GMA LIVE (08.08.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara check out an exclusive back-to-school deal from Tory Johnson.
17:30 | 08/08/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (08.08.13)
And how nice guys deal I -- galvanized steel -- -- we're just talking about Good Morning America in the property Brothers -- GTV ever had done not on that network as well and they brought some really great ideas for our improve this segment. Sponsored by because we thank you guys all the stuff you can get it heard their stories like that and I and we were just saying would you really would you really well I I'm back on ICI -- -- I mean I -- that thing is gorgeous. I don't know if you change -- -- yeah. Look up -- the pot -- and that's all just like his father is on your own monologues to hide like you having your walls. I'm not sure that I'm I'm K what about welding copper pipe without burning down the rest of the -- like yeah. On the copper pipe and -- Handyman doing there now now now -- and still be paying significantly last minute he bought retail strength -- -- different -- -- I'm. And I liked you -- by the white -- really holding your attention. Because it had alcohol in it because there's why should. Right now and it's just got a ring arrogant -- declined to that point. Just -- what it would not. We got a big it's been great great week actually -- and we. Another shark week but today though -- doesn't know what I hadn't noticed. That scene from the economic zone jobless jobs and out an ad that you guys ever so I was watching last night popped my -- into the plant. Many but yet is there with the tying and -- I saw this scene -- -- I'm sure I'd never seen before -- can top it. Did you -- -- -- do you guys have seen the scene. Because it's with you really not good doctor is well but we're only have -- feeling you're -- -- -- -- beyond the alamodome. -- values we evident -- Because we can't give a release to ourselves to play like we can't -- -- -- that we get a green screen we had a lot of -- Sam dressed up like a star of some sort of a final -- adult film -- And as you might guess Sam -- much genius and only a little that I can actually make -- -- we got some outtakes I do believe. I rolled back -- -- out of -- also. It's different prove that -- hazardous environments like when you -- -- The shut stands just. -- it's like just that he's having -- -- on all the flights. -- -- That really happens and I thought you guys -- use that in your -- your film clip which I think would have been hysterical I don't. -- ball out of the helicopter you know what I -- I can only do the acting like how is everything I was having a huge bruise on my on my left -- company. Giant her husband's mom or fitness for -- for your are right given everything happens as you. -- -- -- Yeah. I'm not certain bottlers -- anyone's alive that remembers -- -- and an engine I would not just really think about -- we're Christiana jaws and you guys -- don't love and you. As -- -- -- say you should get there as the obvious question why is Sam dressed like an adult film -- -- -- Get -- to frame by frame. -- -- as if it starts with not. It is an angular look like bring -- home coming and yeah UIAEA others like the -- -- in the early years. I love this guy you look there -- yeah he's back. -- -- up to him he its yearly tournament third person arriving I love this that trust me I know I love this guy not a separate persons -- part of me that came out and that it when we -- -- the -- thing yeah and he had been. -- -- -- I mean you -- -- first time there was actually an artistic mirror. But discussion involving artistic differences behind the scenes for the green -- issued as it must adjust because it very rightly so all people are asking why would you dressed like an adult -- -- -- -- -- and your answer quite. It was that there is nothing more seventies nothing more seventies then Dirk. That's it I'm -- don't thank god that is that is he is that he is to meet. -- the central Japanese guy and a good even if I don't now Musharraf when we love you don't know where a great job but getting here. The rapidly disappearing Tory Johnson you're gonna have to look. Aren't you -- definitely coming out now it's one month away might -- yes it is to sit. That shift is lit -- -- -- in my book he's so but you left on the days sailing the nice things to me and -- live like -- my monster -- watching Jimmy -- -- what's his eyes are you now because this -- -- Seriously can we see this team really is because. This might mean this is this is the only class I'm not allowed to say that I -- another -- let's say. -- -- Yeah any I didn't I want -- -- you'll get -- -- -- and we're currently seeing a lot and now these diesel tax on he had these are snack -- did just that when you get. You couple this Larry -- of so it's even at -- there's not an -- And little guys there's -- -- like -- that there's even a giants as they did an interview on -- while looking as many of them did not they are watching what they aren't celebrity friend Lisa do you see the kids like Angelina Jolie walking out these -- Al I'm Jennifer Garner the -- -- the -- is rolling down the street with some goldfish and -- -- -- her. Yeah. I can't tell you -- our kids put it now but I am yes Kelly spelling out there that -- within the ranks number damning him. So you know what I found it