GMA LIVE! (4.22.14)

Ginger Zee and Lara Spencer get tips on this year's hottest wedding trends.
3:00 | 04/22/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (4.22.14)
Ready for some GMA live -- it all starts now live backstage in GMA. It's here I get it out opponents in my Latin G and they live. He lives in the -- right here. Frank -- joining us you know yourself. Brian. What -- my eating. These are Russians. Why -- there muffins for you know -- their. They're filled with lots of food in. Spanish. French and American morning's front these are from our friends. -- the the rough and folks there -- actually in the process into -- A visit visit it's like -- three ocean muffin. And French American and the pig Latin America is the -- country yeah. Okay I'm -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the planet of them I would love the one but -- treated me today is that look like -- gaining weight back oh. Yeah. OK it's -- -- high school -- Spinning totally getting it this I'm you're telling -- -- -- I have to thank you profit -- this thank you brought some people love -- -- much thank you for helping me. Fresh for helping us through the colony after slightly later hot weekend. Car everything in Nevada and even now kitchen sink the chanting edit comments on an -- the net and content are going to be what everybody -- -- -- -- child. It was a fun thanks so much congressman -- -- -- party last night being in a room like that I said. It's those -- -- the pinch yourself moment yes and I said to my mom later conference had a feeling passionate probably -- serving or something there instead of being I know what it felt like that's your out of body moment yeah it's like. No way I know what -- thinking yes. It's also and -- just went out my napkin. I am sorry can't comment yeah I know I know reunion could literally it's giants are aired Charlie -- and yes Barbara Walters Gayle Gayle King. On -- on and just let -- going -- I'm George and alleys house which is beautiful. I'm she checked my baton -- lots of antiques and -- Did make off with -- on but it was just such an awesome that you really do -- -- great perspective that -- -- -- incredible. Mentors -- we have all around us Saatchi and I. There's -- strong women who have blazed the trail and I need a listing with Barbara. Yes I asked Barbara I could take -- lunch before she -- completely right let's take -- wanted to -- -- we probably shouldn't go out to lunch anyway since you've been promoted. Aren't delayed sending humans -- flat. Applause for that thank you -- -- let you know -- I I -- sort of feel like we're all -- -- and I'm not -- -- The three Irish muffin on you being married to got on no -- to -- -- -- family was -- I'm totally honored and -- and -- just loving. Where we are and I missed Josh -- -- And love you Elvis and love you adding we love you ends but I it's a great team to replace to work -- and it and it's a great indeed after a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Check out something else we've got something else for you -- that all this video. From Steve it's trending wildly on YouTube -- when I was talking about your business card because most of eastern -- has one point five million views. Who doesn't see some guy getting. Food dumped all over his head Steve and it's an ethics -- -- Steve Smith Steve -- he -- all of them breakfast lunch and an end looks like desserts hello. Sprinkles ice Kandahar -- eight. Content so this was this a shot for -- Terry Anderson yes charity and ironically -- hunger Murray he's throwing food all over himself. But we're not -- about it yeah. We're talking about it and I -- Lebanese giving back I'm sure he can affect a lot of people without food but back -- we just the opposite Matt I don't want to get to this next study because. This even borderline. Lines I am and I split second like I've done a little of both an elegant -- on both sides of the blonde and -- and in his. -- This is -- -- lands do Guidant we are joined this moment blondes have more fun now apparently did -- -- more beautiful. Yeah senior Keizai -- Molly Clara you are younger and beautiful and if my brother among us doesn't stop asking about -- I'm going to be concerned it could dance classes and not Unionist. OK you're married to my sister stopped it -- -- -- every night gassed up and yeah although it's got it's mean it's like me it's getting darker as the years gallon -- yellow hall from a friend. But out of gas -- as a new survey where people -- asked. For the greatest beauty how icons of the last fifty years are and Burnett's. Overwhelmingly came out on time and I knew to be truthful I agree I would love to be -- that Exxon I just think you know your chart. On out of the fifty beauties 33 were perhaps seventeen -- and only wanted Redd had yet and that was legendary actress Rita Hayworth. -- totally agree. I do something about -- I -- we only have fifty to anything you would Yankee -- -- -- and I've been thinking at Carlisle to big seeing those highest Antonin Sheen to dinner or injured so cute. That would make sense I don't know I feel like that would -- the only -- I have not touched on -- second done all the other donned -- -- yeah it's -- I went -- -- -- -- ferry -- for about ten seconds -- -- luck with it. The good ending my aunt my eyes popped the little warm but it was it was too much it was pretty severe it was also because it was the late -- and it -- -- -- severe. In many ways -- any night. And we had to delete we have pictures of poverty have under our current number one it was -- in -- its -- -- you guys agree with not. -- how little you know -- -- backpack and the peanut gallery -- yes yeah what do you say -- -- Finding love and on every -- good and even if -- not made easier greens were not tomorrow beautiful naturally -- yeah. And -- and sent back there and everyone is having a beautiful included are kind of the -- -- eighteen month old Lucy. Just -- -- was beautiful Bulldog because effort transitioning. Drake University have this competition every year -- beat out. 49. -- police to snag the distinguished honor. Yesterday this is the 35 -- anniversary of the beautiful Bulldog pageant and I actually covered at the past three years for top news. So it is something that we take quite seriously where -- -- this product and Drake university and bulldogs come out of the woodwork. But -- -- rose to the top. As the prettiest of. To shouldn't receive pink patch that's really good and how about we we don't can't enough