'GMA LIVE!' (07.23.14)

ABC News' Paula Faris and Mara Schiavocampo celebrate National Hotdog Day.
10:01 | 07/23/14

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Transcript for 'GMA LIVE!' (07.23.14)
Get ready for some GMA live. It all starts now live backstage at GMA. -- -- America dot com where there's -- -- -- I'll say I'm here with -- affair is announcing new anchor. And Good Morning America. Yes and water and hot dot -- -- -- elegant toast with thousands there's no better way flu like hot dogs. Everybody here. But my right and -- man did not tell you what that thing is in its national hot dog bit by the way -- that I was talking about this stuff up. I am a simple girl I just need ketchup on it so when they get really fancy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to Chicago I've lived in Chicago Lullabot I never have had -- famous Chicago style dot give you cannot put ketchup on what you put on big plays like celery salt and relish an onion and and they go on the topic mustard. He allowed into yes I had to put ketchup not a well we have a lot here this I think what is this thus cider braised onions this is mango salsa. This is Asian -- here I shouldn't know -- does not with us here today but she did leave a little some some. She took a bite bite out this on her way out the door to -- -- -- this thing. It's practical. Fun which is actually that's bringing in the community sanitize -- -- -- and I didn't. And I'll stay away from the -- so basically I'm going to be doing it on the tape sent you at night for the two of -- should again this hour break here and government help and we have you know. You guys we want to Anaheim -- with anybody wants a hot dog don't think. Don't I'll stand up that want him. Asian style and that haven't yet we'll have more. An. How did not -- I have one I was death just -- -- -- -- -- -- cameras capturing including hunter got it right back eminent. You know what I I think I'd rather have in I really didn't catch up. And yeah. This is so. Yeah couldn't -- service shop RD over here by. The hot -- to her liking it why don't catch up bright spot and I don't -- -- really yeah. You're not about love hesitates to estimated 200 and we dictionaries. We have -- say -- this is to -- on Saturday and policy new job. I married my -- audio. Thank you wow this isn't really think but not done about it Evernote means for -- know what really isn't it's pretty -- actually. Don't anybody look at -- -- Wednesday. -- read the next store -- Both direct recruitment starting you're not go over. Now I RA and it's a really really sweet seven that we -- -- write it up first story takes family resemblance to a whole new level. There's a picture that was posted on reading yesterday by a new mom my name is Heather heartbreaking she shows her baby daughter Heidi -- my dad nick Bennett -- can we didn't. -- right well as first time parents are taking lots of photos so when -- show this wonderful shot to her mother and locked. Thought that her shocked reaction that's not what she expected that's because she had taken. -- identical found out Auburn two decades ago accepting nick. That isn't it -- shot as a baby. With the grandfather. Ronald kind of everything on the beard and a -- and -- we'll -- good so similar honor. -- -- -- -- -- -- seven there's a lot of skeptics do you think that she actually took this up Atlantic slave. I think maybe she's not about and -- -- try to recreate it dignity give up that day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That be recreated scene was completely. Unintentional it was not staged an anyways -- very happy better in the bottom of the auto contrary European and I don't know loving yes you eat and I haven't read mine accident that get them some more. Family love that little bit of pop music -- -- -- our favorite modern family might be a big start at the -- still has his midwestern manners. He owns ABC news that he enjoys spoiling his parents by flying them first class from -- this. To visit him the -- my arm recently went to LA to take part in -- -- commercial. We'll -- back comedic talent runs in the family -- love last. Night. Do love a clean place and I've always been excellent Eric was always filthy he raised pigs still it was a team Erickson -- was -- -- thing here. -- -- when she set I was a pig. Another matter is I love that -- -- getting ready -- -- -- from our audience from the midwest. -- problem with -- and ask makes and have a net bedtime if you know anyone else from the midwest. But they're still love you I'm about the I'll let out about -- out. Yeah sat out where you are grass -- I love him in and -- -- I love that back. Maryland which is technically without -- people tell me it's not it is it's not it was stopping -- it's not line. Technically that's an accent now my daughter Marilyn who is really don't they tend not to look for themselves back -- my -- claim that spending time you do. -- -- Here's something that Mara and -- can really seen in any women out there that would make up guardians of the galaxy stars -- self Diana revealed to ABC. Her husband -- Hug her while she was filming the want to hug her I know I would -- her why you ask it's because of that green body -- that would smother all over her she had to -- for the -- she said she added that Keating. That's everything throughout the whole filming process including. Her man and he had anything less -- into that fair. Unfair -- -- just. Blue green -- I don't know I mean green make it second heard anybody right now I take my makeup Buffett's. As soon as they cam after I actually I -- and I looked like it Monica usually do get news. What's -- read all of I live like this I -- grocery -- idol I am a girly girl through and through idea of this U zero UIP address that if I where if I worked with animals I did any other kind of thing that I kept considered in my life I would Stosur looked up to -- to prison lashes and seeing how about that. And -- how most people we'll see me out of -- and it and it looks the same night that at a point got three Chad bad just a giant hot -- -- got three kids out. They scared of heights Dallas sentence of that and maybe some old yoga pants some spit up on it down a tank abernathy didn't share much more comfortable -- -- -- -- not accurately could come hobbling to the story and -- -- let's move on now when you look much about it and I but I. Our way -- hardly you look up late into the night. Well you got back from Brazil as well yesterday summer it has been and I'm wondering and they saw a lot of soccer with lot of athletes football club football and we didn't think -- -- -- -- -- But now actually edited buckets of the -- something even with all of your soccer experience this is something you probably have nothing for it. What is going on -- and Adam business outlook but isn't giving him kicking a ball around. They think -- -- he's trying to he's gonna connect states. And you go oh yeah. And then -- our -- our great story and and. I isn't tries and tries again -- I I didn't see anything like that didn't junkies didn't. It's like he's not getting may not have to move -- right -- -- just can't even wait and let it go way way. I there yeah. Like you to defend their he had and I like it when it's coming may get even if they were faster than him it's -- that you know -- them exceed this is a new live that they need to implement and you know not there yet -- -- -- pilot would look at that -- -- -- pet -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't -- if things aren't -- -- -- of about it. Later that I had my -- -- -- there they have. That -- are at a -- -- -- -- very much that would. And we're -- now and with our pet -- today famous -- Marlins are is taking the Internet by storm of the brand new adorable -- out. I'll look -- being tickled. He literally and 8009. Dollars or just loving it David let me Netscape as anybody in -- march mar -- -- but we -- Tara Tara Hamilton so look at this thing if you tickle him and another. Everything that had -- we don't even -- with his name is -- Tara right. -- -- -- -- Up I've got up up up up. They get a regular job thank you -- -- and -- -- yet to -- that. Then you haven't haven't actually didn't get eight Atlantic take extended to start on this but don't penalize failure not did not think -- -- and gender religion is -- had a sense that and we do love -- did. -- let him why -- She don't know if she's off some random location -- -- it's going to be a big surprise tomorrow I think I'm yeah relocation. Program -- William beautiful today thank you Michael as ways and indigent -- can -- have -- concerns are and and desire. Water water -- times -- -- about what they have the second round -- fingers. What -- -- heck out of water. The downgrade of the deep drop. That's our show everybody what a fake Hebrew national for the -- and thank you for watching judge again tomorrow night eastern frontier they live we'll -- -- that -- a big thanks to our studio audience say.

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{"id":24676922,"title":"'GMA LIVE!' (07.23.14)","duration":"10:01","description":"ABC News' Paula Faris and Mara Schiavocampo celebrate National Hotdog Day.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-072314-24676922","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}