GMA LIVE (11.14.13)

Lara and Ginger celebrate National Bunt Cake Day with cakes from The Corner Bakery Cafe.
10:55 | 11/14/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (11.14.13)
Okay. I'm not Josh thank -- And miss Indiana. Read up on Kate but Kate day tomorrow. National this national undertake. Yeah. Attended -- yeah. Yeah okay. Everything you need me I'm ginger is AM there's a lot of mental illness so adamant. Well ginger and -- -- -- -- just on the tell me why recent -- on -- you know I -- it takes a couple of days you don't just -- in. -- -- -- but hey hang around you that's her problem and that's what happened hasn't happened -- and Ronny Robertson was like I think we may have finally turning taking you over to the -- -- It's a great tragedy and -- sold by an -- everybody's a little -- we all like her little double -- as engine disease its -- job and I'm thank you -- forecasts for around Maria yeah I mean he's in a lot of people of them wondering what news -- going to why isn't so hot yeah Hotmail and will there be a cold front -- yeah that's what -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So. -- -- -- -- I'm not some -- on cape and ideas -- general everybody who walked from hi -- It's getting. Uncertain fashion its national -- -- amount -- -- -- national everything adds I think self said today's pickle day is what I heard. Which is Michael I -- -- little lighter. -- now Cuomo monetize -- so -- can mean members so we have incredible amazing -- cakes are you guys live in the -- takes it and I think so I want one. They're from the corner bakery cafe. The gingerbread pumpkin chocolate temperament and chocolate I want to try one of each if that's okay. Just to bite I think that's OK and doesn't count and healing things are small like best and did not mean -- gunning down into the sluggish. Thank you -- Cyrus so thank you today's of the court at the corner bakery cafe -- so thanks guys national. It feels so good up until it reminds me of sort of whom in my -- -- holiday as the gap yeah. -- little drizzle memory you can get them little -- the little. Duncan Hines that I can rock -- without voices in his upstairs is just telling the plea is there's an interesting tidbit about -- cakes is due out there. They don't conform to a specific recipe they just need to be making a -- again that's gonna make some -- really and that's all the -- about it. This changes -- once again there's a little dirty double entendre happening review I'm not sure what's going on and get right into my bonds and thanks. Can -- and a -- gingerbread month's contest couldn't. -- -- And loving girl from -- flat so. It's well again there's usually do you do not -- that James was as if -- exchanges -- -- -- the -- this is the -- that we think is as Smart or is it not that entertaining it's probably all of these things a man. With a hot dog in his mouth -- an alligator. Let's check out -- Bryant. OK it's haven't -- -- what is wrong with him well he's training and heard some twenty years -- says this is say I have I can't imagine it takes one. And alligators like hot -- I guess that's -- Sound good question -- -- would he do that with a bunt cake -- want to deny that there was this guy that's what anyway let's -- -- him. I know that let him out a certified trainer like this is -- an Odyssey looks like he's doing this incredible crowd here -- is contingent -- trends and would please me as honestly may have been doing in -- years but it's that one time. Where can go horribly wrong felt uniting letting us know any know how do you sending your -- -- it wasn't just the you never know how we're gonna react that was -- well. You know I don't play of the day extra to you this -- a -- get an example here and maybe -- a member dancing car salesman with a moves have been locked in from last week and I wasn't here so I had I didn't I watched -- -- where I didn't run. There seems to be a movements of unlikely dancers out there but -- -- -- his brief moment. Of dancing list from Pittsburgh head coach celebrating of the players after they -- Now I have to. -- When you lose it when it you -- -- is when you're dancing can you really lose yourself that -- -- happy yeah I don't care what my body looks like right now. It's a beautiful feeling and that's good looks -- down the factory in India right here in the group -- the effect. Clinton pilot to the audience that they they if we're going to -- ounce down the just -- the moment is found yesterday telling you about ruby that incredible rescue dog who climbed nine. -- rest you know I love the rescue -- this guy was found in a dumpster. On barely alive literally popped into this woman's arms and into -- hard and -- she's taken in one of the natural -- time he climbed Mount Everest. