GMA LIVE: (07.18.13)

Sam Champion and Lara Spencer recap the 2013 Emmy nominations.
15:46 | 07/18/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE: (07.18.13)
Dot com. The entire day -- myself clean and Lara Spencer has just road ice cream on the life. In the last two seconds I was everybody welcome to GMA life who we just had a very exciting morning you it will. -- well -- -- you are here with us in LA this morning because we just had the Emmy nominations let's -- -- And that ladies and gentlemen to John -- an -- Chris Connelly I. Guys I think between the two -- -- Chris we've had exactly zero minutes of sleep grads and and we are evidently there was -- -- that go look for is yes it was no such luck we've been up since four -- web all right David. Brilliant Dunst and Saturday where you -- -- wearing it now Josh other I don't look at it right. Yeah I did it let's get into this funny stuff because I know you gotta get -- -- cleaning -- back here comes tomorrow Jason hello Sam as promised we're cherry red Leon. Stop for one can't -- not an ornamental and I am extra data about -- Baywatch actress dressed in. Until -- find traffic to miss that flight. -- OK yeah we want to get to the means also for the Internet audience. Can we just -- one final. How great it was on the must remain -- association. Stick and a you know Chris I want to hear your take because you were in the house. What was it like for you and we've seen some -- some seminal moments at that point in -- SB's what was it like for you insisted. Credibly moving I mean I thought LeBron James introducing her and spoke from his heart had talked about her in a way that. They're really changed the way anyone would think about what -- -- in -- probably come out of say what she said. You know all -- -- the biggest heart in the room and you can just feel everyone responding to her agency is suggesting you watch. Athletes. And do battle with the teleprompter at this at this show in particular they're terrified and there was. This wonderful -- until after the peace. Honoring Robin had run in house. LeBron James cannot you could tell. Went off prompter spoke extemporaneously and and challenged. Professional athletes the champions the olympians in in the audience to pay when you think you can't do it. Just remember what we just saw so again and she looked gorgeous and it was great it was terrific it was great -- speaking of -- -- yes Emmys grammys -- -- -- -- your take away right now we were -- headlines before you take -- noted -- it's just a -- time and -- muted television right now and and they've become the new movies you know the way -- -- to talk about -- we don't talk about TV in many respects and so. Just to get a nomination you have to feel pretty good and how about Kerry Washington yeah getting that actress nomination in the category that has seven. Contenders that's how much -- -- once again and I know our guys we were talking it did to chris' point. You know and I'm not -- -- game of -- because I love the show. -- it you have production values now on on on -- especially in our drama categories. I mean these were watching movies every week salmon -- though -- and what we -- big takeaways. So happy for Kerry Washington and I know is Chris -- studded it really is -- week she's newly married on the cover -- fair. And now best actress in and Josh you don't have -- -- that -- scandal yes I'm a little disappointed that it did not get a nod. Four. Vast drama. But so well deserved and she's up against some really tough competition I don't know we'll category and I know personally am excited to be out there on -- red red carpet because there is like. There isn't really like dot com in the bunch it's all of yeah that's -- -- about it. It's the best on television right now pay as you guys have been talking I don't think there's anything better going in the dramas in the comedies that are on TV because they are. You're sitting there watching knowing this could have been released in the theater that -- been released and better. I can't wait for the entire like watching a Netflix show. Be thrown right in yeah whole network mix here and knowing that that is the start of a big change in the way we -- television I think that's exciting yeah. To -- -- -- Chris and Chris was saying. Now and we we see these these nominations. This is the first show that is nominated he can't say it's on Wednesday at nine yeah I had no idea and I know many people have seen it what you do very much notice house of cards head that buzz when I started hearing about phrases like -- -- It seemed -- house of cards is that first. That first project that really got people talking that way they just couldn't wait they had to see episode after episode and so maybe it's gonna change the way we watch these shows -- success. I had run Arrested Development back to do so that was good as well I totally -- I think -- Go ahead I'm glad that god had not just I think we've already changed the way we watch these shows I think the nominee ends in the awards are just catching up to it. You know did an interview with the folks from are just the new black. Other Netflix -- -- -- of Chris Connelly. It's on the list next year I