GMA LIVE (12.09.13)

Josh and Amy check out two animals having fun and get a visit from Santa.
3:00 | 12/09/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (12.09.13)
Funny how -- -- you know what I would hate. For America to think that people from Georgia can't -- well they have come off into the rainy day today though the F fell off its amazing no points. -- Georgia. See that in mind neck of the woods would win that -- still. Point oh god for help and now -- -- that was not good no good deed goes unpunished any. -- -- Hello everybody -- -- can it is our favorite bar sandwich of the morning with -- and -- off but a meeting during commercial breaks. And as soon as a bathing him that -- you know what is -- visiting needed eating. Where what does this missing the -- -- yet and guess what the couldn't find it. So guess what we found a hot hot sauce -- -- we're supposed to keep things in the kitchen right and just isn't about rules just thinks the hot sauce and puts it in his office. So we found it in your op Eds one. And the constant battle to open it up behind you want to do -- let's do. Why it here the hot -- started going -- it was leaving the building I would still alive I'll finally decided. Dual -- way to -- -- the hot sauce is to have the hotspots -- and now. The odds are you know right don't that right OK so not only got out I have -- that it -- you have to -- this -- Not really -- I don't think it's like America just walked into -- there its -- room and I -- -- he must have -- Fresno. -- -- -- -- So I wanna come comes up I'm kind of its -- So. The best thing about one of the my favorite things about this job is that when we do live -- with all the stations in America. And Fresno. Public I get loose on Fresno -- 945 cents after we view this. Caffeine surge it's not on let's do it. And so I go on with Margot and Jason in the mornings and evenings ABC 30 -- and the central valley people that come from the central valley. I'm not -- but I love the central valley club California. And I'm -- how I am now. Full swing mayor of Fresno and -- I'm taking you with -- might chief of police that how is my campaign they'll. You know everything he got in in Hanford UK to be president and as far as we're concerned out of California -- -- guess what kind of -- it would it'd be a breakaway republic. Yes -- cowboys going to be its own -- Women who are UA from the -- in -- -- many mistakes -- and friend Clovis California inlets and has been Scott and daughter Kendall and all of -- friends family and Clovis unified school district. -- and other watching hi Alice hi everybody I'm now up and say it can't she's got to want to look at the bonus point table bonus point and it got. -- -- -- -- I'd love eleven and I things like that well no because I also -- when we talk about that that you doesn't look like his right here. Bradley Cooper. And Garth Brooks thing in the northern -- is amazingly hidden boy it's just like butter. Didn't get its -- to Julie Andrews and we had Mary Poppins and -- music trio. We had caught with drugs how badly did you -- Me and -- and while singing right I dreamed that her husband Billy get up as -- don't -- them a lot of they'll -- look -- they had. On the -- I was hot yes they have now please you head Jersey sticking your head now didn't remember when I did at that time a year ago just remember that has a good night. Out of remember. But she all she wants to be really sing we shall do this TV thing because you know phased bailout I'm I suppose I'm not be getting last night my kids got a baby sit there and plus the boys and our house is if this that there under the new girls singing castle on a cloud and I dreamed a dream and -- -- -- -- -- just. -- on in our apartment nine -- yeah sorry you see India but you've got -- Lee at a level leasing endless. Weren't so I'm told by you every -- that Bob Ryan yeah. -- -- -- -- -- good Obama got about Bradley Cooper yes. Because I actually want talk about the film American house or car. American -- is renovated. But it isn't it I mean I -- I just I didn't making references to Oscar buzz right you know -- center. Don't think -- like we do that I feel like we say that about everything I mean. To really really really -- but David O. Russell. Director of the fighter director of silver linings playbook also director of flirting with disaster which a movie about adoption for me -- my early twenties was awesome. Has brought a fighter and -- -- -- -- sort of together incredible data floors Bradley Cooper. Christian -- yeah. On. Amy Adams is brilliant and Robert Janeiro. Football I Elvis loved knowing that there alcohol involved but now and and Monday you'll -- article I want -- world would Smart -- is just like Arlen Marty and Marty I loved loved that idea. Great movie. Great dude flick wanted Ricky dude -- bombing Santa as they do