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Content of climbing mount. It's -- Clara they -- perfecting the dissents. All the Uday as his bull run appears to be. -- thinks something's wrong but things really do in the -- I done that as a child where you live like -- down on the there's talk thumb I've just never seen at a -- down to a monitor -- -- got up he signed necessary because he's a sleigh -- hysterical each of them have a little personality yeah causes. It's not exactly not cameras Denise that was abstract the cats. But we do appreciate again -- thank you rent without. So let's go orange honored as patty you -- and they start thinking about. Good enough holidays hi how are you O time -- -- he's -- together ginger is -- and everybody did Thanksgiving two weeks away. Right now. We talk about planning a holiday party really simple -- Whether you're having a traditional honor here on offense -- hosting me some easy on tips on how to make your party extra special here's -- and -- was of -- -- TV. And team in the style expert data -- and yeah okay so let's talk about what the sort of most simple. -- thing to do or to avoid. At first saying is make the food stempel like the voicing what it would help Melissa parties be stuck in the kitchen cooking I lineup of artists not but nevertheless having a good time in the living room. And indicting them you're stuck in the kitchen. It isn't that simple you know I think calculated to -- -- make something like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It cool and remember you're really into Canada -- it exactly that you and I meaning. With a sharp BB Wright likened the -- Such a cute idea I also loved your idea just simply wrapping one cookie if you make a few dozen cookies and you -- -- they're they're pretty and just as sort of a thank you when you need some opponents I don't I -- -- -- when you leave the dinner party like ambush eight more. -- -- Nazi attempt to have in that ongoing harm and then on another way to make a pretty remember. Abu let's let that you know we'll take photos and -- -- and -- average of the -- I thought as far as anything you post such ignorant. Puts particular -- camera dozens of would you let me just take a photo like let's take when Rangel yeah that was -- -- At both -- -- and -- really good about it's only ticketed if you're guessing he'd taken all that otherwise an -- it's really cute. And with a little too sharply you know the -- and -- and I didn't -- yeah and -- and this and this is the next generation of it -- -- -- -- I -- and it's seemingly like certain people don't think about it but I do agree how many pictures to be -- governor found that. Never seen the light today that slavery and is a great party -- And down getting back to the wall lets you drinks and then let's check -- the drinks -- this is great I'm -- it's fun to have a signature drink at your party maybe even make a sign. I am not Cox highlights always get recipes -- like collapse like to see every dot com is really -- -- -- -- Avery dot com and missed a fifteen minutes to make it's basically raspberry syrup cinnamon I was checking girls that the suggesting then there. And a touch -- Rosemary and it's easily -- can't change his. But don't let holidays and yeah. -- -- -- -- I mean I'm Nixon went bonds' case that might go but don't go with some other kind of very beautiful picture coming in a close up then this. Party hammers I don't want to give your gas and alien. Ended -- -- and got regular coming to a party. And have another pregnant -- you'll never forget this nominee William. Manuel region here. And Sosa was signature -- down always a great way to graduates like that have -- at fifteen to thirteen -- I think. And then finally gotten back to the food. I hate when I go to parties and -- eating something a small finger but you're -- to -- and gets all over -- dragged through her -- your chart its officers competition you're trying to bite into the food. Letting go easier because of appetizers. -- assortment fruits crackers as the badly about it at all my dad and say happens -- Pataki and you don't want the toothpick comes to -- that then files with the I don't know I don't know where to put -- to think yeah standing in real conundrum and but the teens they can anyone emea are like magic it's you don't and that he dad's -- and -- speak for yourself and yeah. That's -- -- yeah I did what -- that made up my shirt with everything -- have and who doesn't have a little guacamole in it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sounds really. I'm not even ready for that you know I'm getting -- get a mortgage family recipes I'm GMA coming up my mind it's my mom's recipe. I swear to ponder his arrest me really good looks and regularly doing we're gonna do recipes and I'm gonna I'm going to add that to the lab's -- because not night army does make -- -- -- and I. Great great great symbol -- and you can check out Diana how -- -- dot com and get more for dinner party ideas act. Less savory dot com I know I gambit to great recipes I love that actually -- -- Yeah. No plans an hour meanwhile everybody happy national -- -- to -- tomorrow and yeah. So what you're like yeah me because staying with us and -- and -- that they drama. And and let's keep having fun this week I think the can I do not exist -- my -- is on key Bessemer on GM AJ and I.

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{"id":20887581,"title":"GMA LIVE (11.14.13)","duration":"10:55","description":"Lara and Ginger celebrate National Bunt Cake Day with cakes from The Corner Bakery Cafe.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-111413-20887581","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}