hard amazing props guys put a big thing of salary India and and that if you -- -- block ballot that they're gonna like. Totally written me saying who's gonna walk around the entire thing of salary -- reminder that yeah. -- he would have done that you it OK so these are amazing deals he can -- -- back to school back to work what everyone did -- patterns -- I didn't really find pattern. And you can you -- what a bunch of these in a back like you can. Cover -- because they don't they keep things separate what this is. You don't give your kid myself -- Bags is easy you have you ever bags that people like -- it did not -- aren't exactly snow banks and other you don't have to come. Are all -- -- you -- here well they didn't understand that we were all one of those home shopping shows. That's what I would say it would millions of dollars -- investment that I would send money money might go president that you know I like to put things in life in these bags and keep them separate from the -- -- -- The Internet show. You would point out that you does that win this event that kind of rhetoric but I'll have not how did -- practice I'm revealing a great -- -- -- -- -- guerrilla. That's good yeah. I know this is a deal yeah I noticed -- literally original prices look you can read it right there on the monitor originally eighteen dollar flat stick my -- This makes it. -- five to nine dollars. Just. Among other trading on -- interest I don't just five yeah everything except Brett. Everything is exactly. Like they did they did I salute you and I have one pack thing let's aghast why wouldn't there and I want to bring parents and golden age -- what if you did one events winning winning the what can we do -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that's me. Today right. -- -- -- -- Simply -- solved if we can bring candidates and golden bears back to nine dollars all. It's. I really great things today was all about back to school I can't believe I find this -- -- easily I was what do you get -- that's what do you think of all the things he shared by backpacks no and noted nobody know. I don't have to -- -- and what it now enters water bottle water -- are a lot of all of those things eating in the first half hour radio selling ridiculously welcomed the YY Annan is no one hurts I mean you know one -- -- Clinton on your you know what you don't have to be it Alan -- -- one -- when that would tell you its union home. I don't know I guess we don't yet I'm gonna get it in animals and that's along those -- -- -- had -- whenever. Well and help those little guys out -- how -- enough for you and your -- I don't think thousand. That candidate feels like you don't in any package came in -- -- like tens of thousands of those. Tens of thousands I love you I -- I. Goodness someone sticks up for me around here -- you your honor to using profanity. I know he would just read what could I have never seen while those learn to apologize we are literally get to have that we have to get the weight machine. -- you can say anything you want on the Internet pension. You cannot and I can't believe. What would you say that out -- so other people can hear you because you're talking to me -- -- it so weekend. So let me just let's do this again we can say anything we want on the Internet right now we -- We cannot why I don't know because we are helped -- this weekend oh he -- -- the highest standards of our eyes backpacks. That's a very good boy very good morning we respect -- -- ansari paid American mind. Can -- get some goldfish you know I was -- -- -- -- John yeah every container right wing -- -- America. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm happy -- -- bearing stand your ground still hello mom and I are almost over with the -- -- -- Dollar and thirteen Miss America Mallory -- yeah. -- Ambassador for the children's miracle network volume totaled chairman and always we welcome our -- -- -- Miss America but I will always feel like your mind Miss America. While I always telling. -- -- -- -- -- The only because that was the one time I got a chance to do the show. To be a judge and Mallory was the one that we picked and I enjoy it -- -- -- so here you've been phenomenal it fun. I don't agree at had a great. -- moments -- your -- is shorter shorter Michelle back to on the Atlantic City and his terrific. It's an area in need of revenue actors -- -- -- And so I'll be there with you some hosting Miss America this year -- manager Larry. His brother. Rally not a good thing swallow you up -- what are you or any different. You're looking to see these days it seems like -- adult -- -- on average with -- -- America this route every 48 hours. So hot and I'm when he dove mountain on did you do you were you prepared did you have any idea how hard it would me. I'm I'm a little -- an idea I'm prepared as certain as Americans it has thirteen. Senator around a little while and that it's been everything that I would -- it's been great so. You bring -- the Cubans not just to you tell us about who we can help and who everybody -- so today is -- weekday -- children's Atlanta hospitals for a one dollar at every -- that sold today it will go to CNN hospitals I mean what it -- who doesn't -- the blizzard who doesn't -- out -- at work yesterday at the best time -- dairy -- and that. -- -- he didn't even know that a Long Island that's. And Taylor