GMA LIVE (11.06.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara put Guinness World Record Competitor for Fastest Talker to the test.
15:10 | 11/06/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (11.06.13)
-- -- -- I wow avionics or happy Thanksgiving you are happy Gmail I -- my daughter. Out of Condo word things like visits and it's like Thanksgiving on -- and that's behind a -- ought to get kind of giving hobby given his own way. Six and again thanks Monica and actually hunting I don't know if I'm Thanksgiving on the same night this year which is extremely rare last time it happened was 1888 that. As rare next time I don't even remember -- 88 I didn't you -- you know you're I think it was and I think everybody I'm glad I remember it was raining that day but I forgot. Go ahead could pick. That was the day you very that if -- might as stimulating and is that they admit the medium of television I would like to forecast weather on I just get away. So they say this isn't just won't again for another 70000 years so we should probably celebrate -- -- exhausting who thinks I'm not giving -- The basics -- found this spread that you see. Does that tell Barbara iron out into the sidebar -- -- on -- New York City we've got time -- shaft. Showing us some of his dishes. Including pumpkin -- plant which is totally -- -- all. We have not -- I have a gorgeous Greek salad. We have this on stuff like -- don't know which side looks really good it's its data. Actually it looks and tastes can only -- -- come -- -- here. Get over here. -- We crossed the. And more -- on building. These -- the only reason all of -- what a pleasure meal and thank you so much -- -- apparently you understand the rules -- Jimmy live where food is. Thank you so very much and what a wonderful spread tells little bit about her restaurant. Thank you so much -- the fall for inviting guests and Barbuda is there Mediterranean fare as well like deployed we like to tickled -- the great stuff that. -- and -- on the Mediterranean should call -- shores and just gonna to infuse it with new techniques and why would you do this is -- -- -- this is really delightful thank you. And this -- for -- it was a great opportunity you know tickled the great stuff of the season all the seasonal vegetables and the seasonal fruits and makes my two favorite holidays Thanksgiving. As in northern new America and yeah I'm Coca I was born in Israel and four six -- perfectly of the cranberries and the donuts you know. The less than traditional -- -- -- don't let these completely traditional and then we put some cranberry sauce and that didn't titled I'm. It's awesome with a -- after. The shaft when you have a very traditional meal and Thanksgiving meal kids into the fund every interpreted do I mean is that it isn't sort of -- -- canvas to paint on all of course every. Listen cooking is something that mean mean -- -- human being since the first day that you know the moment we knew what to do. Fire July fired -- and we -- food. Most about what was that moment like. Because we didn't really expect -- we're just rub in the rocks together. The mayor -- nature of the -- You know. And that day. Good and I love I like to think about the first person that acts and and we kicked a potato -- -- -- in -- and we went back got -- -- So I think you very much it is as his -- it is really delicious and -- really really it's and ask how. This -- salad and some solid -- -- Easter holidays. Was actually just two that it just shows -- I had about -- additional what -- good -- are put him. Pretty much of the doughnuts and then let's just send a soup which is that really their holy and what is -- -- -- -- how he made them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can -- called -- -- which is a Middle East development well yes I well I guess I. I doubt -- in your pumpkin soup and I was good and that is not a euphemism might actually dismiss out of the island toxic realize that's. I would think thank you thank you are -- if you are in New York City. -- -- you guys have a chance to the food is spectacular. And we wouldn't wish you happy Thanksgiving and happy Chanukah. -- thank you great. Days from different -- and be able to celebrated together and respectfully celebrate them altogether and thank you searches for sharing that with us and -- -- More than you know it's awesome and amazing by the way people while I get a mouthful of food in the I'm gonna introduce I'll -- I'll do I'll introduce him. And you get them out -- holidays come and we have in studio Blake. Michael posture he's got some gifts and they all -- bond given come on over he -- he can -- over. By the -- -- CEO and chief shoe giver Thompson yeah the love I love what your company does exist among really nice Saturday on a shallow lake properly and on and it has the goods you. You got started something. Before anybody thought about it. Those Toms shoes that you would -- -- -- and give the -- no threat to have an automatic fare nominal. We've now given over ten million she has children and -- -- so fantastic it's been amazing and you just keep on going keep on going talk we give another ten million pairs of ways next year. Says the company usually -- allotted but the most exciting for me is and we start of the one -- -- seven years ago we were like all by ourselves and now. There's all these other companies -- have -- us making amazing products that all have been giving component. So yesterday we launch something called the -- marketplace sometimes dot com. -- we have over thirty different companies now. They're all -- back through their products let's talk about so yeah as a wizards at -- of NH we should be accidentally when when people goes surgeon when he told them TO MC OMS dot -- dot com -- markets listen to these are right Julia oh that's great so there is -- -- look at it this brands -- -- kids and and they -- women in northern Uganda. That they recognize -- when they don't have jobs they can crush. And these women occur -- all -- long. