GMA LIVE (08.29.13)

Sam and Lara check out an exclusive deal from Tory Johnson on "GMA Live!"
14:58 | 08/29/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (08.29.13)
But everyone titans might -- might have all the baloney -- yes look at. Because I shall not -- today. And the gap because and I when he did isn't it a throwback Thursday but everybody -- -- -- -- hello hello of the old -- Sat. Yeah the old -- said do we have the rights the music or we can't play that he probably not so -- -- CNN. But that's -- -- I was off -- doesn't count right on the you and they knew me you'd know about this or may not I did not know about this until David Friedman our illustrious new executive. Producer tight. And he told me about this thing that's happening online -- on social media. Don't like Thursday's everybody's doing -- -- -- put up pictures yourself for things from the past blast from the past so we did a whole show on it today only 8 o'clock hour was inventive and original Raila GMA good luck to take chances loves -- things. And a -- -- -- hopefully continue that would maybe like I really desperately wanting a reunion of the Love Boat. Bonds -- -- everything. We dressed up in character right person per capita we just dress up like them and act like it's a reunion. Oh my god because just because we can't Lorraine. I know I was -- happy game on you can tell me usually -- -- know I I also don't mind going dragged to -- and do right. You know that in Singapore -- -- was the coolest so I think the parks and -- -- he would -- to ask doc was cool to -- golfer. Gophers that I go for all my gosh how about -- islands. And mr. Morris animal -- -- -- -- I dodge didn't -- think the possibilities with her back Thursday and well needless to say. Welcome to GMA life itself and looking at the crowd and I look at this little girl -- where's your picture from 1980. She's like I was born I was born in 2002 year old. It hurts me like that cuts need to crack like a case you don't have a picture from nineteen. Can we start and why we have all this fried food delicious nest on the desk. This is -- state fair season by the way relations element and I don't know if you live in a place that you get a chance to enjoy your state fair. But -- but when I would came from Kentucky. -- from strong -- Hainan island we and that we -- state fairs when the state fair would roll into town that was a big big time for us because we got to go eat everything that is all wrong. The get on a terrorist and you don't like -- -- -- -- -- pay raise and there yeah I mean they they have -- -- at state -- they have but that's where your four -- will do all the judging -- you know what have the best I think that's pickles and that oh this is what we're featuring. Deep fried pizza. -- I don't know I don't know why you have to -- I thought yeah why not. Does it make it better. On the yelled come -- really it's really -- a -- Are -- supposed to dip does anybody know anything about deep fried pizza first call anybody in the audience -- I don't know funds from Ross wire he's a silent -- what did he. -- -- -- -- -- I mean not whole thing I don't. OK it's really good really is promoting my guy who -- you come on bush I have. Don't tell apparently had. And certain certain that tall sir you're you're tall man I think he can handle -- sticky. -- and -- to try try the fried pizza. I think that we need another -- whoever you don't have -- -- that. I -- get out there what do you think I'm way I mean what I did frankly -- is -- -- -- yeah. Rags to -- I -- -- originally I didn't. Like I never thought I wouldn't go who want to try and yeah -- -- -- young man what's -- -- king in king wanted to use it right here for just a second. And then you served and try to deep fried cheese is this all right James yeah this is not. -- anything until my guess that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fantastic so this is on the don't want that's probably get by on -- -- with the can I do you can we give me enjoy and we just pulled up to me out of -- OK go ahead and I feel I'm gonna be -- good -- America for me. Because I will enjoy that it's -- flavored beer on anyway thank you so much to all the state -- -- he's really good point though the narrow slice of Americana that is. One kinds and having bonded on that you thank you. Yeah -- Do you think Friday in favor delicious it's terrible memorial and -- not proponents of eating it however. However -- -- well and speak your maybe Torre would like try somewhere resolutely toward their -- are. Right take kidding. Torre has been there -- -- I'm Laurie no standing to bring down to is it next week visit next week the book you need to remembers it is September 10 to share yeah. Yeah. Where you keep -- and I deadline for my book is this in that it is now I'm freaking out booked L isn't stressful -- I'm not a song doing Jack I'm Arnold -- -- US open his -- Mom whose other job not yet so it's typical -- in here and top deep fried pizza but I had a pretty good deal for you so I Antioch yeah. Good Morning America live we did beauty products there's so many good ones yeah -- at least 50% not mandatory deals and steals. If you wanna go check out Good Morning America dot com get a look at the links in the codes. Everything is flying off the shelves already and yes -- your I cannot argue about the Murat products. Volume although I'm item individually the 177. Dollars for the set at 5 -- I 49 -- let out pretty and I do these hearings and yes. Hello I'm. Ten I'm waiting to companies you have them in warm colors no different yeah indeed I'm still what is not what is today -- -- -- -- -- of this is -- -- -- -- this is a quality we can't -- -- the -- -- the he made it a -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know little yes removal which I'm -- -- and the like what you can even get a machine law as it does it -- person does it permanently remove hair and -- I was and I yes department impairments can't. We sure a lot of people is I'm seeing a huge let down Joe Millionaire do you know why do really well since -- -- So you could so what did you go through -- and yeah. Okay. The food -- so I would never hire Shanahan to take you. Turner has thought this is it FDA cleared advice mom permanent results in as few as two weeks after seven treatments you start seeing like. Theory it's serious but -- don't you know they always say that -- -- it doesn't work as well but guess what. This is the first device -- skin types really yes that's one of that's one of its best. And beyond what's the -- and -- neither expensive OK but selling is like going to the fun having it that you -- mr. 395 dollars you know little hands went to the forum cards -- today -- 395 dollars while only at Good Morning America dot com I'm Yahoo! will get this morning. 