bet you -- okay wait is that I have Denise. In the control room in my ear here in Los Angeles the FE CU one a weigh in on -- -- highs this is at best show ever -- -- black tea. Yeah that's it. -- -- -- guys what do you think about all the modern family they always go in there and then roll away with everything -- -- about the modern family story this year. I think for me -- -- -- winner not nominated crazy. World right admitted since you've always sort of set -- that's supporting actor category. Modern family table for four pounds announcing right without all of them there and get competing but it just gives you an idea how how competitive these categories are now and then. A lot of people had to get -- -- put twelve nominations and offer modern family that's still doing pretty well for the for a morning. -- -- lead actor in a drama series you were saying. You know we saw -- him last night here and the -- and remember ended should think about hand getting nominated that some of his best episodes from the season. Happened after the nomination deadline -- there was some concern that maybe he would make it this year because that character. Don Draper really -- -- really gave you everything in those last few episodes a -- Contender here for an award that he's never won Hannah and immediate thing Bryan Cranston you think this -- -- Elise and you know it it's breaking bad year that if you know I've but I thought last -- was breaking bad idea yeah. -- the homeland -- so. I wouldn't go with me on the Alhambra. I'm going -- a -- it's it's his time there's any justice time I think people love that writing so much love the period. -- all the characters and it and it doesn't allow for a lot of showing actor moments. But he is good year after year after year and it's time for him to get us that's homeland had a Triple Crown -- -- Maybe give -- strong second season they flipped the -- parity is. Give -- second season it still with -- so with a devoted following. I don't know somehow same level of buzz that it was -- so what so we'll see again but all that competition in the army we are -- -- That because we have a Chris Connelly who can walk us through this and he's the best in the business there isn't anyone who's got the inside scoop on this more than that so when you hear it coming from him. You know it's real Josh Elliott get on an. Airplane. -- -- -- why weren't -- you. Speed out. You don't get on the plane -- no word for you that is speed outlets you're wearing a Johnson and Haberman and Josh Livingstone says that I did -- did I can tell you -- absent. I'm not let the -- and not -- don't pretend like you're not wearing it right now I happen. I got a hug with two men being so it was good for me to. I don't -- me. Bob about love this idea and we'll -- be out there de LA. You're wondering the reason I'm wearing ice cream. Com and sometimes sometimes we can't get everything in the show that we have and I want to make sure that the good people from -- actually -- they were with us all morning long. July is national ice cream month. We're celebrating this month that our friends from -- -- is an app that lets people all over the world like let's say you need a car service sound it taxied can't find one here not anywhere near subway station the bus line -- -- running near you. There's an in 33 cities on on this planet. They if you hit -- you can tell them that you need a car. It -- just a little bit more than a taxi will but they'll let anyone cars -- to you if you look at I cannot. Yeah you you look like yeah like you know what you're doing a -- champion and now they also. Have put an ice cream truck on that now and -- don't. And for a limited time -- -- coming. So. So they put one truck could not many along LA Patten as -- tell me your name -- Joshua and Josh and and -- -- company is -- but over the are only Wear silly what how. How do we how -- we. An ice cream truck on the overcrowding and of the -- the right thing when do you generally request car car you'll get slaughtered over -- the ice cream trucks left -- behind a push a button and fun and play your guests were trapped for five minutes later -- minutes later Nowak made when asked me when you're participating cities. -- you can see which cities were in it -- dot com slash ice cream. Are not a luxury items -- Ice cream truck that I can hear the jingle jingle in my head right now however I do you wanna say the ice cream truck that was near the van -- and ice cream truck that meet the artist and ice -- yes does not have music got their truck. Thank you very much. Why are you so like Bob hmmm Bob I love the sound of an ice ice cream truck that I don't you love. Childhood which apparently -- never had. Did you see green was born grumpy grumpy I was a grubby little child tied to the back porch all -- No no it's not true it's not sure it. Yeah melodic felt like I need not children don't lose weight losing DirecTV and -- rambling now you guys thank you so much just about every credit. Today when everything but thank you over now and really wanted to web you tell us what others say you're an analyst doodle that can't be out there that's because there wasn't wearing ice cream man -- -- Hello I'm