GMA LIVE (08.05.13)

Josh, Amy and Sam chat about text-message break-ups and chat about good Southern BBQ.
3:00 | 08/05/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (08.05.13)
-- Monday -- have a million money pickles and mark. Delicious nothing wrong -- that honestly how we can -- any Kansas City area guest on our program. Jason Sudeikis joined us. Would end with it I was actually outside. Missing a lot of fans weren't moved his -- of Miami's assistant -- placed on the -- -- Apple's fault. He wore the teacher Oklahoma guys and so we they were so kind enough to bring me -- to this is dangerous because it's. Just as you can see piles of -- and what you eat all of it now that's a terrible thing because it's -- 9 o'clock in the morning. But it lunchtime Fries and you don't really less time and guess what I'm -- of being lucky -- what happens yeah yeah yeah hi David -- I got. I got I got out who the (%expletive) are not try to ABC -- it maybe is certain it's one more day in the rotation now. It's now time I got -- out -- You don't barbecue is a specialty at every place is something different and I think what the the only thing I know about Kansas City barbecue and I don't think they really haven't anyplace else. The merchants. And they take that tip of that should brisket fat to be right there are gonna -- the -- -- that brisket and they -- -- And then they saw into it so. They give you that Chris be that thing you love about the grill where everything's -- on the outside and that I guess they say it's not healthy but I love it. And then it's really tender on the inside I I've only seen that Denise Europe they're right but he could only -- Kansas City thing right. Is it any hints that he it really New York it's possible to fight it barbecues so it kills me. We'll be the student -- -- got executed. But what of we have the burnt -- -- -- -- and we don't pork pork. We have is that power grab and a beachfront has that's what's happened so of all of -- -- he would -- you have to if if you could only have one. -- occurred -- -- and a 1000% aren't left or -- Ali -- -- -- -- -- -- big all -- and slice them because you're that you're getting married and a few weeks four and he'll have a level you have not eaten. In like six months gay got good news this is yet. You I have your August -- forty units coming up to six lots over -- -- -- -- -- you know the so we have. Exhibit a son and this is one of again one of those mornings where you're like who thought I mean what are not -- cases it is on right all the ugly aliens work we'll. He is preternaturally Boortz that is -- I mean he's 23 years old. -- guy it only makes great choices and. More -- and so long that behind me and so cool and so you can we just ten and and very very attractive -- here in the -- if you're into that good -- and. Can't -- -- drowning in a way that would and I mean it whatever. -- guy Uggla had great personality I think that's fair enough but you know I read the I got to the jobs by -- -- -- By Walter isolate -- read it just when I was on vacation. Spell by. -- -- -- -- -- Player and phone calls telling time reading the chapters to what complex sky and then you really get Ali and -- -- when I love that he was willing to shell his flock he wanted those red and his wife he is what happens when you are something a real massive joke. But you're also one of the great geniuses of of the sent out of our time. You didn't get called it. Exactly and he was a micro manager -- just was passionate and god love them because he was he revolutionized six industries arguably. And I would I would call Sam. Back -- you know -- got. Downside is that yes but get -- -- the 78 at least that's one thing about this thing and I just really and then he'd -- chapter. So now like I'm Auburn on an hour like I have down and so he's reading up -- the beach until -- like Mike yet you know -- breakfast or whatever he's in the evening we have much I know really keep going just tell us that it -- his elegant -- it myself it. New York resident Mike salmon as fervently hope that really got a I don't -- hey wait what was that again. That's amazing job that it so yeah now we had -- great great cast of thousands when we're done here by the way. You can also. Tune over to Kelly and Michael I'm new here on the view here Watson and coming up on the West Coast -- be there a couple hours Robin -- and separate Kelly today while that's terrific. We get drinks here. Why that's nice that's classes. Obviously can I just also. Kate thanks to the Discovery Channel people -- first shark week Eminem and allowing me to do something that. -- patients -- caliakra -- -- to -- -- to the Bahamas Nassau which is why I I swear to you. That has got to be what god said this is my favorite creation it's going to be Nassau. Gorgeous white beaches beautiful beautiful blue waters. And about -- and and there were some sharks involved in the senate and nine cents beautiful weekends I would never say. Given the opportunity I would never I wouldn't have -- I would have said no if they came up I would have said you don't know that's a great idea for somebody but not for me but to do it for the show. It was a great thing and then coming out of that you get a little friendly -- they -- what they think wow they're going for whatever food you know they feed they have a box down there. And sharks know what -- is. General and and they'll they'll sense anything that is fear or panic or not healthy are not happy in the gulf war the weaker food which is why should never get in the if you're not happy care Dolly for not happy don't go do. -- -- Me when humans swing. They give the vibrations