GMA LIVE (09.23.13)

Josh Elliott, Lara Spencer, Sam Champion discuss Emmy awards, boy's pen pals around the world.
15:08 | 09/23/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (09.23.13)
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nice -- yeah. Where I. Yeah. We're looking at -- lower Manhattan. Right answer -- away from Brooklyn where what -- wasn't liberal eyes no good and -- -- you don't Brundtland. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bob I was -- that was gone. The about about the the opening number -- whatever we call I don't think it needs and renters would warm feeling terrible. And I'm glad that I knew I would give batter and then I loved -- -- Also making not of the tape and they went on the stage there all the -- -- there was a funny attack and -- -- OK do -- think I'd just like that I guess I felt like kids out. Team Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon and -- and in and I know that we. It was a nice way to say hey look it. It gives -- oddly desperate -- I actually it would Jess Cagle that managing editor of Entertainment Weekly was on the big show with us earlier today said. Neil Patrick Harris is wonderful he is an absolutely no doubt wonderful no doubt about it awards show host and I just felt like. I feel like the price ceiling the floor -- -- hey look who also did this it felt a little. -- that was funny have a self deprecating and delicious and -- I don't know I loved it -- -- -- show catalytic. Split last -- people loved loved loved him people words don't know we're -- got -- concern here there's a little bit of me. Right now and very bottom. There's a little bit of garden greens from the company home home. What I want to make sure -- I want to make sure that you're always looking good on TV thinking about it -- I just we'll have to say that I missed the whole thing I was on a two hour delayed flight thanks American Airlines. Coming. Coming back from Miami apparently the bottom of the plane had been fixed once before in the -- didn't hold. So it's not the most comforting thing that someone can come on yeah. I am ready to get off the plane I and don't let. Announcement and they're like you know well there's a problem at the bottom of the plane in the area we have to fix -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Something else just its anatomy changes they wanted to play it enhances. McKay something that's what you -- not that would like a blowtorch and right bubble gum. And all on the the fixing on lighting up taxi fleet Valium and really -- -- not -- -- morning. How was the what the hell I was the tennis. Up this week's guy -- I wanna know the and let me just challenge explained everybody. At that the club where I play tennis and -- a very avid tennis player Boies regarded as a as an adult after I had my second child on the competitive athlete I wanted something. I took up tennis I'd a done pretty well I need the singles finals the women's singles finals. Big deal the woman who in the current champ is. To be kind of people. I we we agree that hurt. It hear it let's check your lovely birthday she and -- yeah. As a fighter anger and -- and he's -- don't speak -- -- it's really the right now you know we're neighbors. But at what she's on the middle and then escorted out now gone out to ask about our depth when neighbors don't on the court they're all on the court it's on -- -- -- You were awarded fifty. She was -- -- -- -- and that's using clean my clock and I was -- -- but you know what might actually have a day job and I'm like you and I'm so proud that I -- the finals. I -- -- a couple games we do best I can. I get out there all seven up to -- All of a sudden. Do you broke early yeah that's -- Then -- mixing I know it's 65 I'm not. Thirty hall don't look around see that's when I want you don't start bogeys starting Q did you start thinking -- it's amazing -- -- -- -- -- He was not my acceptance -- Five almost got -- in the back. It's started raining. No way and then I and then I got a satellite I got put the court a card from the horse we went to a tiebreak I lost the tiebreak oh. So I lost the first -- -- starred in the second sat. We're gonna not it the current score 21 she's up to one. Ambulances and -- -- But that's a guy again. Read into that that is I don't -- -- the skies opened started pouring so I have a week to -- -- and we're not. So -- over picking up in the second set -- she's winning she's on sir she's on serve she needs to one. It's negative B that was ice is it if you. I really need you got to admit I really -- -- long period in the Catholic and I know you know there's advocate and to continue. Can you do your favorite look into the camera and see her name and city you're gonna how you're gonna how you're gonna do. Do it right. In the end believe it you can't believe it okay -- I want to see belief in your soul and -- C'mon you know who you are yeah. They're going down low. I'd like yeah -- weekend I -- constraining credit as soon decorating. All of my friends -- and watch relied. He's got the president of from -- I should really mean it's worth -- it's a good welcome home and welcome I'm glad you made it back safely get if you followed Sam Champion on the FaceBook you got to see a whole lot of Sam Champion this week there was hardly nude photo. Honestly. I it's like scams is -- wears no clothes that gets the all -- all that time I. I away at all on the beach equals the swim trunks not speed outbreak. Never this -- I love what does it Brazilians -- he -- in. News beat out yet. Which means okay yeah the Brazilian version of a three piece -- last season. Because they don't Wear anything but this is an opponent no it's not -- Just what does -- what does it out if there's a list of words that's what I don't like the way that thing. You started this and me now because Lara -- this list of words I had an I had another way -- out and others -- not often don't. Like the -- can do what would you call it. I don't know I wouldn't think of it I'm Angela hall that -- -- It's a little you know it's. We don't know we'll -- some. Did they get how much and a show what Suzanne Somers talk all -- well I -- I. Fred -- yes thank you think this is handling it is laboratory and the fish that gluten free and that is not -- -- cherry tomatoes from our gardens. And a little bit of basal and I'm not sure with the -- but it's delicious as lovely a regular and keeping her. Alive that this ration it was a segment that was essentially fourteen to remember well all the words that were pulled out -- segment just a little uncomfortable. How are you with that consumers firing -- a whole lot of what was it about it was about happy -- bonds. And as it is not a laughing. I it is not a lot of good artists like so in your face about everything -- -- -- -- is you've got regret not your Regina. She's coming in your face about all the bodily things like yeah Nebraska asking me about questions that I was not comfortable. I was very comes you know hard it is to make their