rather than a few upside down like -- to be done so but a lot of fun and it's every -- -- -- are upside down and let me now is that me. Give me or does that mean I didn't know public notice was served upside down I had no idea -- has already -- drunk. Now -- you know. I'm totally complete I thought you know what we're seeing so these are some of the kids were -- right now we're being held and again if you go today. -- look at one dollar from every user purchased and it's so they can we come shall we can log on as well people can get more information. Absolutely and I'm that the great thing about him and hospitals that every dollar that has donated actually stays in the area so. He got into your local dairy -- of dollars to stay in your area your community for hundreds and that's nice to 170 children's life -- I know you're traveling a lot of it is. It does this make it all -- -- being able to do this slowly this content. It it's kind of a text actually don't it has -- a whole lot of time with kids at any time that I'm involved with children and our hospitals it's it's a wonderful experience because it into. And actually -- -- it's awesome and the results of its great Mallory. Thank you so Miss America -- Her at like thirty. Four days yeah really well not so fast that yeah. Able to not take out there you don't have time about music has yet again outside we've really fun thing we do we have Healy -- they really didn't want -- -- news. It is and doesn't want -- newstalk this is a quickie the -- -- you guys this isn't this is and that this is a mouse that. Spacewalkers got to the city had and we -- I guess you can't believe that right it's announced the -- very you've got to look quickly. But -- -- -- yeah -- the guy that's ridiculous. I'm sorry that's not true that's a lot like Paramount's go -- -- to. You've taped the -- to this -- I'm -- that play. He can't I don't want to hear from some -- They announced Tuesday that -- On the don't know the mountain and dozens are not run out and denounced once as they -- -- -- fire no I don't have put us down as. Thank you -- action I'm. I want to introduce you guys did Helio -- earlier I was outside right now -- this is a car by the way. It's the car of the future I would say I'm the only four miles per gallon on the highway but -- -- -- 84. Miles per gallon on the highway. Here it is yeah 7000. Dollars. -- -- You're on your highness signing -- double game so tell me about the whole idea and by the way ladies and gentlemen made in America could you guys to get out of use car back her. -- -- -- -- and turned it into production this. -- for you guys are made in Louisiana right right meg not out of marriage Louisiana had -- format has worked beats us 40% bigger than the Empire State Building an enormous sizes. So we've got American jobs on the line here we are where this cars less than 7000 dollars 84 miles per gallon how did you get the technology how does that all work -- all known technologies. The secret to -- is the front the vaccine right that's what we get in Vermont we're down OK I don't want to hear that -- Well enough at highways -- must -- most of -- and am. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Didn't say no let's not driving do you say that you that you -- -- Toronto does not even nine. It's no matter how it's just true you all of you -- like -- -- -- vehicle and they almost killed. Plus I don't play on third. I don't really unimportant and not allow customers days walking on -- gravy. I'm out downtown and the basic premise is that most households have at least one million dollars from menacing allotment read this to me that -- overnight and and eighty miles -- county residents. Sixteen and all the present movement together then guess I only want to make your payments it's right it's a free I don't know. I don't you know yeah. I don't want -- will -- -- what will happen tomorrow presents. And I'm enjoying watching Josh into -- -- actually idol -- like held him up and I didn't didn't suffer claustrophobia Vietnam awesome ride yeah what do you get and so I don't normally did clearly aren't out there. We're we've had big guys period -- -- us. You know he's he's he's been here -- my sunshine yet and we know how late it was real possibility he's got a lot -- -- ally in the mountains and and I got a bingo -- and -- the boys -- -- sit in the back CNN. I had to leave me and I'm coming back this is amazing isn't it Susie yeah I watched don't -- -- -- car is yeah. Probably like 1036 -- that -- you see it's a really great -- and -- -- of car would have -- Sam sitting like tomorrow. I'm holding -- just my -- -- coming up. It around by the way I have -- right I'm active I'm yeah so much an awesome everybody don't tell you check out. If you -- -- Leo motors motors stock I'm not -- you may be seeing. Here first on good morning and I will I don't yeah yeah -- end -- driving the -- we hope so I don't know. Do we know if I don't I gotta get out of the way I don't believe that car you know we're -- and -- of memory. The break the break out of that nobody -- that you drive away if he would drive away. And happening we got. I just now revving the engine on his -- I do believe and I don't know how I don't want is everywhere we don't know I don't know then we'll go right. -- -- -- -- -- Okay different.

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