that we send off. We we swim and it -- as were -- thrashing about we seem like efficient stress and -- was right you know unfortunately if there's a big chart nearby. They don't want EU but they don't find that out until they've done what your mortal and there's so I mean it's really you know what we talked and we even in your piece am and I just it's always -- delicate balance because. The shows on discovery are remarkable -- can learn so much about sharks. I just always in. I don't want to create this and healthy. Paranoia parents go I think there is good and it's -- a healthy respect and that's what you know you're did you senate -- there yet or not let our home rates were in their world. But. The -- the idea be unprovoked shark attack they're not. But public hunting us down and -- -- what it's just did a lot more accidents than it was it was it was beautiful to see I was good. Completely I give you ought to -- on the -- completely jealous it's you know I've done -- in the cage wants it was terrified. To -- -- be down there with sizable sharks had to impediment in Manhattan and then -- -- -- you an area that all do you have any fear. Com has heads that we gave me now we're talking about it because she does things in airplanes and things like that that I would never do I -- not a guy don't take me up spending on this guy left I'm not naive I look I'm not leaving I'm not leaving a healthy airplane for any reason. I -- -- -- Picture of the cat in the doorway that wasn't going after the -- in the tub or whatever I am I am I'm staying in that airplane as long as the airplane is healthy and -- But. But but what they do is they they get the sharks excited you know visually and hand because they want the pictures of the sharks kind of like coming around the vote. So they -- for them. And as soon as they get that that food there all diving each other they're getting each other out of the way and he's this he's telling you is that -- -- that help you note and and and you what you would see lots of air escaping if that was because I mean screaming the entire time -- you what you would see. -- -- -- -- -- I don't lower the bar this steady stream a -- -- That's me screaming loudly and looking at someone else and feeding sharks -- -- armed. -- that that's just -- senator -- I have met the steady stream of bubbles coming on amassed -- running out of time to get up out of an amazing amazing opportunity. If if -- with people who know what they're doing. They don't and you'll never have anything that's more exciting that's they are. Very fluid they are there that that the body movements because there'll partly I love watching them on TV -- their credit beautiful credible in my television. Shedd Aquarium -- for brings an aquarium full of yen a killer a real killer can we take that shot look at that -- -- -- mean that as he's being. -- -- -- -- It might pull out. And then Iran and then there where the an inflatable sharks you know. It just. Yeah -- This sort of -- I don't know. But it does look like they're swimming around could you can't see the lines you -- Action -- activities against him. So how much went into the. Yeah I just wanna. There's a cast of thousands -- It starts and yes -- yeah yeah ours looks great and -- -- that -- actually in the button to open the door. We're. In the. You can see unfortunately I don't he was infantry he'd -- -- he. I believe he was nailed down and -- and down -- -- -- -- okay let's get to hear on the Internet program. As well we actually -- a -- follow up we -- just because you'll remember that died Friday spot news we told about the new app called the break up text that was created by Jay Levine. Of and Lauren -- Who was the co creator of tax from last night now the break up makes and your relationships so easy. And takes very little time all you have to do on the app that answer is simple question what should really be so easy and take very little time yeah. You can do it yet. Because -- need to break up because now you don't even have to dial the phone and break up over the -- You can break up with an out and so you know I thought she just casual wasn't serious why. You know you just answer these few simple questions and give Wilson the text for you teaming up to modest and attacks in the can go about your day. And maybe turn to the person is having coffee next -- Starbucks and say hey what do you do and I'm I'm single now. -- -- There was an outcry a lot of people who felt the same way you look at yeah case. You can imagine -- at this moment -- on -- -- -- -- now it turns out they felt a little guilty. So now all they don't want to end all your relationships they're gonna release a new -- that is the make up. -- -- issue users to customize. Apologetic taxpayer former significant others who just broke up -- paid paid 99 cents for not gonna buy this. And -- in this and you can they have all kinds of excuses like I'm sorry we broke up I was distracted by something -- which is when -- has sent every other time. -- -- And I want to me -- fifty years divide the -- how to get married a long time -- OK don't -- Don't start. No way you went down as he walked two and -- not. Start no I don't believe I'm not buying it. Not a -- category so anyway the will be available later this week the breakup we'll say about 99 cents less than a dollar to break up your relationship I think the make up out. To get back is nine -- as blacks. Thousands of dollars more because if you've broken up with someone. By half. And then you try to make up with -- -- -- I don't think that Disney is great. -- our society that we can't talk to shut anywhere we can't haggling honestly