85 for. Do you do this how do you make these companies try money you're playing I don't I didn't -- -- yeah. I don't unbelievable had to wait that's that's a -- thing I -- I -- your pizza. I'm -- I'm having more on -- try very spots all over. Luckily they weren't LA after that I'm -- -- -- right after the show -- -- -- yeah I don't know what baby I think it. Thank you thank you so what is happening right out. I'm -- every day now -- why wishing I was a good. I -- I would be like our correspondent from there two ideal rotation and we -- should the video of the of this world -- in the match. We can do that we -- -- -- tomorrow on Jim for sure to pack up would that that happened yesterday yeah I know it's late and I just didn't hear about today's batterers playing and downs and -- -- yeah. I'm so hollow threat going to be living my -- fantasies out and John we have -- -- sure does now coming from the other side of the pond the -- carnivals in London which was held last weekend. It's Europe's largest State Street festival -- thousands come out to celebrate. Including the police. Not only -- easy laughs while they're in their stores enforcing the law but they also can dominate its -- Yeah yes ground ball literally they -- out there and essentially the only crowd that they really didn't have a lot of work to do. So they started showing you instant crowd. That is why it is all an. And challenge on the down low dropping like it's high -- that it's not. I don't know I don't know -- thinking wrestling site. But I don't know what's happening yeah. I think in -- -- yeah -- Okay OK that's it. -- got a phenomenon. You know like he -- -- We just son Jonathan. -- Kabul Hornaday went public just back pictures today -- -- just go backwards for second and throw I'd prefer not Lara that look like Madonna I swear to you look like she was gonna break out. And then George. -- in the Platt. And so he's not the only one yeah I see remember George being the only one night I also noted -- -- you and George had a higher yield than I did on. George is so darn cute with his white tie I just love him he's like Alex. So cute he's like the Mod Squad Alex speaking and then you don't and it that was you know well there's -- family. If you look closely everybody get -- your monitor -- -- working probably four inch heels. Not. In this picture probably hadn't had my growth spurt yet so I'm probably -- -- -- by put something in wide -- taller and and and and those were. You know the you know -- doesn't -- then and then. Then there was the feathered hair -- there's issues there's those are definitely polyester and there was another not that does not agree the -- fat -- my dad. It got god bless and my dad used to come in in the morning and just laugh and make fun because I would take so much time to feather. That hair balloting undermining the closeup clear -- -- blow -- an entirely different that that technique of feathery hair or you -- Hitler -- -- you would -- other parent that lure back gathering out there. Yeah so does my -- have you noticed I had flock of seagulls yeah I did I don't know what -- Eagles are going on their -- her -- thought I was really happy and him. You have long here and invest I did let's get to the plan today. With a -- friends trying to create a fusion sport now we love this new sports on GMA alive we love how about baze and bowling -- combines. That's all I'm actually handle things you see here the picture -- -- haven't let that he's not lost totally dominant. And getting a spare. If this when the going I was okay with us I don't know I don't know if it's if it damages -- thing I would amount in baseball how all involved. -- -- that's that's got to be a strong throwing arm because it. Over those pins so easily -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And in -- sign -- -- what -- competitive -- anything -- I said who can drink this faster than shake faster C should be right on an already I already do is stop that I didn't mean it. But you're super competitive you've always been that way as long as -- them. You know what you mean now I just know it's true and so does all every member of your family. Are you always see your brother by the way. Yeah Alice -- think of -- coming -- that what's fun fun fun afternoon Tim Salmon called me up in the timing and yet I am here what do you -- -- -- what -- -- -- What do you servants through -- -- -- out why why when you when you're traveling why should you pull over to fast food restaurant when you know you have friends that are and that -- that and that area. Still not real hunger are really thirsty -- -- want to use the bathroom and how our own received him. The problem it's not trio here. -- my brother and how we might have had a -- -- TO we have we're having Kelly Kelly's death were five. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- everybody tomorrow is concert day in the park who whose. A -- -- -- and he and his staff clearly are big show we -- -- I know. Now Alicia Keys and you know she's gonna saying -- ever telling and I probably all I'm drawn fire gas is his own not -- are very similar to the. That so our summer concert series at least if -- -- in New York. And you're not in Central Park joining us tomorrow into making a huge mistake if you see someone in our busiest -- that -- -- -- you'll notice that. We don't know I'm totally having a girl on fire moment I am I'm so excited about it and we should today. Hello Josh because I know you wake up in the morning -- you watch this online later -- let me get home on that much is all well. -- -- -- -- -- Had back together on. That is that's -- -- be something I'm so excited I know that's a really get back to base you know once -- for Monday -- do we feel what it's home. This all day tomorrow this is all day -- my all data lag allow I'm Italian girls -- today's -- Today I'm gonna let our own -- up -- -- right pictures bring pictures. Can we as we as we go we leave you with -- Josh is -- Thursday. That we really didn't get a chance to show. The -- -- I love how you are already at -- and. Here's all Josh decided that the comb over was a style that he wanted to take on for his own biggest when he Giuliani around -- money delays John men. You know -- all -- Josh is here got darker as he got older my adult life here I know that's so weird so -- -- actually I am a natural one as he witnessed genocide does actually haven't had highlands and linking year. Looking community action in the same color ironically though you started out as almost -- we'll. And -- New -- -- live convenience. I don't understand what -- you. I don't I golf I may be unlocked your resorts to -- Do you guys.

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