Spencer company until all -- that like virtually never hacker triple I have never been rendered even -- -- yeah. And that is a very tall order I. Figure into the topic you won't have no more strict and really discuss I I had. I have the book I'm going to read the book because she is an absolute. Warrior I mean she her energy she's you know she's not -- -- rage I'm not gonna -- -- let her say. But she's definitely on the other side of fifty. And and she's got great -- I don't know what that looks like definitely. I never -- on the other what's so I -- so even though that even though it I don't -- topic I'd heard popular at least half right let's be honest it it is not every stage of your life from what happens that changes in your body we shouldn't be that's so 1950s to be afraid I don't know -- -- -- on your body. Talk about it. I don't know I mean I had a cup of coffee and I wasn't I wasn't ready for his had a really do all say that they had to say the word don't connect without a ravine just say a word that -- -- Which want him. The -- know I'm proud of well let's see. Basically yeah. Because until we do now some back in 1950. -- was all right we're we we worked -- about. And -- -- bill Arnold bill does not because Beckett the back of the dinosaur days how -- -- you know you are what you are fleeing from the raptors in the NT rentals aren't the only ones who -- shield comes up waiting their please help me an agent of shield -- -- -- -- -- big deal and nobody will they talk about where the avengers left off -- -- not like all. Emma Peel and -- speed. Right anybody that anybody. It's the biggest anybody our company. I now is the biggest movie of how bad all -- -- injured. Hold -- -- it's our own companies lonely lunch you should look at you look at me like I'm crazy -- It's lonely being -- out here you're really is go ahead at starring Emma Peel and I had Harry lives. Most of the -- issue this important. -- no -- -- -- -- -- it was always in the right case of the Mondays we got into Nevada is that doomed the wacky Monday's Dallas. It was -- very busy night. Playing with a friend this -- com I'm gonna -- -- match. Yeah sweet and we've been there -- Playing with the -- You know this -- soon this is of course we have little girl who probably just started like it's the first day of thankful -- Right now before. This Arenas coming home from kindergarten and -- It was. I she gets lodged in -- fall asleep and he -- you want them because they look a little like Fruity Pebbles or -- And they're delicious and I managed to yeah. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- could give her but it doesn't register every morning I mean maybe there may be this is there every morning he's like I gotta catch this and honey you got a low. Sleeping. That was. What she -- he's probably -- honestly. Beautiful thank you thank you thank you it gets better and it does Tuesday's them. I can't simulate a hot you guessed that a puppy that's coming up to go to this camera -- -- so loud pop that struck across the pond five year old Toby criminal from scaffolding gave England. Ticking on -- -- -- his goal is to write handwritten letter we'll be right it and it is handling and right -- To every single country in the world and so far Toby -- written get this -- 234. Letters to people that he is found by contacting and the scenes. Around the world and I love -- is a lost art they are well writing but. If he has -- hopefully now some penthouse scary scene a lottery -- to a friend in Botswana asking him ever. Raised a cheat death and if they leave any grass -- OK well that's a little -- Thursday on a little joke. Some -- until he's not only writing about it he wants all of his newfound friends to write -- -- -- -- 67 responses. Like this one from a friend in Guatemala. He wrote back to his question about the San Pedro volcano -- great great great basin of child has learned about people living in different countries it's prompted Toby -- raise money for shelter box. An international -- I did ask. To -- organization whatever get out there that's new are. A rock solid and Brady are writing keep on giving everybody check out -- work at the here is a big world and yes people that are different from their neighbors -- -- not everybody -- Emma Peel in the avenger and relating letters because I will say the worst thing about these things. Is that we didn't we you know we got -- I was so excited to be an adult I have a sleeping it matters I love that -- letters that was like he's he's going to know you know -- mailboxes it's just a place where bad news arrives. There's almost nothing that you know I am now not leveling off. Thanks to god. Like bill -- yeah some -- They're right Josh a letter -- these assets to. Pair of care of snow up right I agree the written word is is is. This just too much is lost yet has also you know when -- In the time it takes it to actually put pen to paper and write the what you see here it's an extra second spot and -- and -- constructing. Sentences your ideas -- from needed different way now we're just think that you know -- just you can literally just -- here's why not -- -- -- -- that right yeah did you not thinking it through he had not seen the words. And and then -- it's awesome time my block re automatically racist sites some of the most beautiful notes and letters that are just flop like from. From dear dear friends that I wish I had printed out you hit send you taken -- but if you send it to the post office you can always. Go to the person's house and break into their mailboxes stealing. So that's like you do after LC that's exactly how. It is an important part of the written word and -- -- bring about a. He's all about and we got a are kind of the. Just clever. Veterinary hospital in Melbourne Florida big crew actually get this -- Galilee veterinary hospital can show how -- -- -- what they need. Did address on Italian god -- -- -- Com Wednesday right -- and not -- cannot live there written and -- we need my big -- that we cannot live. And neutering your cut -- -- last night yeah honest and -- -- Yeah I -- -- -- yeah when I saw you didn't talk to your cat about cabinet who. -- what does it all again right. My new dogs three Latin yeah. Absolutely -- -- -- home -- -- -- -- and it posted this yesterday. -- like big lots and again not not. He's got yeah. Is a little -- veterinary hospital in Melbourne Florida you guys over the rob -- them by sending them some kind of message on social -- I love that that is -- avenue but that's -- you about -- -- -- For sure by. -- stated today we want to thank you and thank all of you for joining us here and Brooklyn Heights tomorrow at 9 AM eastern there are no it's not eastern daylight to tease his standard now is meant to reduce their -- and now. Now we -- we haven't changed times -- we're just we're just -- some says he's aware recently and we're actually in the fall season they really let her 9 AM -- I agree -- Bye -- everybody --

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