so I tried to give Sam a little taste of ice cream if you're just joining us like a -- -- on the air. And mom. And it went on -- sure and well that's of course -- -- -- the end at the end of it today isn't it I know there's so much is still left you what you want to do first you wanna do the. Of the day -- okay. We're not gonna do pop -- can you two -- hadn't gotten -- of that day since. -- and I planned ahead first play of the day pigs I really am so excited about -- -- and still trying Indian a lot of monkey do -- The tigers out of my head I'll do I'll do today we have a plan today is an incredible catch a former New York mets' minor leaguer. -- Koppel was back in the game overseas to. Only by the -- last weekend after shoulder surgery in April you can. How might catches the ball quite get back yet after soldiers -- shoulder surgery first of all I can't. Like there's no possible. He's -- -- around now wow this high that's a good player that I. That's as high as a you would -- you're contortions. Couture -- diver and and current contortions best you can do. You are limber -- time you are on back here and you know what this is going on a -- I don't wanna by -- -- all right. Did everybody Gladys and this -- want to give. On capitol Iran for -- money the baseball season in full swing and thus little -- seems to have seen is eager to get in the game. -- law -- and so he's balancing. Act. What's happening and that doctors totally different spot now -- I -- I'm just don't watch an -- totally -- -- here and so he's playing baseball that and that's the kind of an. Always touching upon you attacking catch the -- From the top of -- -- -- door very little cat from the top and very very high door catching -- giant client ladies and gentlemen bomb. That and he. And any planes bombed his your -- That is your -- -- the day. You know on the phone right now we have Mark Cuban who got a Emmy nominee -- or love shark tank -- ideal marriage shall we love you good morning I'm Margaret how are you. What are you guys are true. We are -- great. Sunny day for mark given how does -- -- mark. We are truly I mean we've talked about hopefully getting an Emmy nomination but. No one really expected it though he did it threatens best sort and distribute all the hard work -- -- all of the buses that the producers. And mark one of these amazing. You know what that's -- sounding like an acceptance speech you need to keep that in mind and an act on any ideas of Lara Spencer mark let me ask you how do you talk to any of your costar -- -- to the producers. About how you all celebrate -- what -- do around the Emmys. No actually -- -- even arkansas'. You guys called me this morning I've been working abroad and even out those I -- -- yet to talk to anybody about overall celebrate. Well it's a service market we offer a few people the Good Morning America wake up call I have got so we thought we don't appreciate it. Good food -- Dolly delivered to you how how many seasons now in the -- and what do you think this means for the future. Well you know where we just started -- -- Bardem. Then you hope it keeps getting better that is just the response has been amazing. They wanted fugitive on television that the ratings be bombarded authors Bob -- didn't let us. Both exciting and and then operated by the limits. It's going to be an even -- did an excuse -- hope that you -- you always do what happens. While -- -- -- mark congratulations. Don't worry about that competition. You know shark tank there is no competent and not for there -- -- -- -- -- -- All right thank -- I don't really appreciate it thank you -- if you want the -- wake up call tomorrow just let us now. -- -- -- -- -- we we also offer turndown service would open. And yet the media and we do tee time we get really nervous and we have to have their merits and things like Larry hi Mark Cuban a few others and down. Well hello hi I have seen you know you're holding up the sign that says there you got me no wagering and all I can talk into hot -- answer -- culinary gotten Claudia out and yearning Marshall. I have noticed them Sam I wanted to just say congratulations to sixty years and I've seen you guys holding up -- sign all show during GMA I mean what a remarkable milestone sixty years of wedded bliss I would imagine. And today what's the most wonderful thing about your beautiful bride. She's the beautiful usually looking -- I love it I glimmering lights are still quiet between the telephone -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know others. I think it can't see the chemistry. I see how -- all -- you know. Something he thinks it's life. You have idea of sixty years later believe what he's still adore about this -- everything. Everything. The handsome -- not a Vietnam how you celebrate the rest of your special left -- -- -- -- coming to a show to not. That's one he had an idea beg your and and romance that is -- will we want to say happy sixtieth. Thank you for sharing -- the Good Morning America -- -- -- Many many many more bad news flooded street hardly sixty mom -- -- home here's your sign of love you guys we'll see you tomorrow have -- -- right.

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