GMA LIVE (09.25.13)

Josh, Sherrod and Lara meet a young girl who developed her own app to find playdates.
14:16 | 09/25/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (09.25.13)
-- -- -- Your -- or yeah. I like that word he. That's what I. I know best Johnston and camera -- -- put on assignment. So I thank you -- come and help me out -- family not -- and we are failing tells heads aren't anywhere else they can see you do is a real mess we give every Friday and 10 o'clock we'll be -- one. -- new Internet access. And operate the mails isn't else what else you got I got Olazabal a little understandably the city all we can how can you do stand -- public were welcome to the foxwoods global. Yeah I was going to I was kind of acting like a really really good idea and then. And then there's likable kid thing. But I do want to -- -- -- what do you next in New York City I'll be here all weekend up in the -- -- and it's the same on how others how how. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you weren't on -- now -- -- -- me. You're looking around the room as an example of the above your -- -- utility -- what I would say this. -- do whatever is in the moment is like this room -- To -- okay now we can talk Lebanon jacket that's yeah. That -- my income fell out of. All restaurants while everybody -- and then of we -- a great show on GMA today was a beautiful outside Gordon's I love when the whole team is there that's so good to always be at Rodman and George and did so strong that you do we are we off family with the family I got all my Brothers sisters and me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I said he insulted somebody I was like I think it's just it's right here it's -- And it's. Levels but did. I'm like call of duty cop because it is. -- -- -- -- -- And beautifully yet thank you know right here thank you shut off and everybody I just don't you just tell it was in Syracuse yesterday actually. -- -- again today during an Alice -- And then they'd won the big enough news conference -- you listener this would you move the Barack. The biggest -- -- -- know you know and I do want to share what I'm you know we have the soldier reunions. Which for us it's just a moment that you can't it's always good mind -- Usually there's surprises -- day lot of the of course I don't Britain wants his child right really are always Winslow football yeah. -- like it was one where a soldier his family was scuba diving on -- snorkeling trip. And the soldiers who was he scuba dived and I'm not up to next to them and popped up and so on so do we always -- You know frankly we -- these moments and really present government -- a beautiful moments all right but I was but. Fascinated a borderline obsessed with the idea. All the moments that lead up to that moment and so I kind of wanted to wanted to do a piece that sort of takes us back to the moments on both sides yesterday it was -- and Syracuse Fort -- is nearby Watertown -- -- -- three. Military families young families to of the two women who actually had babies -- their spouses are deployed in Afghanistan have not seen their baby. And just in it was. He was a pretty it was a big day yesterday it's have described a -- admittedly did not -- -- writer on -- crash. Adventure at all and I just mean if you if you're happy that exact track won't let it out -- -- and I am yeah. I was a big daddy I got -- But in trying and -- -- in trying to talk about -- that this is why I think I'd. I was happy to be able to try to tell the story because so often in explaining what it's like to have spouse is gone for months and months and months. They found themselves. Saying I just don't really have the words to describe. What it's like so. We sat down with them I'm actually -- Marty -- -- down President Bush talk about a few things including this for them on that on Friday going to Afghanistan we're gonna go to bottom airforce base. And sit down with the spouses of that. That the fathers their Altman right the fathers of these spam we sat down with its elegant elegant yet the actual soldiers were gonna bring them home. -- -- -- -- -- I think have you as that's funny I think I could use him and -- and then all of our -- but usually just saw the. Well well life's good and you know somebody treated today. Didn't lose we do good news we give you all the news we're not not do we in new story on this show ever but you know we're there -- I -- coming to work with -- yeah I mean I'm sorry that I enjoy my work something that's. -- is shot at a -- like you know you're in the right job when you're excited to get up at 4 o'clock in the morning. Like yours when you don't have been known as though it will destroy that Goldblum. An intimidating but we got to get to our we gonna get to our. Are -- still not you and he's -- That's -- everyone is still talking about Bill Nye the Science Guy he broke FaceBook and YouTube records would have spurs man and a people -- Got a kick out it's possible -- -- -- word if there could be some -- might have suffered a knee injury you know what I don't know that -- a lot of events and shows them back the last -- I hope not and then tell you look at look at him I mean this is talking upgrades talk about going. Out of your comfort zone today I gotta tell you what I read he was in the passing game wasn't quite sure I got -- that I know -- -- -- -- -- just not I don't know. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah he's great he have the -- of win or go look. Love -- you go potted plants cut output might like invent some of a machine that helps. Keep the beat a little better yeah. You know everybody -- him of his -- -- great TV also at Honda started it was not about tech crunch that recently held a half marathon in San as a scout. These events and opportunity for tech industry leaders to collaborate put up and coming developers and designers -- it's like Yahoo!. What is Marissa Mayer yeah. God Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is -- years teaching -- PPP without I don't know that we eyes children's when you're suing and it's either -- yeah. Exactly the outlawed -- and -- again -- -- you know I'm talking about it. Also onstage though. Wasn't really owned Alexandra Jordan with all of those incredible people there there -- -- -- -- -- Cabrera Zuckerberg. There and that -- so this -- middle grade school hacker. Impress the crowd -- she created called super fun kids' time it's an online tool to help kids and parents sat -- Pretty angry at me and -- piece of content here now -- doesn't yet. -- -- -- I have. And yeah. -- all tell us what super -- kid that does. -- -- -- -- and former king yeah. Yeah. Well thanks. Sorry yeah. Yeah she does fall it. Area teacher oh yeah and platitudes and -- -- And -- and -- To slow the terrorists get the sixty tells the industry used it to the -- to find other news outlets critical Arafat guitar. Idea estimates -- the -- at the present kind of content to ride shotgun on their kids setting up their way they have what everybody else you want something -- doing your honor I like her out. And you may -- -- -- how did you come out of this idea. I -- Well I don't have any. Problem in -- This. Lady right. Good news. And thank you for -- -- -- some slowly he. That doesn't now I have to say in Sunnyvale California you are right smack dab in the that Silicon Valley so are there other apps in the pipeline should we. Should we be looking EU is Angel investors aren't getting on board rebounds -- aren't -- yeah. -- -- -- -- We're pretty. Apple seems. Yeah it's all social ills and -- it. General existing drugs look great -- issued here. I love it I love as a parent I think that's a great idea Alexander congratulate. People are against him a couple of hundred -- -- also tonight -- come -- mountain and -- so I just wanted also say this again. -- -- -- Program director four save the children which is a wonderful. Wonderful organization that does exactly that. And does so by trying to Philly needs more down millions and millions of health care workers that we need and it's around the globe so. Last year it started you -- here -- -- -- -- today highlights the real awards so tell us again from. For those of us on on the tell -- -- what the real awards. Put that idea is really that health workers are not appreciated their overworked their underpaid underpaid yes and in fact around the world -- short five million -- workers. It's our goal is to get more attention paid to filling the gap in health workers and better supporting existing health workers. Through creating the real awards so Americans can go online at the real awards dot com. And nominate a health worker but also people around the world can -- help workers on that same site there's a place to download a PDF and nominate an outstanding health workers made a difference -- -- -- -- please do so these are the true artists that -- less about health or his -- like five million. -- It in part because they're just not enough medical school there's not a trailer programs are expensive to get it -- -- exactly. And -- some of the health workers who are most in -- are actually community health workers people were closer to the communities in this country as well as around the world. When you think about around the world we think about what we're talking about means years. You know. He won't be great need here but I mean there there are places where. It's not immediately people are dying because they don't have them right right I was just in Guatemala two weeks ago and -- you know we -- walking miles. At between -- -- terrifying kids who needed care so there really is a real need and save the children and others are really working to promote. Training of health workers and bring him closer to how does the real wars dot com can -- and you can also on Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! nominee health worker nominee you know -- -- -- something. I mean that staggering story in the aftermath of hurricanes in the last year -- -- The hospital that lost power and neonatal unit had pass. Newborns down its floors and we had -- yeah. They'll just be frank -- out and about it. They are they are heroes and boy did they deserve awards so Andy did you that's also -- children not com. Made -- powers that so much and -- It -- -- available. It will host I have happened given back field at -- competitive at a column about the stick around to the -- -- yeah. Yes he's here next on smile wearing out of the -- a unique talented I'm. Look this is natural -- he's a painting horse literally of course he is scores of hours and hours of course of course unless of course you can -- and after knee injuries sidelining onetime champion race -- -- he was adopted by artist Ron could you ski who put cameras in front of -- rare breed for some unknown reason. He cited by cameras in front of -- -- that is why wouldn't you do. And -- were started painting and now the horse -- 20000 dollars a painting. I wish she would. Yeah. I think -- that caused these -- exit at. Those paintings. Those paintings are -- not sure how the race horse the proceeds go to all at least they're -- to present try to help find homes for retired race horses. If you want an original artwork by metro -- You have to get in line -- -- and -- -- -- -- I might have missed out debating don't -- to 8008 over 500. Time we'll have full horse maybe we believe what -- do -- explain this to be to Traci earlier in the front seat if you don't see and let's bring Tracy Tracy Kennedy had 40000 here. Says 20000 and has 500 suggesting what do we tell them it's like storage wars we change that it was. Yet he gets -- turn to -- on the paintings total yeah total. Get 500 Turkey 500 therapy I was an eyewitness and a slight exaggeration on my part in America. I apologize. For that Patrick still getting splattered -- I have almost like -- you can -- and -- -- Those tankers are gonna gonna pay bills yeah. Well it's a good time could not forced to work that's very straight -- are set -- -- an academy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The united power save the children dot com is the real words not have a -- on you don't have engraved. And we'll see you tomorrow 9 AM eastern yeah. Okay.

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{"id":20368466,"title":"GMA LIVE (09.25.13)","duration":"14:16","description":"Josh, Sherrod and Lara meet a young girl who developed her own app to find playdates.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-092513-20368466","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}