. No right off the coast veteran club but let's -- that was a Google believable and we're getting did you cook general my doctor says the Animal Planet like -- -- -- -- -- captain -- It's been a. I just loved it. How they get into at all yes I love how billionaire -- you have to I do appreciate the tradition up at all sure they'd taken very seriously that was I was -- I as -- as I walked in and -- that it happened to me. That night I was like oh god tore my hands and having -- all dressed up and I'm like a T shirt and -- bright green he's short psychic like bright green. Brighter than your green right there -- young man yeah. I mean that it electric create a lot of -- right then that. Higher there's no green it -- may be and they actually behind it to you crippled just let us really like yeah. Actually done in your -- right -- -- managed to -- better every time. You find the words did you crypt -- your head in the. Let you know what else would think of that they know. -- -- -- -- -- You're welcome -- -- welcome. I'm so glad that everybody. He's here I am I it really is I think it's a good thing to get the very early movies you can print -- gathered. So on the hearing apparently going to be a lot of big games and now they Florida but word got out of the -- boy there is lovely to see all of you. Fanned out over here to study the needs of the comptroller of -- -- I high. -- look at she was snapping it up for the last few minutes. On why -- -- -- -- valmont Ohio's yeah let's -- letters deputies is what wrap wrap it up wrap it up not funny. Not let it go let it go it would. -- there you know what I will say this you know who actually gets in his exam and get that. All the time like this is usually what happens. Let's check not a Sam for the weather does start doing a weather -- I'll begin needs immediate all right so so let's understand whether Sam thank you Lara. Rat rat rat rat -- -- 54543. Yeah. -- -- It's not heard tall grass like they're both thin of the like rap rap -- -- -- all the whole time you don't usually do you know. The next time these Iraqi Shiites and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Problem not a problem I swear to god it's it's like it's. Sutton at the end of that first half hour they find out every morning that we have no time. Every morning at seven. -- now whatever and it will we have a lot of follow ups today it just it just with one and that's what you can -- do we have do we actually do we have rob -- visit today in and his. Whether -- we have to I don't tell you I'd I'd say I've had nothing to show I didn't bombarded on the Twitter. Well because well below shows up and when I'm Rob -- first of all has this amazing project scared I write I had that I don't think you have a good have to -- it shows coming -- -- the same time but he does. It's a naked -- talk about the Kennedy project that he had yeah. Also this the well -- whether -- they're seven weapons that the debt. The complaints and look at -- look at that face and tell us. I'm -- it's actually going up its Republican candidate -- called a model of -- Still vault full focus pelican group can be a large thing that he was similar yet. About thank you doctor -- It's going to be -- -- -- John how can boo him. Think you make it easier you -- and Alex Saturday my owner NBC station its catalog gold king you okay. But I'll say this it's a big huge burden he and with a sharp -- and just for everybody obvious that would that's -- but here's the deal. Better save. Then sorry we didn't you come to huge. Bird's. Eye does that mean -- -- -- he's never after another that saved. Rob when we're like totally fine but because if you're not lower -- you're probably okay. I mean you're you're not like a little edge there's in the oval this was what -- now. Now I'm not a little thing right it's nothing on them luck it's okay professional handler -- beginning in what is yet -- runs allowed and runs away probably goes to prove again. Are you beauty experts that we don't know we're not islands silicon dot net -- pediatrician during the time that within -- does not just -- the fish yet they might even have stayed in your I always a lot of because they are in fact endless blue today I noticed that. You are beautiful and I'm tired of this you -- are on -- on Friday when you're in the park. I'd net -- -- like a model like he looked like -- -- yeah -- model I know you are Democrat and you are telling. Rob I taught us we -- -- and -- it was like it was. I -- did -- David -- the three of us we're just inch it off to your paycheck or government intervention on the east I think what all along with -- -- teacher -- having an air strike on it -- tight heat. Oh yeah Iran and sort of -- and never looked better so if I feel gorgeous right there that you offer. Sharing that when you look science. And and and it was -- that we missed you so much going back to sound like you're back and Jason Richardson to rule -- party in the park could begin. There's also apparently can be linked twelve -- but I don't like