pats we gotta do bonus -- -- -- So after falling 75 feet this is a very scary story and suffering a broken ankle and to -- home. Said he wildlife rehab center in DC took in -- six and a half week old girl. And connecting the capstone in -- we're back health. I'm telling you it don't tell my dog -- that we got injured -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- down that the that -- look at and they didn't continue to monitor and a half and -- as it typically -- for her little picky he's house or broken tooth and how to get. That's when a lot of room to let the bidding yeah you can follow her recovery on FaceBook on so down I'm selling what happened. Not in fact I'm telling you right now you're gonna see an update on. -- yet broken tuned to the school. But in buttons on the big shout wait I'm into that I loved that cat under -- into palm organizers are now. Powered by Samsung yeah I might -- and is now -- let me. Any hotel editor of cosmopolitan -- -- you like my -- and recognize today -- I'm gonna on this site -- -- -- that's obvious and had the -- -- -- -- that they see you're getting married him I am getting married yet in -- sincerely thank you also are bulking married very very quickly there's a lot of buzz a lot of trends and Sherry are almost done with planning. But the big celebrity weddings that what we're top a lot of people are talking about yes I think there's a lot of -- in particular that everybody is -- really excited about aside from here is of course -- We should be Kim Kardashian in Kanye West -- he had -- reports. Now they've beaten us two yeah a lot everything wasn't going around about this -- and I love following I'm sure they're -- probably not really true. Didn't hot but when it came up last week that we thought with weariness with -- beyoncé it was going to be a bridesmaid. To camp. Yes which I'm -- I have to -- it's. -- -- you know every other day there's a report that she's not even go to the -- she doesn't want to be seen OK so that's maybe we're eliminating that I would do if you don't wanna be seen that is not the place to. Without letting exactly I think everybody is -- -- every detail of that wedding in the right now yeah I know my -- -- -- -- humankind you we've also got the recent wedding is at least bridal shower is from Taylor slipped. Yes I absolutely love this story is that Hillary Clinton was slippery and I didn't really get back to her hands. So one of her fans Gina Gabriel -- sent her invitations about. Her wedding and bridal shower Taylor had not me. The eve wedding but she did surprise -- I am going to her bridal shower or its associates CNN and yes she did radio for her -- online of -- went viral. -- -- -- -- And she gave Tina a watercolor painting this as -- know that's a copy of turns. He now -- I know you Rivet will will you cover the baby but. -- will expend -- three years yes I have seen walking median -- I don't know -- and -- -- and -- and I both in the -- to talk about the possibility of another royal wedding bands that could there be other sounds well a lot of rumors going around of course either way Barbara the royal family. So now everyone -- talking about Prince Harry possibly getting used to his girlfriend model Christie says she's gorgeous. They're always seen together -- a -- to speculate. How Burton Everett have come out and -- are possibly more exciting which is that -- Middleton and might be getting engaged to her boyfriend asking last night to leave behind it did I question -- now I know the word is the royal family does not want -- -- taking any attention away from Kate and William. While they're doing their royal -- Australia New Zealand went of -- -- yeah really -- talks yeah. -- -- -- -- Not that I'm -- And that and two grams of -- Sele -- if we move all the celebrity weddings yet I think -- and it you know we just came off doing a bridal expo I have got to see all the trends the wild -- -- this that that what can you tell us that that is on trend this season. -- -- -- -- -- And we're just sat back -- -- Fashion Week one and my favorite trends. -- is statement faxed to address says that happened just supporters of the fact I love that attack so when you turn around and you walked back -- mountain village home. Let's that they see really as you're walking and it's -- that combative -- -- out of an automatic and that I love -- all the different is -- pink. -- the -- you know a lot of celebrity weddings -- who who's gonna recover -- award contracts. Just and it makes beautiful bride -- -- as well yes you're working it's a really great I actually think for Bryant wants to be traditional all that's still a little bit different to. To be -- I am I can imagine because I tried on one that had at least a -- something. And I just couldn't imagine my gamma. I don't know how it felt weird -- got and -- that's ultimately I think the best advice having having you know I am married and and they're big decisions. But ties to party right feel good. Trust your guide. The patriot who you are in your spirit to worry about -- of the and the -- it's a trend works with who you are. Then great and that's that's the Fed but you never want to look back -- who is that he you know like I'm -- -- -- -- -- -- and elect wild flock of seagulls what. Happened on and it's good to -- -- that way. -- senior going to be doing this -- -- every day security -- and that has long life. Yes at -- -- -- 4 o'clock rebroadcast. The editors its meaning cosmopolitan dot com. It's called cottonwood Lyon and you're Chris Canty and an ethical views -- -- -- dot com. And tweet us with the hash -- -- were alive today -- a special episode all about weddings and brides. And we asked her followers for photos of the -- a couple of -- so it's not too late but people sentiment we will show. On the -- -- on the network -- So there is granting get into those meetings again way and say that's -- candidate debate Nady is they -- -- Skype and talk to us a great answer that's that's we loved doing -- with our viewers it really helps you. You know sort of -- share in the process and give ultimately People Magazine and television show that they want to thank you so much for coming I didn't know who loved -- the -- Yes I'm time it's happening thank you can -- Natalie getting married I don't laugh out there another burn natural gas -- yeah. Yeah later I'm not I'm -- I. Think yeah lasting yemenite every day right here 9 AM my guys we got yeah.

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