GMA LIVE! (12.14.12)

Josh, Amy and Rachel discuss holiday mocktails, letters to Santa and a soldier's surprise reunion.
3:00 | 12/14/12

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (12.14.12)
Okay. -- -- Won't welcome its GMA live all the world's -- is -- really lives and it's not backs really. The stage but we -- you have some folks we here who'd just forced to cheers and -- -- -- special shout out about a business because she is like lose an eighteen pound the water -- inside the disease -- take. Look up and -- Okay. I think they're probably -- That season absolute. We have a whole lot to -- you didn't know first of all the -- Rachel Smith thank you for filling it Sam Champion will be there that Friday after all on his way. To me on the -- -- look at the threat in the united caught anything and you know. Well we even rocking the holidays -- we not especially -- back there I don't Josh I mean you should see in dancing and it's kind of cameras I don't is just not a and then I'll take contain myself anyway one -- away without a little mashup take a look. It's TN name joined us here right in. Yeah. I -- What I view I don't want it means that you remember the look and yeah motor yacht -- and Disney now not commodities after hours. Takes the ball and yeah. I -- do down here what are we have Richard blaze of course top chef champ I have. Could this. It's a certified mocked Al champion of both champagne if you it's pear cider. And Cuddy drinks instead salary reduce it has got to move the studio's got that her -- -- everything okay. Oh well that's an -- I'm. And it -- you -- -- what our way to do little to we have a lot of business with anybody. First -- -- option and that. Who does not place like Africa -- opening up of great new restaurant in Atlanta in the -- Richard blaze how we deal. All the rest I mean -- -- restaurants doing really well I mean it's busy people showing up -- with the eating the food which is no other. Browns got Tom Daschle where we're doing well no complaints parents don't get what is what what is your next month. 23 looking -- feel holidays but when we have plans for the holidays of course actually my -- spying in the two girls four year old in the center Omaha. We're going to see op play tomorrow my four year old so she's very theatrical so that that -- two onward. Doing the New York City Christmas thing this weekend. And then that we saw you making -- for the once on the show but. They appreciate how talented their daddy is -- -- days when I. That's right I think they appreciate it I mean -- -- that I'm -- -- -- make you know do you make some mistakes -- break -- and it's a rough crowd you know. Hot during the four year -- -- about kids he's been elected to do not going to be -- broke the color. So you don't let that -- -- -- -- -- mommy I hate to tell you it's not your best yeah big big business. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's an advantage is just -- I don't know exactly an attack in the sense of -- -- -- Like this -- how much amazing -- -- ground all does not stop -- Jerry Lee top job at -- Okay. Now we all that bad -- many different you when she continues sentence and that your favorite holiday -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we have received some of your tweets and some of those who with the -- -- them RA -- disgusting narrow line with CN like a little rum and eggnog classic Chris -- -- have a live. Rain rain and -- And noise that Kaplan and intensity you're welcome and cash thanks appreciate and that's -- from. -- pumping -- -- heavy names are really got to decide if that's the name of the drink I don't know. That hasn't wouldn't either advantages in having -- -- with -- -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Listening and finally this has got to be my favorite -- Favorite holiday -- Eldridge JJ KD Lang and -- -- indicate the very end and that. Maybe. Even Ariel. Behavior and I think I want to see what blaze -- do with the -- like that's for. It. It was a very very special and we -- Hot here on not Good Morning America shall we just -- -- was picking my favorite pleas of the good place to be here. Really but it always leading up to Friday. And with the first. The first time we did -- -- today and I have never seen a look of pure joy on the Robin Roberts face quite thank. That day so it came back that had to be number one and today she. Brought -- back Obama. And even dipping in the -- not this week by the way have you not at all along and didn't thinking. Yeah I think aspect in the could you -- like how -- don't do is to give visitors but it all went well happy Friday to happy player of the year. And everything an event that. It was this. Okay. A. It was too little kids from South Korea. Who were doing it they were fighting yet it would give a little broader fight for the actually -- -- not even funny to other. There are some legal concerns -- just to say we would be sued right off the Internet if we actually played it. Again so. Even prominent probably recreation and just that was I think opponents when she was she was doing on the audio. Yeah yeah. The -- -- and always I gave me yeah. -- -- -- Okay. It is all you folks here on the Internet and control police -- control room. -- Yeah. -- there's. He's really an embankment and then there's -- but Tom does Pete about it. And oh -- -- away. So it's a Toms are are seeing aired things it's either bridge exactly it -- -- top secret produce eggs and producer and Denise. News news. It isn't on the planet. Guys say. Cracker Jack job on the roll into the walrus with the to set -- that was. I was -- either that I