I have teenagers -- my house and they don't know how to talk to girls is all they do this tax and it's a concern. Some -- yes yes -- did OK no it is I would just say it you have to break got B. -- do maybe just I have to break up at all. I mean the thing that the really really really all it yes if you let me with the -- call I mean would -- -- would you rather Sam Champion. Would you rather have been broken up -- -- -- or not at all. What's sends a louder and more clear message silence is what I just ignoring them just gotten his final recording -- like sometimes you just move on into them. When the phone's not -- and that's me not calling well here's what I'm. Here's the thing I'm not are now I remember painfully from my dating years I don't know how many how many how many are currently in the dating years right now I'm me and that. But it dating okay days. -- hands off ladies he's -- investor. Yeah. No it's hot hot hot hot -- You that I -- about -- There's always one person in the situation who's more into the relationship than someone else's yet. And Kansas. So we if you're the person who's really into it and you can't figure out why they're not into it and it's really confusing when really -- -- -- had yeah. If somebody out here the age of twenty is something under the age of twenty. I'll ask somebody outside do we do come -- here remains. Can you just continue to come up on our screen sick babies generational it is what are you trying to say to me. Trying to bear all I mean age inappropriate. Jersey hey wow -- -- do with what happened. It's definitely may -- you are or are you -- the age of thirty. -- -- -- -- That's our best to -- the so if your break if you -- your -- a guy. And he breaks -- -- -- app on your phone you would think what's. -- -- -- -- known until -- really honestly tell you so you be with your friends and you say they his name is bomb or something. And and myself -- on the -- -- you and unlike so you broke up. Helio and really sincerely. And ray and threatened because you're breaking up -- -- live you know I just it's not under I don't get. Camby would -- be on the phone with your with your closest friend on I can't believe that it charities you want Kirk broke up many wealthy -- your -- I don't know I think you're under thirty as well Virginia march 14 for -- -- then you shouldn't be dating yet so you know. -- -- John's other daughter. And when she gets them dating age we're all in strumming on all of -- -- -- -- bilateral she's off to the Belgian. I would just like them it's the it's the -- Thank you -- play for a final design Amy wouldn't you rather have your heart destroyed -- an intensely personal way. Please you feel like you're worth being spoken to and I think that's what -- -- you feel so disregarded. And that would be -- -- -- -- you were sold what was the worst breakup. It was the worst break -- you had your mom -- early years with the worst well I honestly I'm my teenage years disclosed Tobago. I just remember being on -- and hearing me -- -- I am not taking heard of the dance all are. So Jason Smith is here. You know point human -- I -- you have the most common name in America now is boy if it wasn't Jason -- but I thought it every union. -- -- Hands and he went -- I was -- yeah. But is it that but but -- it's got -- Saturday all the settlements idiotic and it never really -- no I'm not know yeah. C'mon let's go -- never loved him he's the only guy never really grew so I won't. Craig and -- not -- he was so he's still fourfold one yeah. You are. How you are savage -- -- and justice. -- -- He was like gross I'm not taking her to -- that I mean look at the lobbying campaign system in the process of -- lets you wanted you let's give the Internet cavities and it's okay. -- fifteen months young. This little. This little doubt take a look he loves running away from her dad's camera. Oh yeah. You yeah. Another when -- -- the. It's a -- is running from. Then watch what happens want to. And I -- Yeah. She stared down -- love and -- we're. All. -- -- -- -- Strong good for our chickens -- I think people -- Jason Smith we tracked down yeah it's not clear how. He faces now I'm so happy for the fact that he does not -- and -- you will. -- The traveling we'll bring you with us from the Michigan standards has deepened -- I'm getting any margin yet and this is this she didn't read. -- -- -- have a prayer not -- you're great you're not comment. Well he recalls girls we used like you know quicken and I silently be listening thinking I was getting here's hoping that the right -- can't -- -- -- check. That is relentless Denise -- we have you just didn't. Who savaged the -- boots or your heart. Just torn apart. I'll see you might coo Mike Hart asking its -- that's down me. I got sorry Mike Clark County is not Jason Powell how much how I can't imagine there now yeah go about eleven Mary parent net income -- most when you're the youngest I really think that I'm still Scott. -- -- -- -- This is can be. We in the perilous -- -- like a little Poodle. Com's -- will -- we have my heart tells -- the Kansas City area -- Anyway walking by exactly this is in Raleigh television we are gonna bid you a deal -- -- security. Meal for -- on its way we'll see them on 9 AM. Eastern daylight and tell him thanks for watching violent.

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{"id":19871005,"title":"GMA LIVE (08.05.13)","duration":"3:00","description":"Josh, Amy and Sam chat about text-message break-ups and chat about good Southern BBQ.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-080513-19871005","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}