these Nvidia -- that he is he any is using his slightly -- Just slightly. Get here and heavier and it -- that bank yet. What's he got caught up and I happen. Rather than a couple like People Magazine covers. -- -- to believe this segment is in denial of that but there's I'm sure I'm Mike. There's -- -- one day my name on Wednesday I'm big in Madagascar. And -- now don't forget about Fresno. I'm not -- Josh his friend Bradley in Fresno that's -- -- but that's how they are part. Yeah he shared these candidates he took valuable screen time from Josh one day on that show that he does. OK what are we have -- -- in the control -- didn't. She says something like -- you read something or do something moving it along to -- -- I think that that's important popular target now why not do -- -- see the last time I saw these two ladies to there are now I don't know I don't picture yes I don't picture below last FaceBook as a picture -- you know is that I'm getting up because I love hearing your friends post pictures themselves when -- been drinking. And you see it in their faith -- you know people don't necessarily now but I'll let you ever wondered what can hear about -- -- That. Proud. That's not -- really -- pretend like. That's why he didn't have -- -- -- -- you know don't say the united in our John King yeah. Does what looked like him anything -- there with -- -- -- -- exact same trying to interview doesn't follow yeah that's right I'm sure. Give yourself doc I don't did not ask the Iowa -- this overs linked to the soulful song and in not even -- -- default. Who -- usually -- -- -- -- weekend is -- yeah thank you yeah but he dealt. Point 83 year old birthday party -- watch that is very game which was heartbreaking and very sad beyond doubt when I'm. The monthly -- and that's. -- -- Real time that -- -- racked up yesterday -- up. We'll get better. Denise you look really -- that didn't. Honestly do you like glitter -- I don't know actually got like a do Zoolander those -- up. Exclusive deal we probably won't be blowing this up on the show every day no boundary here probably never again that's -- not mounting problem. Denise three year old birthday party others -- -- -- near future how luck how was little flaw that -- is great fun it was great fun. -- -- painting a terrible blow us house was our clown outlast that no we -- we had a take our shoes off. We take our shoes off -- the party which I had not expected which I was upset about the what was at issue free home ice you bring green room I -- issue street home. It was issued for -- group of indeed it does really banged up pretty well you know like a walking the streets of New York you don't really wanted to bring those shoes into the apartment I'm a big believer in my environment I'm okay I wonder nobody knew what was your -- -- -- My issues that were -- that he -- an album that do we got they act like and I -- our life on the road -- were like yeah. I don't bring not not. Now a whole world and god and they dropped four inches that right now and it -- I decided very -- Hey how about that contract. Aria -- that could drive you wanna -- -- didn't I think we should do. Some seven Daniel and this is terrific to coat drive is under -- and we partnered with the great folks in Burlington. To get warm coats for so many who -- and its release -- go to any Burlington store nearby you can donate to a coat. -- You can I'll tell you is it doesn't have to be brand now they can -- -- -- does not have to -- -- -- all and -- he's not even know it you know does so it doesn't don't bring like a -- oh yeah Clinton do you have a -- that for whatever reason not wearing. Don't get it and then tweet a picture. Donate to hash -- warm coats they will end up on the program much like. Michelle here let's take a look. Look at our. -- and thank you Michelle seriously yankees donated. The holiday season under way boy this -- Ridiculous bitter cold out there who doesn't need -- code as a great reminder I also -- -- gap in Michael if you're up there I -- find out is that a lot of people -- now and asked what I don't have a Burlington nearby right how to what can people do. If they don't have a Burlington. Store nearby will have an answer for you we are happening that answer yes this is is a real. Tomorrow's -- are intent -- having -- have become well let's see if we can get it by the end of it you know like it not been a sharp kid like -- -- -- -- talk about the lama's -- -- -- just -- OK so in our pop -- strapped. We have news that lot was can apparently do much more than those -- six. This is a llama named Oscar that actually please fax. Here he is doing his best impression of a retreat Oscars human companion. Uses the Clinton -- when working with him and says he's improving but doesn't want what I think he's doing pretty well. There that you have a -- A -- -- -- I