was hoping for the fourteen seconds left that you. Done two tours earlier we asked you how are -- celebrating Friday -- here's what you set our friends from. WT he -- channel seventeen and Rockford Illinois they're up early and they're doing the same thing we are. Act Candace king waking up viewers in Rockford Illinois -- at tonight's dateline at many hot she. A lot yeah. On the morning. It is -- This is the -- -- meteor shower. -- sentences. And new York and all that nasty as it barely got up -- we got on any beautify didn't just that fastest selling yet. It was when you're saying you know he's doing have a clear skies especially -- New -- and that's great. Besides can be best seen at 1:30 in the morning -- upon I'm gonna tell you I think we all have that in -- yeah I haven't seen a 1:30 in the morning yeah. -- -- Am I'm nails are and what did -- -- way to celebrate the weekend that. -- -- -- -- -- -- You target to spending this -- home with baby girl so sweet. And in Charleston snuggling with this guy. I'm hopeful the dog's name is Tommy pickles -- -- at. Carson -- clinical. And -- -- that weekend is literally hours away at any -- 21. School. Yeah. Yeah there and the -- Not -- -- the -- -- twice the buzz is that dentist was mourning period must now give me the other thing I thought that I can't. No buzz here is a bit -- -- have been a lot of men kidnapped as a -- lamb yeah from a prison -- line. Yeah is placed on our -- came only poll where's the yeah and I didn't say anything. If you really quiet I'm -- -- yeah. How many votes were there this -- They weren't valid business now you tell me right now. It. I'm -- -- can't take these idiotic you. You tell me innings bet there were thousands and thousands of votes and that was he was an actual absolute -- everybody look later. Yeah I don't. Some precincts yet we're ready item -- Gary. And AM in the flat building this is gonna make it hard to turn yes -- -- imagine if you will. This spring. Something else that in this. Something else -- was pretty amazing this week I'm you know I had last seen if you guys filling in for Larry -- -- seat warm. -- Gmail its -- for -- hijinks isn't everything in. Link tactical jets on every -- and ensuring that there was a little bit of that a shower on sex this was showered dad loves each -- as mr. -- -- and yet the -- Yeah. -- Unless it's. Like -- yeah. And -- yeah yeah. Here is what I'm saying -- -- -- -- was -- signs along with -- yesterday somehow. It was at home who knows no free -- -- not a single. -- and I dropped -- on Jerry yeah Contra Chrysler parent don't have a right here is and that we actually haven't voted yet right okay this at least. And we had accidentally yeah. That I think we there yet ours and we actually president -- FaceBook page -- got you guys you that right captions weren't so one of them from Valerie says there'll be isolated snow showers today clearly yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not end NN Alexy CD says -- on the eight day Sam made the -- there. Balancing that out yet that -- -- Sam is the best thing that ever happened -- morning. Afraid that saying yeah yeah. Champion bulls nice things about him when he's not here -- it's different she's. Forget about you do you. That is absolutely and -- and look at CB you look at the bases in that picture. Joshua incredibly sent us there from I don't like laughing longer I think he's gonna stop us -- -- -- funny thing happened to other people right scary looking like an appointee they ends at Georgia like that's not. And they like LA it -- like yeah I love yeah it's great pleasure in human misery. Don't want -- every one -- can analyze and I was a -- -- yeah I laughed -- physical comedy so therefore when he was wrong. If -- interest -- it was my town and down what parts of all the ladies Wear red because they were -- coming -- -- with. We rollers and threats in the hair and I don't want to believe without this laughable that this is this is the suspect. This is great -- right. I believe I think I'm the only thing -- seeing a whole lot more Matt Damon that's right. Irony. He's had multiple times in the name. Behind the candelabra so often how far does it containing go -- Matt told People Magazine. I had to come out of the pool. Still over the Michael Douglas. Still -- him on -- chaise lounge and started visiting him. It's not like I kiss him just once we drew it up like a football plants like the accident choreographed this. That's -- Damon Jones there's a reason going Douglas has been a long time leading man he says quote Michael was a wonderful -- -- OK. Yeah. I feel that we don't already knows that he meant by Matt Damon confirmed it for a saint the big -- gotta stick around. I'm yeah all right. -- some bookkeeping -- last chance to vote for your now your favorite plays only from the year if you log on Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! were gonna reveal. The one you select all week next week on good morning a marriage cradle song be in contention and I went and judges judges. -- -- And without pay -- -- of bank. Great looking studio -- Okay. You look great at 9:31. In the morning. So hey for Rachel Damien wheels up champion somewhere over Raleigh, North Carolina -- -- reluctant everybody will -- -- it. Yeah.

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{"id":17974106,"title":"GMA LIVE! (12.14.12)","duration":"3:00","description":"Josh, Amy and Rachel discuss holiday mocktails, letters to Santa and a soldier's surprise reunion.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-121412-17974106","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}