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- are getting -- mean I think that when things we try doing a talk marketplaces make sure that. All apply to this initial collection are great gift ideas so whether it's -- stockings to authorities. Journals is that really cool company to -- unique. What they do is that artists from all over the world submit and give their art. And then at the -- goes on to the binders and and they help build schools without profits. And everything -- -- eleven nanny yeah yeah yeah and you're hoping -- schools if you buy gift certificate to keeps on giving. This is really -- there will be you know what thirty million backpacks on the -- with the kids all over the world so why not do something great with the sad that this is the great story to guide this young man was in Kilimanjaro hiking. Realize that his packer only made a dollar day and he could afford this in his kids at school. So he came back the states he's actually an intern at -- at the time. Can he create this backpack company. Where he sells backpacks and funds scholarships for kids -- live in the foothills of the Kilimanjaro -- that taking -- you're breaking my -- with this these are so great every I want every present I have everybody I know you're getting stuff from the table adding that is -- o'clock and and the sub title of the company's carry an education spending that's so wonderful letter that the only thing that's been really fun for the -- like. All these different companies are different stages many of them early stage yours -- started on the -- marketplace it's the largest order that they've had. So why it's really exciting this is live a brand is full divorced -- -- committee. Famous Ethiopian supermodel you -- she would ask is always do their ego. And by the end all barriers on the I needed ties all -- of the last piece here this is currently get that her life. Just and it looks like I -- Beverly you know going up in Ethiopia and willing to give back in her country and and really create economic development for the women there. And also a lot of her stuff and -- maternal health. So. Many ways to I think that's -- I think that's the way -- where he had the house has passed through the I. It's a little written and that's a different show -- yeah. So does the -- -- -- this is also another great example of someone who's traveling. You know -- Kimberly had this idea that she did employee you know once again women empowerment. -- creating jobs. And they're weaving these in these villages and normally they would have no new market for their for their goods -- putting him you know and on the -- tried -- we have from the marketplace and more exposure and and more jobs created allegedly. To prevent any -- and laughter okay I needed ties is that policy activism tied that I -- actually fear of a way out of word cyber much of voting no -- -- I didn't thirties until -- -- Whose and so did the same thing they're trying to bring. These artisans who typically don't have a global marketplace for the products. Bringing them in a policy does so many different core products were happy to have a tie and a couple other products. On the -- marketplace I -- I can't -- had actually tried out purely there to me -- a leader in -- good. Thank you haven't. I -- you go. This we gotta love. What I thought god what's happening why don't yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- out we we have some world records to be sad but it's it's a unique place -- Guinness world records unleashed its starting and only season this week and we have of course the man the senator of adult. Then -- -- and he is joined. But one of the challengers you ready. -- -- -- -- -- First of all the end yes haven't read it we heard about this on the -- yeah earlier this morning out here people can try to come by and its regular academic out. Out in Times Square and we -- poured -- -- you can -- off off the street -- to break Guinness world record we have the second shot glasses when he shot glasses and for time I expect to people to fix the -- You're exactly you have to be perfect submit the quickest now I didn't -- -- really really don't know we're really good look would end up fixing the bad boy I think we could kick -- -- here you know. That I think we got that you but we have the -- twenty -- but skewed you can trying to I'm sorry what do kids who don't use your hands don't know -- really. Really what you don't like this. That is going to be hard to explain to my girlfriend I -- you know. Do you -- for that -- out there is already records yeah. That is the only problem. It's bitter feuds in the grass -- -- don't have been. Now that it actually going to be good idea for direct I've got -- -- -- So. I think everyone is free throws seated CB free throws and project until. Obviously a lot of bizarre record we saw one today a woman the one shot hitting the road suite one lake behind her had any idea Iowa's wondered -- things I didn't know there was a record already -- and I didn't and how -- -- these people learn they can do anything to what. We saw the debacle -- there's a lot there's a high degree of typical -- program. Sure and -- it you know the thing is it's I always say getting a Guinness world records like the -- men's Olympic gold medal right because -- you don't you're not going to be the same ball a hundred meter dash but guess what. You -- attempt something like that we had a guy -- came on the second seed in the had failed the first season. And he attempted to kick himself in the head the most time to break the record for kicking yourself in the head in one minute and he didn't do it -- -- so dejected and. I'm literally went straight he hired a personal trainer. Started doing yoga and -- and we had a back to train -- direct my need to assault myself and I put even faster yes I am not a that is saving post record attempt interview was great -- was a little blue. -- I said -- -- your your talent to harness. And we -- -- top back Ocala and so. We gotta be are we attempting this -- we get prisoners got to demand to know mr. this is seriously amazing she what did you read like Shakespeare's. -- -- -- Steaks yeah yeah. Well that yeah. Abbott scored his credit. I was so good start with -- she's me OK yeah. They will -- here in -- we haven't. Timer to we have a timer -- -- -- -- there were about taking these timing -- here we go. -- -- working camera two and we're gonna go in three. 20 why didn't -- -- without thinking that -- -- -- lessons applicable we think physically mentally accompaniment while pundits like a negative affect any part of I think it isn't it just -- it -- -- -- -- that -- -- I can even dare I think I'll put it not be publicly but it's important to him get I think the government had everything they. It does look like look it's what we are different he didn't literally in the deputy break through the -- of eating what he's got about uncertain size -- -- -- British look at the government to protect. Not like me. Well I. As bad as what she just death. That's exactly -- normally take. Plus it takes -- -- it turns out we took is that you only need you only need thirty -- the mean where did -- are -- just so he did this in 35. In 35 seconds later admitted this morning in two and a half minutes and it was -- risk. Like it was risks trying you know. You -- a record -- much. Is and political they need to lay down and got. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Enlightened audio and I give like five extra seconds there he -- have a challenge for us in my told them it didn't -- now -- -- even those times where you can try to set for one afford a front runner -- -- the -- -- now but exams are definitely still yet. I think everybody have a great deal C a Marlins you may I. Well we're sure doesn't have a favorite things a return trip -- -- Brussels threatened -- important point -- settlement -- -- -- be several hundred miles Copeland. Hundreds were --

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