guess click click click I don't know hiking trail mom but apparently it -- makes the difference between making incredible are not. I -- you have Lama phobias you know. It's in and that always makes me laugh why that's scary. Because it's a million little not carry either cute that kind of -- not stand alone in that kind of look I know. People have tended to real thing but okay what he gets into needs I I have to -- and it. About Wednesday about the -- ill panda -- -- look like people and innocent cat. But I will Denise you are right. -- look like two people in Obama's I have -- I'm not happy yet they did it again. They obviously I fully expect like that and his backside to detach and stand up and like the drinks of water and might give back in there -- be a Lama again. You're right. Thank you Denise you accent you know what -- have a phobia. But animals that look like people in the animal suit there -- -- panda phobias -- But I want I want an ex cardinal and phobias hash tag -- of the all right Ali and out of our -- There you never know -- those kids up and explain why about what Obama's now. What do they -- the I don't know whenever -- earlier anything sounds like Kidd Sally good attitude harder to us maybe can bring it to -- But I can -- -- -- we want to -- the -- tiller pretending may have Paris. A dog pretending that to be a little kid. That's fun. The law that's adorable. Although I feel a little. -- -- That is -- to dorms for the historic that's what if that's what Emily says. I think -- that -- yeah. Now partly that's great fortune that'll happen note the dorms are -- -- she's I think that it's off to the Belgian nunnery who are in good luck with that good luck with attached so -- Are -- good how is -- that housed the early season. -- business yeah I can imagine there is there isn't supposed to commute to the north pulled back as well because I was asked about this commute this weekend. And I said you know from the sky it's a lot easier than on the highway. She is fast seeds of sensitive equipment -- -- -- but it's much easier yes and 35000. Fastest in the hands flat and my seven year old must make sure you can navigate the new fireplace for just putting and -- ready just in time for Christmas and I must -- -- -- -- -- -- Would you check your fireplace for a -- I think I left that my window -- -- -- -- -- -- yes I will let you not getting the drift model wanna sit there and he's played tennis. -- very slim -- that you aren't there yeah feet. They want -- so there's good. Apparently -- the cookies. -- not really not read that was due to eyesight thanks and -- -- than we did this story today on Good Morning America all of out you know -- and a portrait. And I think we all sort of integrates the counterintuitive I I -- I like the -- -- -- let -- -- -- -- phone now you know I had because it can speak much more to that that you're gonna remember that day rather than just like that you know the part. What's it looks like for you -- perspective on on any number of toddlers melting down in Atlanta it's all wonderful. Those pictures of the ones -- truly say. You know and like to look at -- show that children when their older. Opposite we have the client he wants it statement. He will hey I know it's easy for you yes I will be seeing a few weeks. Absolutely -- sending me looking at gap for incentives unless they're ready but I'll take another one I. -- -- dramatic spectacular as this yours does. And you are a bit after two months I was I was over -- -- a little bit it's time on that I had to hike their castle may be handled through the -- -- You castles you royals and so I am a huge benefits also -- can you tell -- what we can expect tomorrow. I mean I am hoping -- to have Grayson is -- these means. The quote you apparently don't watch the show. Them a massive tragedy he fell. The audience and -- we decide is whether -- how. Are gonna move on. We'll just have to see right COK all right -- won't -- -- OK -- -- and tell them. Beautiful beautiful studio audience -- I hope I hope the you can you can join us from -- on the Internet tomorrow's going to be amazed that we just promised a great show they relate. We watched the two of them and -- and eat bacon egg and cheese Italian and by the way -- -- I guess could be in big K does not stand for baked -- I have a mistaken for -- I'm about vacancies and cement and cheese sandwich with -- -- some hot but I want you to have this. But I think -- They love you -- we'll see you tomorrow at 9 AM eastern stand up.

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{"id":21147502,"title":"GMA LIVE (12.09.13)","duration":"3:00","description":"Josh and Amy check out two animals having fun and get a visit from Santa.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-120913-21147502","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}