diet part. Recently so -- I hope so Bruce Willis is here today -- the rundown of who -- Canada and dealing with here Roberts -- my problem was here the the Disney kids were here yeah. Natalie musical is locked it was alliance and by the way we should we should -- and the phalanx of security because Disney kids I -- Never felt safer than -- For everybody I'm -- more -- -- that I mean you know. I don't you have more sandy out of our secure now and yelling at any leg drop -- -- I think she might be she saves me every day I let down. But -- yeah. But in any notion most of them now yeah. Now just what we've we -- -- we believe how guns are weighted basket looking -- future endeavors. So here's my question -- all of those security people really for the Disney can yeah. He has I want didn't -- I want my -- genomic about it and literally I thought it was like -- head of state I -- evening. I want to. I want didn't god -- said -- it was like who's the what former president is here today. -- -- six humor lists via tall ill suited doubtless vote. Our -- of the guys they're supposed to be -- they were not plan. They were not know listen. Those kids are safe for them. Yeah which is good news for a critic for. -- I don't know I don't get the scary thing but boy are they good news and and my daughter loves the show that that Barnes -- -- is on currently and those Disney they just keep turnaround has actually that's coming -- -- we do. Viewers know well how old -- -- don't do. -- okay well don't. Do that okay if you think -- usually -- him every other every other Thursday as him to have his own time -- needed -- -- For today and read it Thursday as you mentioned could -- of huge important when I sleep -- an oxygen under the -- I gotta hit parts of oxygen to set -- bad -- actually I'm gonna have to ask you strike that -- for. You can get up and strike out. Don't know you know -- Yeah I never 129 -- -- at birth and this kid has like you know this great. Anyways I don't know it's no I'm not to do it again. But there was also Josh lookalike and a Lara lookalike and their maybe you didn't notice. But don't -- element whether there's. Yeah. I'm saying yeah. Because. My game. He started it here. Started letters but it's there and I actually didn't Johnston -- hidden metal. Just let me let me once -- oh gosh there's the Josh look the next yeah that's Josh. He freakish looking totally -- is unusually tall hasn't. And dark hair didn't just like our job and and an attacking her and. And -- and the amazing opened up a level -- you know what the bred to be in Britain. Yet but we'll get we'll get back to doctors don't improve in just executive. Here's our plan today extra and we want you to meet jumpy. If I'm home I -- dream. No -- Not. No way that's all of them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and that's showing. On -- -- you. No way. -- -- Is jumping in the US today. We don't always go hey I yeah. I am you -- back when you've got a little -- Even prominent -- stay analog stick well we'll work on. Still. It was a good Paul. Police -- tired. OK so what we actually didn't get this his owners gives him anything and I'll say this about Australian Border Collie is that in fact. Date they are at which they are beyond the beyond when it comes intelligence they -- they are off the charts you can't have. They -- he's still it's just like how border ecology in the city or departments they're so Smart they need to be engaged they need to run they need to -- things but they are brilliant. Or do you have that in -- city should have a very fast Internet connection. -- -- download and -- all that they're buying things on the hunt right now as tyrant I thought I was about to take over the world -- -- -- -- numerous -- love you just remember that takes over the world. And how about a -- The day elegant new element -- Atlanta that was the play of the day all of this is -- -- He's also having a hard time beating the heat like the rest of us. And he's determined to have an indoor pool and -- doesn't want one. Remember I said border going to the smartest dogs don't -- that -- now come off dogs he knows he wants them. Yeah. We. OK -- yeah. Oh. Does -- win millions and. Well what you get rid of the water it's not really an indoor pool anymore. -- -- Yeah let you -- -- -- had noted that doesn't ring Donna. Where and -- all went yeah. -- I did not rule out yeah there's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This will have at Reagan. We -- we're done a good idea wanted to bring welcome mr. Taylor -- internal well. I have fat intern well without you mentioned that -- -- -- staggered throughout. Well he when he runs he runs team Elliott -- steady and guys you can see it's very -- -- you pass the hot sauces like like chow down on how that someone. And thank you. You got Alex Gonzales. -- days. Well they -- discuss what to do just that four. The newly rich color Spencer and I got -- eligible. I'm an Italian we'll see you tomorrow 9 AME.

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